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    The RFL just void the season and those that don't like it shut up. Done.
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    Eastern Suburbs Rugby League Football Club 1908: Runners up 1908 NSWRL They swapped to this colour configuration in 1914:
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    I've had plenty of banter with Bradford City fans this season but today I stand with them to remember ?
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    Players and referees can't social distance. Imposing social distancing in crowds would be nigh on impossible especially if alcohol is added to the equation. Much as I'd like to see a return, think 2020 is pretty much a write-off. The virus isn't becoming less lethal, deaths and infections are falling because people are mostly staying at home. And if we did go ahead and a number of players in a team got infected can they postpone? What about the risk to the players families?
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    Yet another way of just making sure Oldham don't get a place in Super League at the end of this season !!! ?
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    I really think the "we want refunds for our season tickets" brigade should be ostracized from the fanbase. Its a relatively small outlay which clubs will almost certainly bring in measures to compensate in future. Season ticket holders doing that would be actively destroying their club and should not be considered "supporters" by any stretch.
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    That was a great watch and I felt a real rollercoaster of emotions watching it. It was scary, emotional and awe inspiring all at the same time and really had you rooting for the patients that were shown. I have so much respect for all the NHS staff battling on the front line and if you cant do your bit and follow the guidelines after watching that then there is something seriously wrong with you.
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    It's less fun when you're allowed to do something.
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    but most importantly 'be alert'...….
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    I am a season ticket holder and am experiencing no urgent desire to recoup the cost of the two tickets I bought but not everyone will be the same. What if you have paid out for 4 or 5 season tickets you didn't get use of and have since lost your job as your employer/business ceased to exist? Everyone's situation will be different and we shouldn't make sweeping judgements on people. No doubt the clubs will make some measures to compensate season ticket holders from a goodwill point of view at least.
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    Great to hear from past and. Present players and of course guests, but listening to Chris if he coaches half as good as he talks we’ve got one hell of a find, utt
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    From how I read it, there is scope for expansion in this deal and if it does occur the broadcast deal figures can be adjusted accordingly.
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    Martin Crompton never seemed to get quite as much attention as his abilities warranted. From the list above, Mike Forshaw fits the thread's theme perfectly.
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    Starting in a couple of minutes:
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    Don't you just hate those who complain about ' straw man ' arguments all the time , then use them themselves ? ?
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    I don't see what the fuss is about. Good signing for Cas. If we were still playing this season the guy could still have signed for someone else for next year, so what's the big problem?
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    Strangely..... Rovrum appeared a bit quieter!! I'll never understand this toilet I call my hometown....
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    It’s like stealing a blokes trainers after he’s been run over - shocking morals and good to see nobody else making announcements
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    It would be one of the saddest spectacles in the history of all sport.
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    Only if that sport can afford it and only if we don't get a 2nd peak (and judging by what I've see over the last week or so I wouldn't bet a farthing against that happening).
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    I'm confused, how is it tampering? He's not breaking his contract, if we get back on the field he'll be playing for Salford till it expires
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    Due to encryption I cannot see the password you tried previously or now, but I can see from the logs that they're exactly 1 character in size difference so maybe something was mistyped the first time around or saved incorrectly in the database. Either way would now be great if everyone having trouble previously could use the following link to reset their password and make a not of exactly what they type including any upper case characters (check some devices auto set first one as uppercase). https://bulldogs.mysportstickets.co.uk/login/forgot.php
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    YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,AM IN. many thanks for sorting this out, its same password and same email thats not worked for months,must a needed a kickin....top job and thanks again,
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    Farnworth Hall ?? ?? ?? Williams ?? T Burgess Hodgeson Graham Bateman Whitehead Sutton ?? ?? ?? ?? At least 8 players short and in positions that are very difficult to fill. This team is also picked on the presumythat everyone is fit and available none starter for me
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    It would be an awful idea and would further damage the already poor reputation of International Rugby League.
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    I’m thousands of miles away from Tyson but he’s such a scary human being I still wouldn’t say that ...
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    Bleeding hell, you’ve saved £3K in this short space of time? ? You must earn some coin!
