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  1. The match is sbown on Sat at 11.0o pm and several times on Sun. They have clashed several times recently with the Toronto game on red button. I watched consecutively after recording one. I don't see why this has changed now.
  2. So should the World Cup match be taken away in 2021?
  3. Best name or not, its definite!y appropriate..(Dirty old man mode).
  4. Is this the start of grass roots rugby league development in Canada?
  5. bird

    R.I.P. CEO

    CEO does not need to be a Rugby person but should probably be a Canadian.
  6. Did he not confirm the club name as Ottawa Stags?
  7. The NRL approach has been to cram 2 International teams (Oz and Z) into a tiny number of club teams, only 4 in 2018 with .a very short season. That should give a high quality womens game, attractive to tv companies. The Superleague is more teams and a longer season, building paticipation and an audience over time. Its an interesting difference in approach but with the 2021 World Cup looming, I can't see anyone getting near Aus v NZ.
  8. Current, full and healthy are the biggies in a salary-capped sport.
  9. I had a distinct feeling that we've met those commentators on here.
  10. Talks sense? Both of them admitted that they had never been to Toronto.
  11. I seem to be only one to prefer Gordo.
  12. You're just a woman hater. FWIW womens and para sport have access to potential revenue streams not available to able bodied men
  13. Great article by Juan Jose Jasso. Thats a character.
  14. The best show this season by a country mile. Everyone on their game and Greenwood in particular a natural.
  15. Expat Aussies have been known to have Asian heritage.
  16. Has nobody else picked up that Brad Fash is named in both the Hull Squad to play Wakefield and the Toronto one to play Batley.?
  17. bird

    Emmitt to Leigh

    Brad Fash is named in the Hull squad to play Wakefield.
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