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Statement - Board of Directors of Sheffield Eagles RLFC (Merged threads)

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It's Bramall.


And it's owned by Sheffield United.  What's the council got to do with that ?


What do you mean - "nett rental" ?


Hard work on the non-playing side of the business.  And, anyway, how have you got hold of the costs of the Sheffield and Leigh squads ?  And are Sheffield's attendances really the size of Keighley's ?


Come on, Johnny - you're just making up facts to fit your bias, aren't you ? :onthequiet:



Council "sponsorships" have paid the Eagles rent for the last five years - common knowledge, do keep up Griff.


BTW unlike you I carry no obvious bias nor shoulder-enhancing chips.



Sport, amongst other things, is a dream-world offering escape from harsh reality and the disturbing prospect of change.

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From what Ive heard about contract offers for next season, its safe to assume Leigh's squad will be paid a lot more than the Eagles squad!


Their gates this year haven't been that much better than Sheffield's, wonder how they'll be paying for it.  I think we can all assume that even with their new squad, they still won't win a play off game :ph34r:

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Council "sponsorships" have paid the Eagles rent for the last five years - common knowledge, do keep up Griff.



The sources of your information are ceaseless wonderment, Johnny.

Edited by Griff

"We'll sell you a seat .... but you'll only need the edge of it!"

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You're welcome.  Fwiw, Hallam University seem to be the biggest driver.

It's interesting because Hunslet were resurrected at a Greyhound stadium, and it's closure caused us to play at Batley until "something turned up" that being a tenancy at Council owned Elland Road. Once the soccer club regained it's feet and the stadium we were out with a council verbal promise of a new ground that would be basic but improved if the club ever got entry to Superleague.

We then played at Bramley awaiting the new ground and when we got it straight away you could see that it was not built for us but part of a sports complex serving the city. They even ended up namaing the place after a soccer legend. Come Superleague the council could not recall the verbal promise and that fact alone triggered the decline of the club at that point. It would have declined anyway if it could not have hacked Superleague and there's no evidence it ever could have.

So some paralells with our history of struggle, and a feeling that councils have no care for small clubs. Does the proposed private project which may include a ground for sheffield have a better chance including sheffield eagles? e.g. it's revenue for the middle of an athletics track like we are?? And is there a danger the ground would not be acceptable hosting SL?

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The theory is that it's not a stadium where the buildings are used for something else during the week.  It's buildings used for something else during the week that can become a stadium on match days.  Apparently the change of emphasis aids the attraction of the required investment.


I'm happy to believe it when I see it.  Though, as I said earlier, I have seen things I didn't expect to see.

"We'll sell you a seat .... but you'll only need the edge of it!"

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Great win at Halifax in the playoffs. I hope they find a home base. It would be a shame to dismantle such a good team.

This is very true. Aston is a fantastic coach and has done well to scrabble cash together from various sources to create the facade of a top class club.

They let themselves down in other areas (I won't go into this as West Country Eagle will tell me off) but it'd be a shame if Sheffield were to unravel after another successful season on the pitch.

Let's hope a workable, common sense conclusion emerges.

Ps, has the club looked at all the non-league football grounds in and around Sheffield?

Edited by Pottsy
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