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  1. Yes I agree, they bullsh£t me so I will be back with photos.
  2. Rumours Toby king will replace Hughes in 2nd row, Ratchford back at fullback Inglis and Mamo centres and Widdop and Austin in the halves.Daz Clark fit for game. Not too many missing Lineham not selected, Hughes banned, Ashton injured. So no excuses for Warrington a near as Dammit full strength side.
  3. The response was to your view on lack of creativity. But to take your 5m rule (I played mostly in that period) the attack would stand deeper to create the space so it would negate the shorter gap you think it would create. Also the shots to the head were far more prevalent then so it did not force players to tackle torso to torso.
  4. You should know us males only talk out of them not sit on them.
  5. Definitely not I was involved with what became a heated discussion at the club shop. They clearly stayed 400 seated 3600 standing and they want you in no later than an hour before the kick off. I was even told if I did not agree to get a refund which as a legacy member got my back up. I am happy to be back at live games but I am not just going be treated as a fan we don't matter.
  6. Yes I agree and made my feelings heard. I think it is the council safety officers who implement the rules.
  7. I received emails and went to the stadium on Saturday, I have seats in the east stand and have been put in the south stand (standing) as have others I know for the games until leigh in june. I asked why and was told how the arrangement had been set, I said itmade no sense as seating would be easier to space, they replied that they were following covid criteria.
  8. No the 4 games in this phase have had the tickets allocated all the same
  9. With 4k allowed for ar least 4 weeks I was surprised how the crowd set up was implemented for monday. At Warrington all four stands are open but the mix of seating and standing looks strange. Just 400 spread over the seating area (2 stands) and 3600 over the standing areas similar sized area. You would think it would be easier to get social distancing in seating areas than standing area's.
  10. Not what you would call a coached tackle technique, if it results in putting a player in a awkward or dangerous position it should be looked at.
  11. I think the odds of all those players being available is slim, quite a few will need operations, some will choose not to come because of covid. It will still be a good side.
  12. To some people the game will never be has good as past years/ eras. I see more fantastic skills and tries scored than years ago. When you watch past matches you really see that it wasn't as good as you thought. My advise stop living in the past and enjoy the present.
  13. For a salary cap to work you need a higher percentage of quality players available so there is a position were the best clubs can't keep hold of them and they even up the talent across the league but all clubs need to spend the cap at what ever it is. To improve the overall standards our league needs to set a cap were it competes for players internationally.
  14. I understand from your emoji you disagree with my comments, you are free to put alternative opinions or just post daft emojis.
  15. Its a bit like conversational tennis so I will finish by saying I understand your view.
  16. Agree with all your comments, people will always use unintentionally outcomes of tackles to stop a change that in modern society that sports need to make.
  17. I dont care about who won or lost enjoyed it because it was in the balance all the way. But like everyone I have an opinion and thought it was one were if you were Wakefield you thought it was tough and if you were Leeds you thought he got it right.
  18. It was a tough call we just have to accept the ref decision. Even with the NRL captain challenge it could have gone either way.
  19. Who is injured and missing only hughes banned and Ashton injured and we have more fullbacks than forwards.
  20. I think you promote a poor argument, its all about duty and care, if players who cause injury with high contact are punished harshly enough players will alter their technique, when I played amateur in the last century I picked up quite a few bans(lots) for high and dangerous tackles, I had to change my technique otherwise I was not playing, its even more important for professional players. I think the excuse making arguments are poor at best.
  21. Great must be the new estates, can't see the old estates increasing at that rate.
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