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    Nah Toby its really annoyed me. Perhaps because I'm a Leeds United fan whose grown up with the majority of my life being spent in the second and third division, but I value the solidarity and support fans give to clubs in hard times. You stick together through ups and downs and that is what makes you quite literally a "supporter". Stabbing the club in the back for 200 or so quid when clubs will almost certainly feel the need to act in good will somewhere later on just needs someone to have a word and remind people of the big picture. It just feels wrong to me.
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    I would presume that if the season is cancelled, which it looks more and more will be the case in my eyes, it will be down to each club to offer refunds for ST's and then up to each individual whether they want to take the refund or not. I am not concerned about taking the money back or asking for something for next season. I will pay whatever the price is for next season when that time comes. Granted, i maybe in a different situation to others but the above is just my thought/opinion.
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    Sorry, but you support your club through thick and thin, ups and downs. In hard times clubs call in loyalty and in return we get the good times of victory. I'd hate to associate with someone who stabbed my club in the back when they needed help most. I'm not a more casual new fan buying a product I'm investing in a heritage that I want to pass on. The rest of your post is about business models which is fine, but not related to what I said.
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    I'll not be asking for my money back for my ST this year but on the understanding we get something back that is free for the club to do ( when it's safe next season for eg) .... Maybe a meet the players session or something
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    The old man would not make it through her first round...all Sonny Bill has to do is get out of the first minute or two and the match would be his over the dinosaur....simple.
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    Yep, I'm on 80% of my normal wages and I'm still better off. That won't last if I lose my job, of course.
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    Clubs won't be able to afford the insurance.
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    Common sense like imposing a strict 14 day quarantine on anyone coming into the country. Unless they're coming from France. But enough of the political thread. League 1 must be considered a write off now and the Championship must be getting very close to it. Entertainment (loosely defined) venues aren't even being considered for reopening before July at the earliest - and that would be under social distancing rules.
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    It's not just Mark who wants to get real, there's plenty on here got big ideas about playing again this season. And the government are now saying Be alert not stay at home - crazy!
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    Don't worry the club pay a fixed fee for the software so no additional charges for fixing any problems ? I have a few responses now in the other thread so I will monitor that one.
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    So you want answers but can't be bothered to ask the right people who could answer those questions? Right, your perogative then.
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    Apart from them wanting to make some money .... what's the point ? Who really would be interested ? It's like when Muhammad Ali fought that Japanese wrestler .... a waste of time. However, it might be interesting to have a rematch ... and get Tyson playing a game for TWP !
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    Get as much publicity out of this as you possibly can, Rugby League because it simply isn't happening. Nobody in their right mind let's Tyson get back in there. He was gone 15 years ago. It is OK looking good on the bags and pads but there are OAPs who look good on the bags and pads too. People who say Tyson will destroy SBW are wrong and are only saying it because it is Mike Tyson. Sport doesn't have or need to see this.
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    What an appauling interpretation of my post! I have not said at any point that he was a wonderful or horrible person and have given nothing but balanced historical facts including that he was a huge fan of Wigan and RL and helped take the club to a level of glory and fame which no club will ever match. I have clearly pointed out that there was both good and bad to his tenure at the club and delivered no judgement either in favour or against his personality. I'd be genuinely interested to read wny you think he is someone the game could use right now. You stay safe too.
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    I did yesterday, yes. Back onto week 6 day 1 later today.
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    You are just Big Pharma.
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    That's right, the film itself is, historically, garbage but that's usual in the industry. Incidentally, the scene of Rosenfeld in a grandstand watching a game was shot at Craven Cottage and the players were the Fulham Travellers team. Apparently they had a great day, spending a lot of it playing football with Dennis Waterman in the car park!
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    That strategy has really helped Rugby Australia. Foxtel offered a deal, Rugby denied it and decided to hold out, now they have nothing. Smart move by the Nrl.
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    Also, Scorpius from 'Farscape' played Albert Roselfeld. Hard to tell the difference, really...
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    Depends who you ask. Many younger folks love it how it is and would not wish to revert back to either my or your youth colin.... times move on. I watched the 73 final today. I believe the rugby played then was far superior to todays version. Todays customers of the game may well argue otherwise. Different times col.
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    I'd agree, although I think West was there as much for his height in line-outs as much as his RU knowledge.
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