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  1. It badly needs editing, an hour is far too long. We can now appreciate the good job Rod Studd in keeping it tight.
  2. Depressing start to the day. Finally got round to watching last week's ''Backchat"'. Then this arrived.
  3. Pity they didn't show one of his tries. That would have impressed the audience.
  4. https://youtu.be/4dWl4j7E9Hk I'm guessing he's not chasing a media career.
  5. Great signing. Good to have him back.
  6. http://www.therfl.co.uk/news/article/31555/rugby-league-set-for-more? The RFL's own stats paint a brighter picture. These include all forms of the game wheelchair, touch, tag, masters, the lot. Thats a better comparison with the sports at the top of the UK list. Swimmong includes any one who just swims once week, athletics include joggers and parkruns.
  7. Can we really blame the Aussies for wanting a veto on the game or expect anything different after what happened to the International RL Board, the predecessor of the RLIF. At the height of the Superleague War. Uncle Rupert outflanked the Aussies by buying up every single other member of the Board. They won'y forget that.
  8. He is spending time translating the rules into Spanish. Surely thats been done in the Spanish game. If not there must be others who can do that sort of stuff. Its the sort of low cost help that RLEF or others can do or do do and coordinate for emerging countries
  9. Huge gaps from AMNRL territoy. Chicago?. West Coast? Hawaii? Did it all end?
  10. Excellent stuff, thats a guy who needs all the help he can get.
  11. Nobody suggested they are part of any governing body. Just an interested party. Its nothing anyway to do with the question which is about Mexico and RLEF.
  12. With yourselves, USA, Canada, Jamaica and Latin Heat, there could well be a RL Federation of the Americas but if and until that happens, have you been in contact with the RL European Federation?. They have helped many developing countries.
  13. Out of interest, anybody know how much it costs to appeal?
  14. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/blog/2010/...eague-play-offs
  15. Anti French? No. Room for misunderstandings? Yes. Neutral refs for England v France. Neutral refs for England v Australia.
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