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    To be honest, and I only speak for myself here, but I would not subscribe to a dedicated RL service at the moment. In fact, I stopped Sky in the close season for the first time in my adult life. Super League has a quality and image issue at the moment. I don't live in the heartlands anymore so don't have an ear to the ground. It doesn't feel aspirational anymore, it feels like the game and clubs are covering their backsides. I didn't like the Catalans Challenge Cup bond fiasco. The way the Toronto issue is unfolding also makes you feel like everyone is looking at the coins left in the pot now and not how prosperous the game could be in new markets. If 2020 has taught us anything it is that RL cannot run a model on derbies, away fans and central handouts, hoping to cover full time squads (with some elite players barely earning £15,000 a year).
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    You think that's old school? They're also still using Leagues. I'll see myself out.
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    Jiffy is still our best known commentator and apart from being a lovely person he brings a lot of credibility to our game nationwide. Paul
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    I'm going to take an educated guess here and say that you absolutely knew he was on the pitch. In fact, my guess is that you were obsessively watching his every movement to see if you spot a mistake or missed tackle so you could post about it. And oh look, you did.
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    Yes, I think you are right. Robinson gave Williams 14 minutes against the Raiders, 33 minutes against the Knights and 48 against the Sharks. All the indicators show that he is looking to leave Williams out as we move towards the finals. Good spot.
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    BBC rugby coverage must be the last to use them Personally I love it 40 years of metric teaching in schools kids today still use stones and feet.
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    I chose number 2. I own my house with zero debt and my kids have lots of opportunities and experiences because of that. We’re in a high income bracket and we bought a small home in a cheaper area. I’ve never been materialistic anyway. I’m also heading for a mid-50s retirement. There’s no way I’d ever want to go into my 50s with a big mortgage. Quite a few of my friends have done this and each time they hear a story about someone getting ill or worse, they start to wonder if they’ve done the right thing.
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    I agree. Even though I know 195cm and 120kgs is big it just doesn't really resonate with me... but 6' 5" and 18 and a half stone is massive in my mind!
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    Thankfully Robinson isn’t a clueless troll like you who judges players on pathetic personnel dislike over ability.
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    Sonny Bill is going fine and is definitely going to be there for the finals. People expecting him to be the player of 2013 are kidding themselves, but so are people who can't see the value he's already adding now. His ball skills in the middle give the roosters an extra dimension to their attack. His short passing puts other forwards into space, he picks the right times to pass out the back to his halves, and when he runs the ball is a constant offload threat. He's experienced in big games and is clearly adapting well to a role that's about creating space for those around him.
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    I honestly believe that we will have a singular choice of broadcaster to choose from that being Sky, what they put on the table will not be bettered by anyone else, I'm afraid as far as our negotiators are concerned it will be a "Thank you Sir". All this specualtion of paying for 'streaming' will not happen, Rugby League needs a guaranteed income, at least 6 teams in SL are totally dependent on a guaranteed income and the others will struggle without it.
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    I still have big reservations about Price's coaching, but I am very pleased with some of the stuff we are doing at the moment. I do think we seem to have found a nice attacking rhythm and I think the pace from Ashton at FB and the unpredictability of Ratch at half back has made a huge difference. This has allowed Austin to become more focused and direct. A shout out should also go to Mamo who has been a bit of a revelation in recent performances.
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    I think in football, Rangers and Celtic show where football really is without mega TV deals, sponsorship and rich owners. They get 50k or 60k a week in their stadiums and compaired to the English top league clubs who get similar crowds. Those 2 Scottish clubs pay their top players around £25 to £30k a week - a direct comparison with say Liverpool shows they pay their top players £100k to £150k+ a week - all that extra cash is basically from their TV and sponsorship deals. Similar to NRL v SL on a smaller scale??
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    I think people often think the sport has to be as they grew up with it. Adult participation numbers are collapsing. We can bemoan and fail, or adapt. The future will probably see sport be more like North America, where serious sports are played mainly by kids and a few elite athletes with most people dropping team sport as they grow up. That is a shame. It is also inevitable. The UK is unusual in having as many pro soccer clubs as it does. The third rung has no business being full time.
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    What a fantastic gesture. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-54224410
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    Much wisdom here. I would add, put yourself in the position where you have options with which to discover what you want and what will make you happy. I spent 30 years working at 100mph, long hours, stress but good pay. Then I woke up and didn't want it anymore, so planned for a time when I didn't have to do it anymore, facilitated by my wife's creative and optimistic thinking!
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    Further to this, we have Covid-19 going around. Lots of people are going to be redundant, the economy is buggered, but the money to ease the pain is being applied for a bit yet. This is not a time to upgrade your house. Prices will go down significantly next year, but more importantly you might not be as secure as it seems. The financial crisis of 2008 started in 2007 and people thought it would be over by 2008. This is different, but in a way more serious, the world is actually poorer rather than realising it is not as rich as it thought. Furthermore, the UK will have brexit too, making it worse off. If you are earning a saving good money, spend money on destressing and not much else. We are likely to need a bigger house, so we are looking to buy in the new year when prices drop ad buy a cheap one in the sticks. We have a place in central Copenhagen, so we plan let it out. This is a terrible time to upgrade.
