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    I'm not putting up with this goading of a volunteer moderator who does a sterling job on my behalf generally on here, but especially recently when I was ill for almost a month with what might well have been this damn virus, and he had to look after the entire forum on his own. Go find another site to troll. Goodbye.
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    This is a feature from the current edition of Rugby League World. We had to pay someone to write it. Therefore we have to ask people to pay to read it, either in the mag, the digital edition or on TRL Premium. Otherwise, we can't keep producing features like this at all. Journalism costs money. TRL Premium costs £5 per month to access everything published on the website, which includes all the news from League Express every week, a selection of features from Rugby League World every month, and original TRL-only content most days of the week. It's possible for everyone to read two TRL Premium features a week for free, but we simply cannot give all our content away for nothing and survive, especially not now, when we have had to suspend publishing Rugby League World due to the pandemic and League Express sales are obviously down due to the lack of matches to report on. We're doing our best to produce quality RL content and stay afloat until the sport resumes. Give us a break.
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    I'm now armed to the teeth with decent PPE. Cocked and ready to fire..... I'm way too daft to live forever..... Time to rock n roll....
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    I guess we'll have disagree on this one. Having a years break in a season just seams ludicrous to me.
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    If 2020 is scrapped, there is no point in continuing it in 2021, when teams have recruited different players. Just start a new season.
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    Although it is right to make plans for what might happen, nothing definite should really be organised until we know for sure when any restrictions are to be relaxed. Suppose promotion/relegation issues are decided at HQ and the Goverment regulations then change - which might then either make the completion of the season viable or alternatively put everything on hold for 12 months ? Personally I think it is increasingly unlikely that ther entire 2020 season will be completed and that it could even be that we might have to just restart the season next March and then finish it off from the same positions we left it last month.
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    IMO nothing wrong with the name rugby league, however I don't like the name super league,
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    A treiziste is someone who covers up rugby yawnion magazines (or if not available, football) with Forty-20 or RLW in WH Smith. That’s the benchmark.
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    I’ve been working on site for 3 weeks without a problem observing social distancing rules. All plots You’re only allow one person inside people are going in their own van and only allowed one person in the toilet block at a time. As for canteen only go in there to boil the kettle rest of the time on brews and dinner we are sat away from each other at the back of the van.
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    I agree to disagree .. but if we all had the same opinions then I suppose there'd be no point of these forums. Best wishes.
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    For what clubs ask the players to put themselves through, they should be paying them more than a call centre salary. Comparing them to the national average salary isn't really useful - partly because the UK average salary is pitifully low as it is, but mainly because these aren't average jobs. These are jobs where young people are encouraged to commit to sport at a very young age, putting other vocations and education to one side. They're jobs where they face very little job security over a very short career. They're jobs where clubs ask them to hammer themselves over that period, to the point where they end up with all manner of life-limiting conditions once the clubs have decided that they are no longer useful, and then they're thrown out into the wider world. It's no wonder so many ex-RL players have gone on to have problems with drink, substance abuse or the law.
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    No, people pointed out the logical conclusion of the point you made. And you didn't like it.
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    Week 5 exhaustion test: 53 Not the greatest but way more than when I started! ??
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    Proof that covid deaths are being overcounted....?
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    It might be because any government hand outs to help the sport will go to the RFL, not to SL.
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    A new site for Rugby followers popped up Twitter. Anyone else recognise at least a part of themselves in "who is a treiziste?" https://letreiziste.wordpress.com/2020/04/27/what-is-a-treiziste/
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    why not call it "naked scandanavian female wrestling" the crowds and viewing figures would be through the roof (for the 1st couple of rounds anyway)
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    Pushups week 6 day 1: 40, 50, 25, 25, 50+ (52 actual) that was with 15 minutes between and 4th and 5th sets. Hardest yet, not eating well at the weekend really caught up, not eating well as in not eating enough than the opposite.
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    Well that's fine, but in your previous post you did cite the injury toll on players being due to the 10m rule. I don't think the available evidence supports that conclusion at all. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. Personally, I find the vast majority of attacking play in RU to be very laboured and a poorly executed imitation of the types of plays that we see regularly in league. Again, this is somewhat subjective. It may not be fundamental to what you enjoy about the game, but it may be fundamental to what some other people enjoy about the game. I never saw any games with a 3m defensive line, but I've found the game to be equally enjoyable when it was both 5m and 10m defensive lines. Are you suggesting that if RL reverted to a 5m line then it would become more popular than these other sports? Or are there other, more significant factors at play? Again, this is a matter of personal preference and will depend on what you personally enjoy about the game. My suspicion - and this is just opinion as we'll never know either way - is that the onset of full time professionalism has had more of an impact on the evolution of the game than changing the 5m rule to 10m. When the rule changed in 1993, I don't remember the style of play suddenly changing. Instead, it has evolved in the subsequent years as coaching methods, tactics and trends have changed. Watching the 2003 Wigan Saints derby on Sky on Good Friday, and the style of play was considerably different then from how it is today. Whilst I'm not completely against the idea, if we did revert to a 5m defensive line, I'm not convinced that it would bring the positive changes to the game that you would like it to. I think it could potentially bring lots of unintended consequences. A major one being that the significantly lower aerobic demands due to less running (as mentioned in the study by Meir that you cited earlier), could therefore lead to players becoming bigger and stronger, potentially increasing the levels of impact and consequently injury rates.
