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Tickets for Grand Final


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I am not sure if the club are selling tickets all I know is for the North Stand you cant buy tickets through the RFL I would imagine its still a bit early for the club to be selling yet.

Seems a shame they seem to have dotted us about around the ground I would urge anyone fit and able to stand all day to get in the West stand and get tickets asap as it is a free for all in the West stand.

Lets make it a Fev end

You definately wont be in there on your own!!!!!

Halifax have been given tickets for the West Stand (and North). Have fun and make sure us in the South Stand can hear you over the Fax fans. ;)

Pure Green Heaven, Hammonds Mint Sauce

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it's like waiting to go on the top house trip when i was younger, hope crumpy remembers the pop and crisps for half way there

Do what I did on 1 of our away days .........

Send Robin a text every 5 minutes asking 'are we nearly there yet?'

He gets really annoyed after about an hour :lol::lol:

The weak conform, the strong survive.

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