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  1. It was ‘ tongue in cheek’, about Cairns, but the question remains, were would a Cairns based team play. Not sure that another Government funded stadium would be on the cards.
  2. Nowt replaced community singing….Hoorah Henry from Hounslow belting out Shes a lassie from Lancashire and Camilla from Carshalton giving her all On Ilkley Moor Bah Tat.
  3. And like the redcliffe based ‘dolphins’ they will play most of their games at….Suncorp? Brisbane Roar looking to move back there, Dolphins playing games there….any more Queensland expansion will see games there 7 days a week
  4. They would expect Lancashire to pay for it……and Id be front of the line contributing from my border post.
  5. Those chemical factories have a lot to answer for
  6. Correct and I have no issue with other codes using the word, its others on here who seem to object to the round ball game using the term football. Down under there are three codes that use the term 'footy' or football (Association, Rugby League and Australian Rules). They seem to survive without trying to dictate where it can and cannot be used. Strangely the Union crowd dont seem to refer to their games as footy but I might be wrong...it could therefore be 4 codes of footy. If soccer came from Oxford University thats another reason for the rest of the world using the more accurate term football. Probably couldnt get their tongues around the letter 'F' with all those plums in their gobs.
  7. Football in Australia is run by Football Australia https://www.footballaustralia.com.au/
  8. And rugger is a word of English derivation which is short for rugby football, doesnt seem to be used much though. Ill stick to football and rugby thanks, like the rest of the world outside of north america.
  9. Very sad news…a great player in a great team.
  10. Thats why we watch the Soccer Association Cup Final organised by the Soccer Association, a member of The Federation of international soccer associations. We also Have the SoccerAssociation Premier League and Soccer League Championship, League one and league 2. And the big one next weekend…The Union of European Soccer Association’s Champions League Final. I still pine for my Charlie Buchan’s Soccer monthly. Of course you cannot rely on those foreigners, like the DFB, FFF, RFEF, And in Brazil the CBF. Of course there is no F in the netherlands…its voetball, or should that be voccer?
  11. Nice article on Sam in the latest Men of League magazine
  12. I suppose its the only way a yorkshire team would win a title
  13. huddersfield/sheffield to become huddersfield? Hull/gateshead to become hull?
  14. Half their games played in Perth Half in Sydney. rumour is Sydney will host the first halves.
  15. He didnt do much fighting for the lower clubs. His philosophy was whatever was good for wigan was good for rugby league.
  16. Failed to mention, both teams played in green, black and white kits!
  17. Two queensland teams in top four …….the world is back to normal!
  18. Back down under General election day and I went to Ipswich jets v townsville blackhawks in round 9 of the QRL. Ipswich is a one hour commuter train ride from central brisbane. North Ipswich reserve is a short walk from Ipswich station across the Bremer River. The reserve is shared with the cricket club. It has a covered main stand plus three other buildings with covered seating, including the cricket pavilion. Ipswich has a long history in rugby league and is home of the walters family the Walker family as well as Alfie Langer. This year ipswich jets are celebrating their 40th anniversary. Sadly they are rock bottom without a win and leaking points badly. Today was no different, losing 40-10 to a Robert Lui led Blackhawks. Ipswich used to have an affiliation with the Broncos but that finished prior to the pandemic. They now have some sort of Affiliation with Newcastle Knights but this doesnt seem to include posting players to Ipswich (the knights have their own team in the NSW cup) La Nina continues to hit the east coast and what is normally the dry season has seen nothing but rain for 3 months now (another QRL game, Souths v Tweed Heads was called off because of the Marsden High School pitch - a rare postponement for this part of the world) Today was no different with continuos rain and a sodden field. Admission is $10, $5 concessions with team sheets free. Despite the awful weather there was a reasonable crowd (guessing around 300-400), cheered up by the concession stall giving away remaining burgers towards the end of the game! But although Ipswich has had a bad day, it looks like the Government is having one even worse!
  19. Congratulations on becoming a City! I am hoping Hornets can be the first team to beat the rugby team of the City of Doncaster!
  20. Super league games are holding a minute of applause for Maurice Lindsay’s passing. I expect instructions will have been passed down the championship and league 1 to do same. Given the harm he did to the game (essentially deciding whats good for wigan must be good for everyone) i think the best response is not to have a minutes applause but to have a minutes silence. For the teams outside superleague there is nothing to applaud in what he did to rugby league.
  21. Taking on one of those big city teams this weekend, Doncaster! We could be the first team to beat the rugby team from the City of Doncaster. Come on Ornits.
  22. one of his justifications for superleague was it was needed to make us more competitive against the aussies. In the 27 games (GB or England) prior to 1996 introduction of SL the aussies lost only 5 times. In the 27 games since the introduction of SL the aussies have lost even less (3 games) and have won the last 12 straight with an average score of 30-12 in that streak. We have had 5 prime ministers since we last beat them and we havent won a game against them since adopting the England name for the national team. Maybe the document should have been named Shaming the Future.
  23. Out of interest, which teams in league 1 (and in the championship) own their own stadium. I am guessing its a small number, but it is simply a guess.
  24. Doubt there will be any outpourings of grief among league 1 clubs.
  25. Not strictly qualifying as an answer to your question, but lets not forget Bob Fulton, one of the great coaches in Aussie league who was born in Stockton Heath. Never coached in UK though.
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