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    also, and I don't want to take this too cross code, but the point's relevant, *if* this season doesn't get started again then at least it's near the start of it. With everything in RU below the Premiership guillotined with 5-6 matches to go I'm not sure there were any clubs still in with a shout for promotion in the top levels, but from level 3 down there were certainly clubs that still had time to save themselves from relegation. They've all just been told to wind their necks in and take the drop. Season over, tables extrapolated to a conclusion on average home and away points over the season. *If* there's no more RL this season/year then I'd start again next season with no changes to the list of clubs at any level. No one's done enough to get promoted or relegated yet this season IMO. Just chalk up 2020 in the yearbook as the season that didn't happen.
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    I’m lost at the premise that we can’t relegate sides from Super League because we won’t have enough time to complete the season but the Championship will be fine to finish and that we can promote teams from there.
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    Not a cat in hells chance Snowy, how many SL Chairs do you think would vote for a potential loss of the share out until the next TV contract is revealed?
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    He thinks the youth of Featherstone are going to be inspired to play RL @ Fev Lions through all the age grades by Leeds Rhinos. Not their hometown Club on their doorstep, with its proud history which is cheaper and more accessible and which plenty of players from their high school signed with and played for. I don't know, these SL Clubs can hardly look after their own back yards never mind trotting about looking after clubs and inspiring youth regionally. Not gonna happen. Not in the way or with the results people on this thread think it's gonna happen.
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    I was talking about RU as an overall sport. Even the most one-eyed RL fan would agree that RU is the much bigger, richer game despite having been professional for only 25 years. They have never felt the need to move away from the zero metre defensive line and it is a fundamental part of that code of Rugby and yet they have still managed to make the game vastly more attractive than it used to be with some fantastic attacking play very akin to RL. What I am suggesting is that the 10m rule is completely arbitrary and not fundamental to the sport of RL. Indeed it has existed for less than 30 years. We have previously had zero for many (the most) years, 3, 5 and now 10. Yet many people treat 10 metres as though it is a vital, fundamental, component of the game, that this is how it should be played and part of how it will attract a wider audience. It is not. There is no similar sport with such a rule and those similar or perceived "rival" sports in the market (RU, NFL, CFL, AFL etc) attract vastly more paying spectators. If 10 metres is our USP it is not working I am struggling to see any positive it has brought or any exciting innovation in play that has happened because of it.
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    That's exactly how Eddie Waring would have pronounced it.
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    As teams in Championship 1 have only played 1 or 2 games, that would be unfair. Championship & SL P&R should only take place if ALL teams have played each other at least once, Home or Away, that would include Toronto, Catalans, and Toulouse.
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    Hopefully the answer, until you get to the amateur ranks, is zero. It would be an absolute mark of failure as a sport.
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    Probably want Argyle to bail out the entire league.
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    The minimum is only 15,000 £, seriously??? Just how Mickey Mouse is RL in the UK anyway??? That minimum is less than half of the minimum in the minor league CFL*, their minimum is 54,000 C$ which is 30,973 £ at the current exchange rate. * For 50 years or more, the CFL has seen an influx of NFL castoffs every August who displaced other players who were good enough to gain a CFL roster place a few months before when the CFL teams held their training camps. That's how minor league the CFL is, so their minimum salary being more than double that of the so-called "Super League" puts SL in a very poor light.
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    What has any of this got to do with the return of Kallum Watkins? He's coming back from Australia, not the 1980s.
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    But the contests were not what they were expected to be ... they were supposed to count towards league points to determine final positions at the end of the season. If people had been told beforehand that the matches were "friendlies" then I doubt if they would have attracted as many as they did. Why scrap the season when there might be chance to finish it off if matches can be resumed next March ? Yes, some players might have moved but that is only like having a transfer mid season.
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    If the season is scrapped there is no promotion or relegation. Fans could have enjoyed the games they saw for the contests they were intended to be. That doesn't mean they should count in another seasons tournament at these exceptional times.
