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On 02/05/2020 at 10:58, WTRLFC WEBSITE said:

Fantastic show coming up. 

Ralph Rimmer. 

Chris Thorman. 

York City Knights coach James Ford. 

Flying wingers Elliot Hall and Alex Young. 

Hosted by Gary McKeating. 

Sunday 3pm.

Fantastic show again today, really look forward to them and great to see all the players in good spirits and thoughts from other people within RL, keep them coming Gary 

Congratulations to Chris and family on there great news, take care everyone. UTT. 

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Very good , Full marks to Gary  ,cant be easy keeping it going for over 1hour . And its great to see the  Coach and players committed to Town . Great to here the Guests that come on the podcast also . Keep the good work up Gary much  appreciated .   

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Another great chat this week, could listen to JJB for hours he's a great talker of the game, great to see Phil again and listen to his journey in RL and the work he does with State of Mind, Dec is just Dec and great DIY haircut,  Chris mentioned the sad news regarding Kevin's passing, thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends, RIP marra. 

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As you say. JJB is easy on the ear. And Phil has had such a distinguished career, he could no doubt fill an hour by himself. 

They really have been a highlight of most of my weeks during lockdown. Well done Gary and all who have contributed. Be nice to see some more past players and possibly someone from one of the community clubs?

Keep up the good work

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It’s been a brilliant initiative by the club to hold these. Every week has been brilliant and to get guys like jjb, wagga Phil and the rfl reps has varied the content. A big well done to the club and especially Gary McKeating who does an excellent job. 

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