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  1. Just a point of totally pedantic order: Rupert no longer has an interest in Sky. But the point that he who pays the piper calls the tune still stands.
  2. Good performance. But please don't be thinking we'll go on and win this this thing. Leigh were pretty ordinary tonight. Lots of Rugby still to be played. Still can't see any further than a TWP v TOXIII final.
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's game, even though we threw it away. York should be respected, no stars just 17 blokes with desire and a great coach. I must be alone in thinking that the ref made the correct call 're the disallowed try. Pretty sure he bounced it down. Thought Chizzy sin bin was harsh and no worse than the York played holding down later on. You win some, you lose some. York is one of my favourite drinking venues. Hope we get them in the playoffs
  4. Sadly, I think you're right there. There are far too many people over here that think it's still 1956 and we have a god given right to 100,000+ crowds. We know we've got a great sport, but we are hopeless at promoting it and giving the wider public a positive impression. RL needs to be box office if it's going to grow. I'm probably in the minority, but I think Toronto's addition to the top division is a step on the road to bigger things. You'll never get us to ditch the idea of promotion and relegation though. The franchised model is just as alien to us as the P&R system i
  5. Think it will be a massive boost for the sport, both in Canada and Europe if/when you do get promoted. You've got a top notch coach who is well used to winning big games. Hopefully you won't freeze like you did against London last year. No chance of Super League expanding to 14 teams before the new deal unless TWP and TOXIII bring a significant domestic TV deal to the table. It's also not very fair to change the rules mid season. For entirely selfish reasons, I'm glad you didn't get promoted last year? I couldn't afford to bring the family over last year, but I can this time.
  6. Nah, they were just scoping out the 6 monthly replacement of the flags.
  7. Do you think the planned development will ever go ahead as it's been sold to Cas? I can't imagine physical retailers are remotely interested in acquiring new square footage anytime soon. Surely that land is more valuable if it can be re-zoned as housing. This pie in the sky shopping development might just be a stepping stone plan.
  8. No We must be due some more bull poop drawings soon though.
  9. Who knew that Wheldon Road started in north west Leeds?
  10. Thing is though, Hallowell Jones and Langtree along with LSV, Widnes and Salford are Ikea flat pack jobs. The build at headingley is on a totally different level. The north stand in particular being a totally bespoke build.
  11. Don't worry. It won't ever get built. The wider development is far from likely to happen, not a single retailer is signed up and two of the big names that allegedly expressed an interest are sliding into the brown stuff. The existing developments at Xscape and Jn32 have plenty of empty units, there is simply no requirement or demand for more. There's also the massive expense of moving the electricity pylons and remodelling the motorway junction. Axiom's best hope for the land is to get it re-zoned as residential, in fact it would not surprise me if that wasn't the plan when th
  12. Not a viable proposition in my opinion. It's a good 8 miles from Wakefield, along some of the most congested roads you could imagine. Wakefield's crowds would dwindle. That's if it ever even gets built. I just don't see it happening. If the big retailers that Axiom think they are going to attract were interested, they'd already be in the 1/4 empty retail park over the road.
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