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  1. I've spent the last hour laughing so hard my stomach actually hurts. If you find a few spare minutes over your lunchtime panini take a look at the Chelsea forums, they're hilarious. A fully-fledged meltdown taking place.
  2. Looks like a part-time gig so he has something to do. Might lead to other things in union, I guess, which would be a huge shame.
  3. Give over. The three cities you've mentioned can't even sustain a team in Elite 1.
  4. Well I've never said any of those other things are going to work. They're clearly a nonsense. So, just to clarify, you don't think we should aim for 3 or 4 professional French clubs playing in the UK competitions, but instead wait 40 years for a fully professional French competition? Okey dokey. Good luck.
  5. How long term are you looking? Bearing in mind it's taken 20 years to get two French clubs strong enough to be fully professional. Almost all French RL club are based in small towns and villages - that's why the 3 Aude clubs are considering this option, they're simply not big enough to support fully professional clubs individually. The only other club in a large enough conurbation is Avignon.
  6. There will never again be a fully professional French league. That ship has long since sailed.
  7. It would be many, many years since the Broncos last had 500 season ticket holders. In fact, I'd be staggered if they have more than 50 at this moment in time.
  8. Has the monkey gone? Whether it was his choice to go or Hughes' this kind of move, at this point in time, pretty much sums the club up tbh - actively work to drive people away, hand club contracts to your private business, orchestrate a move to another part of the city, then leave after one home game.
  9. It's always interesting to me when people who don't support the Broncos tell people who've been going 20-30 years (and more in a handful of cases) what's what. There's one man, and one man alone, responsible for the terminal condition of that club. How anyone can defend a man who turned a 4,000 average crowd into 400 (and spent £20million in the process) is beyond me.
  10. For those wondering what a first-timer thought of the event, below is what one AFCW fan had to say about it. You really couldn't get a more definitive London Broncos day out - put on a game, sell a few cheap tickets...and that's about it. No programme, no merchandise, no explanation of the rules or player roles, no presence. Plus, of course, the much-discussed weakness of the team. Doesn't think many will be back. So first time watching a Rugby League match live. I noticed some of the new players weren't playing, particularly Siti and Wellington. I thought the Broncos would have shown some presence in the stadium, a programme, merchandise or simply info on the players or a little bit about the rules and general expectation of player positions. Remember a lot of the crowd would know very little and it's one of the easiest ways to get them engaged. I did rather feel the Broncos were handed everything on a plate by AFC Wimbledon such as the street food, pub etc. I was hoping to get a Broncos feel, certainly in the areas the football club would allow them to. At one point I referred to the team as Wimbledon and I really feel that was because nothing "Broncos" was being thrown at me. Ignoring the constraints of the agreement with AFC Wimbledon and that the football club were obligated to provide certain things, I felt the Broncos missed an opportunity. AFC Wimbledon ladies produce a simple programme but it really helps to get a feel of the individual players plus getting a few short informative articles. Honestly if there was some written material about the club (definitely) or the sport (probably) I would have bought it. Really need a competitive game, but it was obvious it was over within 15 minutes. At half time I thought this was a bad outcome with so many newcomers present. Actually the second half I enjoyed way more. Widnes were still superior, but would have created a greater atmosphere if the teams were all square at half time. I'll go back, but I do worry about how many others will. The reality is the pricing won't help and certainly won't attract family's unless offers for kids are introduced (which may well happen of course). The biggest issue will be a competitive team. From what I can tell, a match with Widnes needed to be exactly that. There are some likely hammerings to come from the big teams.
  11. If Catalans pay the production costs, and then Sky show those games, do Sky actually pay anything for them or do they get 23 games a year for free? because that's not clear. If it's the latter, then that's a ridiculously bad deal.
  12. A fellow-QPR fan had the idea when watching the superhoops play a pre-season game against non-league opposition. Punted the idea on Facebook and it took hold really quickly. It was individuals, clubs, leagues, county FAs, then professional clubs and leagues, before the FA belatedly arrived at the party. It's a great way to get some money into community clubs, and also remind people that live sport doesn't have to revolve around a handful of clubs playing at the top end.
  13. 27 years of support makes me think I can say what I like about the club. That said, David Hughes' ownership driving an average attendance of 4,000+ down to 400+ says more about the club than anything I ever could.
  14. I get the point, but actually see it from the reverse angle. I've lived in Singapore for 2.5 years now, where drug use happens but is contained to private settings. On my two trips home to London in that time, the smell of weed was ever present; from middle class residential streets to council estates. And you only have to go to a football ground to see loads of men - of all ages - coked up to the eyeballs. Drugs use is open and it is brazen, and everybody seems to simply accept it.
  15. It's just endemic in western societies now. Whether you find yourself in England, Australia, Canada or the US, young people take drugs, both recreational and performance-enhancing, as part of daily life. I'm not sure what we do about it at this point.
  16. What is there to take over? A club that generates little to no income, a League 1 squad of players, minimal staff (who seem to excel only at upsetting people), a short-term rental on a football stadium, short-term rentals on two rugby union training grounds, an alienated and hugely diminished fanbase, a commercial department that is almost non-existent, a general public that doesn't know you exist, and an academy that has its best players taken every year by northern clubs. Who in their right mind would want to take over whatever it is that David Hughes leaves behind?
  17. Of course he was! Nothing else to do with his time.
  18. It's funny how nothing ever gets done at that club until someone mentions it on a public forum and then - bosh! - it's as if it had been there all along. Almost as if someone paid to work at the club spends all his time on the internet (and promoting his other businesses, of course).
  19. If this mythical Cumbrian team had come about, would you have imposed the same conditions re local players?
  20. Do I? I can't say I remember interacting with you much, oh wise one.
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