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  1. Would love to see a comparison with Rugby Union regarding # of club name changes/cessation through the years.
  2. People are reluctant to mention David Hughes and his continued investment in the academy team. Link that with your amateur teams in a coherent strategy and away you go.
  3. Yeah that would be James Milner, from the failed JM Sports UK. Took money from fans without manufacturing merchandise, did the dirty on a few minnow nations/teams , his store in Hull went belly up, absolute c*** of a bloke. Scored a job with BSK I think before landing a gig with Broncos. He has mouthed off on forums plenty of times. I’m surprised Broncos hired him.
  4. I believe they are getting ready to relaunch the season and order the new kit.
  5. Just a side thought... should the RFL have to ensure o/s teams secure support from the governing body of France/Canada before accepting such a team? If that were the case then the CRL/FFRxiii could mandate a minimum of home players before providing such endorsement. Surely there should be such a process in hindsight. And how differently the wolfpack (and catalans) could have been!
  6. Yes the thing often forgotten... Northern, insular fans say “get your own tv deal,” but thanks to the current deal that’s not allowed.
  7. An aspiring League 1 team wanted to purchase the club, operate out of Skolars but play a few games back in their home country. The figure wasn’t huge, but was approx £100k. Too much for the aspiring team.
  8. Heard they wanted to much $$ to handover the club. Now they’ve stepped down with nothing anyways....
  9. Stop hijacking another thread about crowds of london broncos. That’s not the point! And crowd size doesn’t equate to junior development into professional players!
  10. Why is it so difficult to separate the concept of popular super league team from actual pathways of juniors to super league players. London is doing it.
  11. Based on the pathways in London, you would say they are a hotbed for producing players in the way Perez is describing. Plenty of London players across SL and championship clubs, and the Broncos juniors do very well. In terms of Ontario players, there’s probably about, i dunno, 200 people playing rugby league in Canada. With a year until they debut, if I was the Aces I would be selecting a pool of the best 30 and putting them through intensive training over the next year with the hope that a handful may be ready for League 1.
  12. No it’s a video shared by a current SL player. Won’t be revealing for obvious reasons.
  13. Helps having owners connected to the investments and banking industries.
  14. But there is a thriving grassroots scene in WA. The first grade comp is a high standard and WA have had a team in SG Ball for years.
  15. They got an upgraded stadium prior to the comm games 9s.
  16. First one, they really helped kick things off and there’s non-TRL donors that supported the dev inno donations
  17. I am addictednto ###### in my car. Should they prevent Dacia from sponsoring?
  18. Surely Catalans and Toulouse make a combined prospect for a broadcaster.
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