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  1. The WP have brought more globall publicity to SL since they entered, than rest of the league together.If the clubs had embraced the entry of the WP things may have looked much better.Unfortunately they could only see short term gain.
  2. Leigh have been there and done that more than once, better some other team gets the chance
  3. So where would you get the players from?
  4. Speaking about the lack of finance in regard to the super league clubs, is it any wonder when one considers the amount that has been thrown away on second rate and over the hill Aussies.The amount would be staggering. All this because they can't be bothered running academy teams.Always take the easy way out and that's what they have done with the WP. Worse still are the mugs that still watch this kind of stuff.
  5. Well one thing has been proven today and that is there is nothing super about SL. We had a wonderful opportunity to establish the game in Canada and that is most probably lost. Hope Sky cut SL funding to the bone, it has very little to offer.
  6. Instead of debating the posts on here, which in most cases are just supposition let's wait for the verdict later today. Fingers crossed for a positive result.
  7. Once the decision is made whether or not to readmit Toronto it would be interesting to see what Toronto brought to the table.
  8. Well I haven't lost interest, but it's like waiting for Christmas and that's a fair way off.Hope they make it back.
  9. You can watch any sport for free on Free Tv. I"m watching Russian RL this evening on the computer.
  10. Make no wonder the game in the UK is in such a poor state.The guys running the show are so indecisive.The decision to allow the WP back into SL should have been made last week.Here we are having to wait another month. There is nothing to be lost by letting them in.They are averaging crowds of 8,000 and building where in Sl a number of teams don't get gates like that and the ones that do are losing ground. Just hope that the clubs getting WPs share of the tv money, isn't the decider of not letting them back in.
  11. Being in debt to the govt may influence the decision in regard to the WP being readmited.
  12. How are they going to pay that off? The Championship and League One don't have access to that money do they?If not the govt can't come back on them.
  13. That's what I call a league man.Make that two. That's why I say give Toronto another go.They have lot to offer the game.
  14. Because no one wants to watch them.They add no value to SL
  15. A lot of these posts are speculation and nothing else. Best to wait for the official announcement.
  16. Where will SL be in ten years? Or where will it be in the not too distant future. For a start things aren't looking too good. I think(and I hope I'm wrong)there will be a big drop off in attendances when SL returns.If that happens, it should take care of a number of SL clubs who only make up the numbers and can't afford to be there. Further damage could be done depending how they handle the WPs application to take back their position in the League. New blood is required because the competition has grown stale.
  17. The biggest part of the posters on here, have for some time been coming up with petty remarks which are a waste of time. There is nothing to be lost by giving this guy a chance.If this comes off and it could, there will be money coming into the game and the game desperately needs it.
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