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  1. Southgate was right to pick Maguire ... the player had a right to be considered innocent till proved guilty.
  2. I've watched the games shown on Sky. Luke Thompson has had the odd spurt but doesn't, by tactics or otherwise, really inject himself into games. He's not a loose forward. I think Canterbury were expecting another James Graham. He's actually another Tom Burgess and every team in the league would like Tom Burgess in their ranks.
  3. mic written as a contraction for microphone. Either change the spelling or the pronunciation.
  4. Bulls offering cheap rates for pensioners. Maybe Danny Brough will take it up. For his Dad, obviously.
  5. Swinton have signed Cobi Green. Bags of flair. Kear never gave him a fair chance so I wish Cobi all the best.
  6. I hope its not any of our players. Most of Kear's signings are old enough to be in the "At Risk" category.
  7. On the Deadliest Catch a few weeks ago, it was pointed out that there was/is an issue about the USA/Russia border down the Bering Sea. The USA wants to use a line of longitude ... i.e. a curved border. Russia insits it should be a straight line A-B, which gives Russia more sea and more fishing rights. OI! Get orff my sea!
  8. I've always thought that John Bateman is a natural loose forward.
  9. The price of replica shirts is cheap compared to the price of replica owners. Ours have cost us our pride.
  10. https://rugbyleague.wales/wales-open-age-players Probably from 2019: Caleb Aekins Full-back 22; Bailey Antrobus Second row 20; Gavin Bennion Second row ;Chester Butler Centre 24; Mike Butt Wing 25; Connor Davies Prop 23; Curtis Davies Half back 23; Gil Dudson Prop 30; Jake Emmitt Prop 31; Ben Evans Prop 27; Morgan Evans Prop 28; Rhys Evans Centre 27; Will Evans Centre 19; Dan Fleming Prop 28; Ben Flower Utility forward 32; Matty Fozard Utility forward 25; Regan Grace Wing 23; Dalton Grant Wing 30; Cobi Green Half back 21; Lewis Hall Centre 19; Elliot Jenkins Half back 21; Sion Jones Back row 22; Elliot Kear Full-back 31; Rhodri Lloyd Second row 27; Rob Massam Wing 32; Matthew Morgan; Half back 19; Ben Morris Centre 23; James Olds Centre 29; Steve Parry Hooker 31; Josh Ralph Half back 23; Liam Rice-Wilson Half back 24; Luis Roberts Centre 18; Lloyd White Half back 31; Rhys Williams Wing 30
  11. You wouldn't have said that if you'd seen Wales v Australia in the semi-final of the 2000 World Cup. Every Welsh player played above his reputation. Australia: Lockyer, MacDougall, Girdler, Gidley, Sailor, Fittler (capt), Kimmorley, Webcke, Gower, Vella, Tallis, Fletcher, Hill. Replacements: Barrett, Kearns, Kennedy, Hindmarsh Wales: Harris, Smith, Tassell, Critchley, Sullivan, Briers, Watson, Farrell, Cunningham, Moriarty, Morgan, Highton, Morley. Replacements: Davies, Atcheson, Devereux, Luckwell.
  12. We have had Australian-based players paying their own way to Wales to play for our team. I don't know if Tyson did but he put in a full effort every time he played. So did Justin Morgan and , especially, Mark Lennon. I was in the hotel after Wales lost to America. The Welsh fans loved them just the same. Genuine questions: Are you Welsh? Have you ever been to watch Wales play?
  13. If Morgan was a dyed-in-the-wool Welshman, he wouldn't have switched colours. Fair enough. Players will naturally have a wish to win a World Cup. When he's getting on a bit, he'd be welcome back to provide a valuable touchstone for young Welsh players coming through. Same would apply if he fell out with the English coaching regime. However, in a lifetime, only two countries should be allowed per player. No one slagged off George Fairbank when he played for England. There was no Scotland team at the time.
  14. We need dual-nationality to expand the game.
  15. When you look up a word, it comes with phonetic guideline marks as to how you should pronounce it. I'll bet 99% of the country, including me, don't know what those guidance marks sound like. indistinguishable /ɪndɪˈstɪŋɡwɪʃəb(ə)l/
  16. British championships should be on this week; doesn't seem to be on live TV.
  17. November 2018 v Ireland. We've got some lined up for this Autumn. Whether they'll take place is anyone's guess. Just looked at the "Elite Squad". It's got Caleb Aekins of Penrith Panthers in it. So he'll be a decent fullback. We've two good wingers and Elliot Kear as a good centre. Three good halfbacks. Plenty of multi-positioners. We need another prop and some luck with injuries.
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