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    Señor Errors - Pedantic Spanish match official Kit Washer - Laundryman Doug Deep and Claude Itback - Always leadings the late comebacks Ed Anfeed - Scrum half Justin Touch - Unlucky winger Francis Lightyears-Behind - French International, not doing it at Super League level Mike Hall and Willie Givvit - Video Referees
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    If they did, in large enough numbers, those players would then want to be professionals, pretty much why the best of any sport are no longer amateurs. I’m sorry but I just feel that if we end up in a position where the only way a top level player can make a living is by moving abroad or to another code then what we will end up with is what Canada has ended up with at senior RU level, tiny provincial leagues with games played on fields with small clubhouses in front of family and friends, whilst Canada’s best RU players run around in the British and French leagues, only reuniting when the World Cup is on, with disastrous results when they take the field.
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    Decades ago. The world has changed.
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    I was born in 1970. My parents had a huge caravan in the garden of a working farm near Tudweiliog on the Llyn Peninsula. They had previously paid to stay in the farmhouse a couple of times and they got on so well with the farmer and his wife that they suggested putting a static caravan in the garden in about 1964. Consequently, about 90% of our free time was spent there. I grew up around Welsh speaking friends and they treated me like one of their own. My first ever replica kit of any kind was an iconic Wales footy strip, circa 1976. My grandparents bought it for me in a sports shop on Porthmadog High Street. I vividly remember being so proud of it. When farmer Hywel opened up his main field to campers to supplement his income, we used to play Wales v England football matches in the evenings, and I always played for Wales. I remember Hywel insisting I had to play for Wales because I was Welsh in his eyes. Much later when I was a student I got a job in a shop in Pwllheli and stayed in my parents' caravan - I made friends for life, we now have kids of a similar age and get together when we can. I suppose I may have such great memories of Wales because we were there at weekends and holidays, when my parents were off work, so everything would have been more relaxed and idyllic than at home in Warrington. I could go on! 50 years of pure love of the Llyn Peninsula and to this day I support Wales because I love the place so much. Epilogue: Hywel died late last year, of 'farmer's lung', and his son Gareth asked me to help lower his Dad into the ground. I was honoured. We celebrated his life for 2 drunken days in the Lion pub in Tudweiliog and I have never felt more connected with people than at that time. I remain great friends with Gareth and his sister Delyth and always will be. They follow Wales to football matches all over the world and I would join them if I could, despite being English by birth. They keep asking me to go but I can't commit to it, just yet. Anyway thanks for asking Ref; is anyone still awake?
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    I got to the bit where he railed against 'skewed fixture list'. Then I remembered that he was in favour of loop fixtures ? You just can't take the guy seriously! He changes his mind every other week - always in the interests of self-interest for Hull KR.
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    Hope next season, or whenever RL returns, every club wears an NHS patch on their sleeve
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    This is a very fair point. For all the tinkering of various rules, I can't say it's made the game more entertaining, as it was already bloomin good to start with. Again this is a good point. I too miss the shoulder charge, but I will defer my lack of specialist knowledge to the sports medicine experts. I do believe much of this is due to the coaching methods and philosophies as opposed to the 10m rule specifically. I found the constant block plays from the Shaun Wane Wigan era very dull. Again, very fair point here. I'm still not convinced the 10m rule is the primary cause of this though, although I concede it may be one of many factors.
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    A lot of those things can be changed though. Maybe they have considered some of these things over the last 5 weeks.
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    Added all 65 players eligible for Wales today. It’s a pretty handy list, plenty of established and emerging talent. https://hecanplayfor.weebly.com
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    Yet to try "Gangs Of London" but on my "to do" list. I did watch the latest version of Van Der Valk with Marc Warren. I was a tad sceptical at first as my previous sightings of Warren were as very flakey characters. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this. Just a shame there are a mere three episodes!
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    Your knowledge of all Clubs at any level of RL is amazing!
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    The season can roll into Nov easily. No relegation with 2 up from the Championship making a 14 team SL next year with 1 or 2 down the following year. SL grand final to be played between 1st v the winner of 2v3. Championship 2 up with the same format, same with League 1. Challenge Cup probably tight, but still doable. Still gives 3 months respite between seasons and arnt players contracted until Nov / Dec anyway ?
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    Anyway, back on thread and it appears Toronto may not be able to sign Watkins, as the salary cap is based on players original value, not any reduction. Seems strange if that’s the case as surely increases/decreases in contracts are normal https://www.totalrl.com/wolfpack-wait-for-rfl-approval-of-watkins-deal/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=wolfpack-wait-for-rfl-approval-of-watkins-deal
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    Fair enough, it was just the terminology used, I shoukd have said the Best Person for the job irrespective of gender.
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    True supporters will watch regardless.
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    Not sure if its been mentioned previously, but on Friday the Broncos posted the WCC game Vs Canberra on their youtube page. 9k (give or take) in attendance that night, myself included. Broncos had a pretty decent team back then.

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