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  1. Here's to exiled Yorkies everywhere.
  2. Just watched the rrecording after missing most this thread deliberetely. Very very depressed about the future of the game in the hands of that negative muppet.
  3. It's still a precedent. How many Canadian caps does Quinn have?
  4. There was the similar problem with French playerrs when Catalans came in and so French players became exempt from the quota. J just apply the same rules toCanadians.
  5. It's gone on since well before Super League. Do you seriously think the game could afford missing out on tv revenue from games at different times. FIFA World Cup was no different. The important thing is that the higher placed team plays after the lower one so placing matter.
  6. 15 games. How much would that generate?
  7. Ireland have a genuine problem. Because of the strength of Union, any league converts, and there are plenty, have come through the school and club system with a 'rugby' awareness much higher than any in mainland Europe. So they are not challenged there yet are nowhere near the pros.
  8. 4 polls of 4 gives 31 games plus.the women's and whheelchair games
  9. It's a guy in Canada who runs his own podcast on R L interviewing a guy in US who runs his own podcast on RL about the American game. Great stuff.
  10. Good job I knew that and could schedule another recording. Thanks John.
  11. Well you can bin last night's recording unless you just want part 3. It's bad enough having to record the programme after in case of. delay, now we need to record the one before in case it's brought forward.
  12. Great forward, fantastic clubman. As .said above, he did a Lazarus act from the wreckage of 1973. RIP Geoff.
  13. Nothing. It's as much to do with the London Broncos game as the rest of this ######.
  14. GB won Olympic ice hockey Gold in 1936 with an all Canadian team.
  15. Pretty sure that heritage players born in or descended from Yugoslavia(ns) are eligible for any of the successor nations. Not that it makes them best mates though.
  16. I find it odd that in 8 years existance, this is the first new non-founder nation from the APRLC region. What do the half dozen Asian and Pacific nations looking for recognition have to do?
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