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    In 17 years the RLEF has grown its membership from nine to now playing the game at some level in over 20 European countries, plus the African and American nations that fall under their umbrella. They have secured Erasmus funding which in turn has led to grants towards development of coaches and referees throughout Europe. They have created a meaningful international calander with promotion and relegation and given developing countries like Greece a pathway into the World Cup final stages. I attended the meeting in Paris in 2003 when the RLEF was formed and to say they have "done nothing" shows how much you know about what is going on at grassroots level on the continent. Representatives attended that inaugural meeting from rugby league organisations in Morocco, the Netherlands, Italy, Serbia, Russia, Lebanon, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. With very little funding the RLEF has done well to get where it is today and for them to be looking at a professional game (before this Spanish /Italian concept arose) involving European Clubs shows they are still pushing forward. What we need now is for all parties to get together and work out how they can progress as a group to bring these ideas into a reality. What the game doesn't need is another split due to personal egos. PS. I have had many a run in with the RLEF but credit must be given when due. ?
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    In all seriousness I think the RFL and Super League need to consider working with Premiership Rugby and the RFU regarding the medical hurdles to be overcome. It would make little sense to have 2 separate missions to come to essentially the same conclusions and could save both sides considerable time and money to pool resources and ideas.
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    The lockdown easing as described by Doncaster Council. Click through for an excellent thread and use of social media.
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    There is a gentleman who on occasion graces these pages with the most thoughtful insights available to the world of rugby league. He is a much respected poster and it's certainly interesting to listen to his views. He goes by the name of parksider.
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    Go the big man . Positive mental attitude and willpower in dire adversity is huge and does make a difference , I can attest to that . He’s got in spades and I’m sure he’ll just keep progressing . Top guy !
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    Many have won the cup with two different teams in a three year period but it seems that only ones to have done so consecutively are ... Frank Collier Wigan 1963 Widnes 1964 Don Vines Wakefield 1960 St.Helens 1961 Brian Lockwood Hull KR 1980 Widnes 1981 Lee Gilmour Bradford 2003 St.Helens 2004
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    Never heard of it until now. Good listen.
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    That will be due to the fact that it's Red Star Belgrade and RLEF board member Colin Kleyweg who are behind the other proposal. Now is not the time to distance themselves without even talking to the Euro XIII group and trying to get everyone singing of the same song sheet. How often do we see the game being held back due to the inability to bring all ideas to the table and discussing compromise for the good of the game
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    Thanks Yanto, saved me a job and addressed it better than I would’ve. Some people really are clueless
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    For a couple of years, I ran the grad scheme at a large tech company (~250 graduates per year). A lot of big tech companies are still hiring like crazy (my eldest son finishes uni this month and his graduate software job is paying a jaw-dropping salary) but I'm hearing from a lot of other big companies that hiring is basically cancelled. I think this year is going to be a very bad year to graduate and it's going to be significantly harder to get a job than in previous years. There's evidence that those who graduated in 2008 are still on average on lower salaries than people who graduated a couple of years later - because they got stuck in not-so-good jobs. Police have had a revamp of the their graduate training program and they suddenly have big numbers of vacancies that they're struggling to fill - they have to hire another 3000 by March - with nearly half of those in London. The real question, though, is what do you actually want to do? Doing a PhD because you couldn't find a job doesn't sound like a recipe for happiness. Too soon to say whether travel is really going to be an option.
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    Why. The RLEF have had years and done nothing, so these people are trying to make something happen.
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    I think most RL journalists are honest and trustworthy, whether you agree with their opinions and/or like them personally is a different matter. I've always found most of them amiable, friendly and passionate about the game.
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    For those who may not have seen it on our main news platforms. Club staff member Jimmy Woolaghan has been raising money to help his club. He's reached £300 of his £500 target. Details of his fundraising http://www.townrlfc.com/article/536/jimmys-toddle-for-town And Jimmy was a mere toddler when we were formed! https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56763/how-ve-day-paved-the-way-for-workington-towns-deb Enjoy #ourjimmy #ourtown
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    I personally don't see it being worth doing for lower level clubs and I am also not sure that Rugby should be re-started until a vaccine is in place as it is different to other sports due to the close contact nature of the game. Even with streaming if our average home gate is 900 I cannot see anywhere near that number subscribing to view our games and you are also losing Bar takings,half time draw and match day sponsors income so without financial support from the league we would be losing money every game.Lets just hope a vaccine is not too far away and we can all get our lives back to some sort of normal. Keep safe everyone and spare a thought for everyone who has lost a loved one during this awful Pandemic.
