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  1. For me it is all dependent on Farnworth's attitude to being late. If he had messaged Wane beforehand explaining he'll be away with the Broncos, had checked his Internet connection 30 mins before and when he finally turned up to the meeting was contrite and apologetic then I think dropping him was unfair. If he had attempted to log on 30 seconds before the meeting and when he failed had not accepted any responsibility then I don't blame Wane. Unfortunately I suspect we won't know and I imagine that the two would each give different versions of it. Though as you say, it's done now, he's back in contention and I hope he has a great season and a great world cup.
  2. It is a phenomenally physical sport. I've read a few cycling autobiographies and whilst a different type of physicality it too is all or nothing. To perform at the top you have got to be so dedicated and put your body through so much that you just can't keep that up. And when you finish you almost can't imagine the effort and dedication that it took to do it.
  3. I think a read of this thread will show how controversial and divisive he is. I am not questioning his personality at all. In fact the description of him as highly driven, confident and passionate all suggest controversial and divisive as well. A bit like Eric Perez potentially? I disagree with a lot of what he reportedly says and his views expressed in interviews but I do admire his passion for the sport and his town. It would be a stronger sport if more people in the country had that passion.
  4. A mixed reaction. Some disbelief, some mocking, some interest, some excitement.
  5. I agree with a lot of this. I was not previously having a go at you at all. I think I was agreeing with you that it can get too 'childish' and people reacting to the poster instead of the post. I probably didn't word it well!
  6. I'm not sure how you got that from my post at all? I would rather that people had sensible discussion instead of the tribal debate that often seems to occur on here.
  7. When I try to convince friends of mine to watch rugby league then I stand more chance when I mention about the presence of Catalan (and recently Toulouse) in the league. It tends to be met with a more open reaction than using Wakefield or Widnes to sell the sport. Now I won't have convinced more than a few people to become much more than occasional watchers of the sport but that's a few more than I would likely have been able to do without either French or London (or Welsh) presence in the professional leagues. Whether that is right or wrong and probably says more about those people but I would be surprised if mine is the only experience like that.
  8. Similar to the Leigh fan who admitted to be backing DB because he was one of his own? A problem is that DB is a controversial and divisive figure and anything he says carries that baggage with it.
  9. Only for 6 weeks though. During which time we can complain about the game being gone. Then we get to go back to just putting it back on report/a bit of finger wagging.
  10. Don't bring the structure in for a couple of years to give time for London Broncos to be relegated to the cut adrift league 1, then chuck out the French teams and you're only left with Newcastle who offer any resistance to the heartlands and more than a 30 min away game. With a bit of luck they'll collapse and be replaced with Hunslet. May as well bring Lancs v Yorks back. And then pick the best of those two to represent 'GB'.
  11. To me that can only be closing the funding gap between tiers 1 and 2. Meaning that a promoted team won't have to sign a completely new squad to compete and that a relegated team will not have a huge funding cut. New funding specifically for tier 2? We've seen how much a second tier tv contract has been worth (and trouble caused according to some fans by it) so I would wonder where this new funding would come from. Or a redistribution of existing funding away from tier 1? Not sure how you would get the majority of existing tier 1 clubs to agree to that. Leading to a reduction in salary cap? Not sure that that is the way forward.
  12. Thanks. Now you say it, it is Argentina I'm thinking of. I don't think it went down well if my obviously very blurry memory is correct.
  13. Did Swiss football do an average over 2 seasons for relegation a few years back? Or I might be making it up. Either way I think that it is a halfway house between P and R and licences but probably takes the worst of each as opposed to the best.
  14. I think that channel 4 have had club rugby union in the past year or so. Channel 5 as well. That would make for interesting comparison. And of course how many tune in again next week. I would hope and expect the majority would and hopefully some new viewers as well.
  15. Really great opening segment I thought. Had goosebumps with the initial video.
  16. Careful Tommy, we don't want this shunted to the political forum!
  17. Maybe Carter is just worried that the players will try to use the 'socially distancing' option whilst on the pitch!
  18. Do you know if he has an urge to try top level union or wants to make it to the very top in league or (understandably) would go where the money is? Of course a very simplified question for a difficult position for him but just wondered if there was any burning desire either way.
  19. Whilst we might not agree at all times with our political views I hope that you're OK Johnoco. The politics Forum can be a vipers nest at times for anyone and I hope that you're able to shrug it off. I value your contributions on there and the rest of the site but if you need to back off then that is completely understandable. At this time of year more than any other I genuinely hope you and everyone else is happy and coping well.
  20. My parents went on holiday to China a few years ago. They bought a couple of nice small clay warrior statues. They've positioned them side by side facing the same way on the piano back at home. However they must be possessed and prefer to face each other and do so without help every few days. It's either that or the vibrations from the lorries passing, but that is a much better story, and pretty puzzling at first.
  21. I deliberately choose semi pro as opposed to pro as I think there is a difference.
  22. Thanks for your reply. I suppose the fact that there are the Cornish Rebels and the county games does help. It always confused me how people expected Toronto to bring in players who had never played the game. To me that shows a real disrespect for rugby league that they thought complete novices could compete with seasoned semi pros no matter how impressive they are physically. I'm sure that there will be a step up in quality for the Cornish players but with a good coach and help with some very good quality pros then I hope and think they'll be up to the challenge.
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