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Our local union team have been in touch to ask us if we'd mind moving our training to a Thursday evening so their players can come down and train with us.

Our coaching staff have welcomed this idea as we try to form a stronger bond together.

Carlsberg don't do Soldiers, but if they did, they would probably be Brits.


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We are into our 3rd week with Bassetlaw Bulldogs kids. Twice weekly sessions, very well attended - 5 groups of 5 plus a coach. It won't be easy maintaining the sessions as we go forward as the distancing makes it a bit limiting. RFL session cards has been useful.

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On 13/06/2020 at 18:12, Marauder said:

Moorends are starting back training Wednesday 17th/June/2020 is anyone else either starting or started back ?

Outlaws men's started a month ago and have had 4 sessions. Generally turnout of 24-27, split into 4 or 5 groups. While the constraints around group size and social distancing have made it loads harder for me to plan sessions, it's been a good challenge to coach around. It has also meant we have been able to focus on things we can't prioritise at other times, so have done lots of core skills, body awareness and mirroring drills for example. 

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