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    It is. Keep paying that pension.
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    Option 2! Worked hard when I was young, achieved highly in my field (same as yours) but never changed my lifestyle. Middle of the road car, decent but average semi. Am now 57, retired at 55, go on decent hols when I want where I want while peers are still working and looking to downsize. Am starting a doctorate this year because I want to and think I can. Best thing I ever did was pay off my mortgage early by overpaying when times were good! Children had plenty of great experiences due to where I worked. Life is short, enjoy as much of it as you can. Bigger house means more time cleaning!
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    Huddersfield prefer second-rate Aussies.
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    Do old Sky cards still work if you put them in the freezer?
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    There's a big diverse world out there full of fab stuff and groovy folk.... You'd be nuts to compromise..... Go get em tiger!!
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    Do you still want all the stresses of being a head on top of having to pay a bigger mortgage and working longer ? You’d be a statistic in no time. Number two all the way.
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    Kilometres easier to teach surely ?
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    Hull We made it to the draw for the semi-finals.
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    See the 2 replys after yours for your answer
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    Travel experience every time.
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    Please let's not hijack an existing award for on-field excellence for emotional reasons. For one thing, it'll provoke a seriously unedifying squabble between the people who want Mose Masoe to win and the ones who want Rob Burrow to win. For another thing, the award is for the players' player of the year, not for the most inspirational life story of the year. And for another, it'll mean that the award no longer has its original identity, so another will have to be created for the purpose, thus devaluing the association with Steve Prescott. This is just like the annual social media outrage that the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year trophy hasn't been given to the person with the saddest personal story. Create an "Inspiration" trophy to celebrate people like Mose or Rob instead. Name it after them, even. But neither qualify for the MoS and giving it to them would probably embarrass them more than anything. And set a precedent so that the best player of the season would never ever receive the MoS title ever again.
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    I prefer the BBC commentry team to the morons on Sky. Jiffy does use simple a lot but lets be honest most coaches will also be saying keep it simple, do the basics etc.. also being a great player in his day he might of also found skill simple to do so is underestimating some of the skill involved.. easily done and if you watch any other sports commentry and listen out for example MOTD there will be several occasions the commentators say basic and simple.
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    He talks far more sense than most of his contemporaries at Sky.
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    BISSA has just listed Alex Rowe match worn 2015 away shirt on Ebay , all profits go to squadbuilder , please take a look https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Match-worn-Alex-Rowe-Batley-Bulldogs-rl-2015-away-shirt/363113510770
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    GM a bit on the young side to be signing for Dewsbury
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    Steady on with the gushing feedback mate
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    I think Jiffy give national credence to our game. Let's never forget that he was brilliant (there's that word again) at both codes. And in RL he proved it in the hardest school of all - the Aussie League. I recall some snide Union scribe saying "the League boys'll soon sort his nose for him" when he signed. Well despite trying they didn't because he was so good. I won't say he's the best Union convert I've seen, because I think that was Lewis Jones. but he comes pretty close. And he clearly keeps abreast of current thinking in the game.
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    Once you’ve made the most of a no/low debt lifestyle, it’s easy to resist the temptation of a bigger mortgage because you don’t want your lifestyle to worsen. A good lifestyle beats a bigger home every time. My kids now have access to concerts, live theatre, sporting events, overseas holidays/student exchanges, music lessons, sports coaching, school tutoring etc. Most of my friends put all that money into their home.
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    Class player and fabulous commentator. We are lucky to have still involved with our game
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    If your house is big enough (and at some point those kids will start to disappear), then a bigger house seems a terrible idea. But, it is a false question. This is not a voucher with two options. Other things include invest, have a bigger amount to spend and have the security. Invest in the kids' future (I would go for the bigger house first ) Generally, you do not know what will make you happy, so spend on security and what will make you grow as a person.
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    How are supposed to keep the dastardly Johnny Foreigner on the back foot if we make things easily understandable? You'll be banning us from spelling the word "fish" G.H.O.T.I. next!
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    But not fur long, I reckon.
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    Just make things more complicated, some US measures share names with Imperial, but are actually different. The US gallon is about 20% smaller than the Imperial one. Then, if you cook, US recipes use the "cup" measurement a lot, which has to be converted differently for liquids and solids.
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    The fact that so few are actually offside is down to the practice the players put in on the training field. Hours and hours. It is usually the kicker that is flat therefore making it easier for the rest of the team to remain onside
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    Well, exactly. But every year, social media gets clogged with people who need to be outraged that someone hasn't won the main award, despite not being eligible. This is the thoughtless sentimental incontinence that rules many people's thinking in the current day.
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    WAS, Nothing he has done since his return to RL indicates he is anywhere near what he could offer, and unfortunately time is not on his side for a resurgence.
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    Thunder fan here, spoke to a few of the lads and I know for a fact that you’re in for one of our forwards/back rowers, right player and gutted to be frank, worked under Thorman before.
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    At 13? Bateman is great on the edge as his footwork and unpredictability is difficult to defend against. But its a big call to take out the worlds best middle forward and replace him with someone who never plays there.
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    Agree, love Jonathan Davies. He only adds value to our game.

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