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  1. Looking forward to the announcement.. more importantly can't wait for this forum to go into meltdown about how particular stadiums shouldn't have been picked.
  2. One way to fix a social problems is to build a stadium.... just ask Trump Build the stadium, build the stadium, build the stadium....
  3. like the emblem looks really good should be the LB logo (May need a tweak) question what does the drum kit represent?
  4. Why don't the clubs and Rugby League World do a deal. In where by, when you sign up as a member of a club it includes 12 month subscription to RLW. And throw in a couple of RLW Bumper stickers to boot.
  5. you'd think by now they would have a French translation icon.
  6. Bring back the 8 panel I say. I always liked the mitre balls
  7. all 3 are gold, love to see the GB kit use that old logo on one side and then the lions logo on the other
  8. London will make the CC Final, not sure if they'll win it, but they'll be there.
  9. Can you buy it online? Another question has Toulouse released a new kit yet?
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