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Season of the fake

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1 minute ago, Saint Toppy said:

Its not so much the moving forward as the refs usually just shout "you shortened the 10, play on". Briscoe more often than not steps to the side and the markers then get called offside, giving the next ball carrier extra time before they reach the defensive line.

I don't know considering I watch him every week its not something I've noticed being highly prevalent. If the refs thought there was a specific problem with a specific player they'd bring it up. Briscoe has been in SL for years now and nothing specific has ever been targeted at him. 

Much more worrying for me is this trend of faking. Injuries that aren't injuries, the fake crusher tackle complaint, staying down in TV games to force the ref into consulting the video ref etc. As a fan on the terraces these irritate me more than anything else in the game. 

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On 9/11/2018 at 4:47 PM, Lowdesert said:

I thinks that’s fair enough Bob, but if they are seriously injured, don’t they need to go off anyway?  We’re never going to stop a player not fully disclosing his injury either, if he wants to stay on.  

The RFL and the game itself need to find a way to make coaches react, in such a way, so that they stop this feigning at source.

If the game continues when a players is down they (The players) will stop faking injury, if a player does go down injured the physio goes straight on as they do now, the referee only needs to stop the game if he feels the injured player is in a dangerous position, if the doctor has to come on stop the game but the injured player has to go off for a minimum of 10 mins and it's used as one of the eight interchanges. 

Carlsberg don't do Soldiers, but if they did, they would probably be Brits.


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