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  1. Also as someone mentioned earlier we could have a few rounds throughout the season which have a theme. Mental Health Women's Community game Schools
  2. I think the RFL should have a big push on selling out and creating demand for the current events. SL Grand Final Championship Grand Final (if that what is happening from next year) CC final CC semi finals Magic Weekend. That's potentially 5 massive TV events which would increase the profile of our game and interest TV companies, sponsors and potentially other media outlets. The RFL could also help turn the play offs into an event and work with the club's to help sell out the play off games. All of the above plus some England internationals (ashes, NZ test series, World Cup, mid season test)
  3. Even though I enjoy the middle 8s I hope they go with a top 5 play off in SL, Championship and League 1. One up, one down between all leagues
  4. I read somewhere on here that each team plays each other twice with 6 extra games to make 28 followed by a top 5 play off. Can't remember if this was someone's idea from this forum or an actual proposal
  5. It's probably irrelevant anyway as it looks like the 8s aren't going to be around from next season
  6. I agree. There's a lot if excitement and interest surrounding the middle 8s. I hope they continue with them
  7. I think there needs to be some reward for final league positions. If all the teams knew that the points were getting halved then once they're safe in the 8s they would still have to make a big push to either put as much daylight between themselves and the teams below or make as much ground as possible on the teams above before the split.
  8. I actually like that idea. You still get rewarded for your performances in the regular season but it gives teams something to play for in the 8s
  9. I think if the funds were available more teams should target certain areas and run camps and even open trials for their academies. Even if they managed to unearth just one future star then it would be a good investment. They could invite anyone in the age bracket not just players from local RL clubs. RU players, football players, athletics etc. could all have a go. It could even be taken one step further with academies created in those areas run by the SL club.
  10. My son isn't interested in just sitting and watching a game of rugby so I don't take him although I have tried! If there was other things going on for the kids as well it would be much easier to convince him to come along
  11. How many English players are in the NRL next year? I counted 10. How many ex pat players are there in NRL youth systems? I think I remember reading about a lad at Brisbane
  12. Maybe alternate between NW and Yorkshire for the next few years. Make tickets available early even before the semi finalists are known. Make it an annual event that is in high demand
  13. I think this kind of thing is what RL should be doing more of. There's a lot of competition out there for spectators and creating events might help convince more people to attend games and part with their hard earned cash. It could also increase the profile of the game which might help attract sponsors and media coverage.
  14. I think it's a good idea too. Build them into events and hopefully some neutrals can be attracted to attend plus armchair supporters who don't usually attend games but still follow the team. Might even get some TV coverage of the Championship games if they're played before the SL TV game
  15. Getting back to the OP, the same games could be played for the Academy as curtain raisers to these games
  16. I think if it's marketed well it could be built into a big event. I think the key to making it a success is to get fans to pick a side. Yorkshire is an obvious one as that is a region of England but fans from Greater Manchester, Chesire and Merseyside might not identify with Lancashire. How about North West vs Yorkshire as these are both actual regions of England plus Cumbrian players could then be involved so it will be a series involving the best home grown players playing in SL (London excluded). They will be high quality games are definitely go and watch
  17. Thanks for that. It sounds like the game is getting stronger up there. Are there certain areas being targeted for new teams or a target for the amount of junior teams they would like to have playing the game at some point in the future?
  18. If an origin series was to happen what would be the preferred format? If it's Yorkshire Vs Lancashire they need to play on the traditional rivalries when marketing the games. I'd also have London Vs Cumbria at the same time but on a different day as there are a lot of good players from those areas that need to be given the chance to play. France vs Wales and Scotland Vs Ireland could also be played around this time. These could be played over the course of a representative weekend with a game on the Friday and then a Saturday afternoon and evening followed by a Sunday afternoon game. I'm sure if this was marketed effectively and allowed to grow as a concept then a lot of media coverage could be attracted to the weekend. I thought about a NE vs NW or East Vs West but I think using counties and playing on rivalries would make it easier to convince the fans to buy into the concept
  19. Thanks. How many junior teams are there currently in the NE?
  20. I think there's also Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, the Brownlee boys. I think there's quite a few footballers who like RL
  21. How many Newcastle players have come through their academy. They seem to have quite a good junior set up in the area
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