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    Thanks for the detail ?
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    And they'll be clueless! But League 1 will be a good breeding ground for them. Be interesting to see if any of the Wolfpack trialists give it another go
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    "Decisions regarding promotion and relegation will be made by the RFL Board." Which includes Superleague representation, remember. I still expect when the crunch vote comes, SL, L1 and the bottom half of the Championship will vote to scrap P&R - and scrap Championship and L1 seasons entirely - leaving the top 4 or 5 Championship clubs isolated. There may be threats of going to the courts, but no court in the land will find for a plaintiff demanding a pre-Covid outcome in the current climate. The one glimmer of hope for the Leigh's and London's of this world is that one of the working groups set up is to examine "possible revenue opportunities to offset some of those costs (of playing on)". This surely means streaming, what else could be generated? If people want to see Championship rugby this year, they need to demonstrate that they will subscribe to some sort of steaming service - or allow their season tickets to be converted into streaming passes. Then, maybe, at least the basic financial hurdle could be cleared, although insurance, health and other issues still remain.
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    Don’t bother mate, some people on here wouldn’t be satisfied if Ottawa won Super League with 11 Canadians in the starting line up.
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    I always like a Roy Masters column regarding Australian rugby league.
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    Never sympathised with the hostility towards so-called wrestling. There is a legitimate contest over how quickly the ball can be played, involving technical play from ball-carrier and defenders, founded on principals establishing when the tackle is complete, how tacklers can be onside etc. We lose all that if we try to make every PTB the same, and see it as nothing more than a means of bringing the ball into play. The ball is in play throughout the tackle and ruck. We already see far more calls of "Held" than there used to be. If we lose all respect for the ruck contest, eventually we will have glorified Touch Football with initial heavy contact.
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    A great opportunity to buy some obscure merchandise if this proposal gets started.
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    Jonathan Liew isn't a dedicated RL journalist, but when he covers the game, he rarely disappoints.
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    Give me Wakefield or Cas any day over a soulless ground like Leigh or Salford.
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    I thought you'd be a bit bigger. Who's the old bloke holding you?
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    If you check back you actually started a thread about a European club competition a few weeks ago that was a RLEF / Red Star concept so how can you now say they have done nothing in setting up a European league ???
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    This channel has got loads of great content, well worth a look! I've spent my evening watching the 2002 Grand Final back! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTrF574vTz1L-umOqdHD3zQ
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    anyone at home who is now on tv for any reason to be interviewed via their own fone ipad laptop etc etc seems to be required by law to sit in front of a bookshelf
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    Do you not maybe think that’s just the link to Orazio D’Arro, so he can 100% rubber stamp their involvement whilst other more stronger, well-established clubs are likely to be included but the EuroXIII are doing their due-diligence on them? I can’t remember Verona being described as a major ‘player’ just a city with an international airport. Pardon me if I’m wrong though.
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    That would be brilliant, I for one would be totally satisfied I honestly mean that simply because to achieve it they would have a thriving infrastructure in place, there would be thousands upon thousands playing the sport, also they wouldn't need to bother with travelling over to this country to play they would have their own league system and everything that goes with it. But alas no one who is alive on the planet today will live to see that happening, it will take far far to long to come about. Do you actually realise out of all the kids who pick up a rugby ball in the UK and go through all the advancement and excellence systems how many actually make it to SL each year, proportionately very very few spread across all 12 SL clubs.
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    Sorry. As before I do a full body workout so 7 exercises (4 sets of 6 or ? and some stomach work but I've just changed every exercise so I'm doing much the same body part but in a different way. So incline Bench Press instead of flat Bench Press, lunges instead of squats, Lat pulldowns instead of bentover rows, dumbbell shoulder press instead of military press etc then a series of crunches instead of planks. It may not seem like a huge change but its so much harder because although its the same body parts it is movements your body isn't used to and alleviates the boredom too. Similarly on my cardio days instead of doing machines like the cross trainer and exercise bike I did interval training on Tuesday and hope to do a boxing, circuit type session each week too to complement that. All in all I have been aiming for 2 weights and 2 cardio sessions a week and have pretty much managed to do that whilst working from home, some weeks slightly more or less. After doing much the same weights and cardio workouts for 2 months working from home it was time for a change. Gains get less and more difficult and your body adapts too much. After training Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so far this week my legs feel sore and stiff today and have done since Monday so something is working!
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    I am sure that Jamie Sandy the Indigenous Aussie that Cas signed in 1985 made his debut at Watersheddings. Due to him being about 5 foot 4 inches in height he looked like a smurf as it was that cold he was turning a shade of blue and suffering from onset hypothermia as he trudged off after being subbed.
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    I think it's a stretch to interpret it like that so unequivocally. The RFL updated the clubs on the latest government sports guidance and the financial situation, and the clubs agreed to set up two working groups to see what was possible based on that information. It could still go either way for Championship and L1, reading between the lines. RFL statement: "Playing matches behind closed doors, and before that the return to training that would be necessary, is clearly a complex option for all levels of our sport – and any decisions will have an obvious implication on the structure of the competitions, and relationships between our different competitions. Decisions regarding promotion and relegation will be made by the RFL Board." https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56776/update--betfred-championship-and-league-
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    Isn't that the point? We need to identify people who have antibodies and are likely to have some immunity to the virus. If someone has had a mild dose of the disease or was asymptomatic and doesn't have any antibodies, they are effectively irrelevant and are just part of the susceptible group.
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    Thanks for this, I wasn’t aware of this Podcast, having looked through the previous episode subjects it looks right up my street ?
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    Ah! Lovely https://www.roche.com/media/releases/med-cor-2020-05-03.htm
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    The TEN will be big, they will be strong and they will be determined!
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    I thought that was Ricky Wilby the man behind New York
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    There was a party in our house when it was first shown.
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    Yes it was before the Fighting Irish. (See the previous post). I absolutely loved being in the London League. When we formed the club, our nearest opposition was 200 miles away. So we played a first season of friendly fixtures against Northern clubs who we enticed to visit Aberavon. Clive Hopkins helped us to ensure that our visitors were housed, well fed and catered for and we did our best to ensure they had a torrid time on the field. Lol. I think we joined the London League in our second year because we needed a full fixture list. We had to guarantee to fulfill our away games for the benefit of having each London club visit us once a season. It worked, we found the players, we made the money, we bought the kit, arranged the games, transport, blah blah blah. It was great. Peckham were a great side, Puma's were a great side, Ealing were great, Colonials (broke my nose) were terrific. I wish they were all still playing but the London scene is a huge success story for our game. Long may it continue. I'm pleased to meet you, keep in touch.
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    My brother and I formed Aberavon in the early 80's and we ran the club for 18 years. (My brother Danny did most of the heavy lifting). A chap called Chris O'Callaghan (a school mate) played for us on and off, along with 3 of his four brothers. He was an ex-Cambridge Blue at RaRa and became, after a very successful playing career (at Union) the Aberavon RFU coach. It was while he was coaching the Wizards that he, along with his brother John, formed the Fighting Irish, Chris coached and John Dennis did most of the heavy lifting! Lol. I was a founder member of the F.I. club and coached the U-17's. So, if you played the Fighting Irish I wasn't playing but its great to meet you and chat with you.
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    My son had several of the symptoms of Covid 19 a few weeks back. Complete loss of sense of taste and smell being one of them. His girlfriend thought it would be a great test if he ate a teaspoon of Colman's English Mustard in one go. It never touched him. In his case it was definitely temporary and his sense of taste and smell returned to normal fairly quickly.
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    Eric is gonna be on Chasing Kangeroos soon too...
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    I think you need to read/view from a variety of places to get an overall perspective from a plurality of sources across the political spectrum - no single journalist or commentator is foolproof. It takes time and effort to do this though and many don’t bother. Only taking news from a single source usually leads to blind spots particularly as people tend to gravitate to something that reinforces their own prejudices.
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    We have always had 6 again for a penalty but that has been by choice, either take a quick tap or make ground by kicking into touch which is most definatley preferable if you are in your own half and especially moreso if it is favourably windy conditions, but if you were in your opponents 20meter area you would most likely elect for 6 again. Are teams still going to have a choice to kick or do they have to take 6 again no matter what area of the field the opposition is penalised. And as RL says above, what if two points by kicking a goal is preferable.
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    Suppose the attacking team are one point behind with not much time left ? They might prefer to have a chance of two points rather than another six tackles and then still not score.
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    Jarrod Croker 29 years old and already the 7th highest point scorer in top level Australian rugby league history. NRL’s leading point scorer in 2012, 2015 and 2016. 2016 Dally M captain of the year. He has never played for the kangaroos or in a SOO match.

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