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November 19th International Mens day

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Today is International Mens day, I have already marked the occasion by not being able to find my car keys  then buying a bacon sandwich from the butty shop that was just a bit too big and now I feel mildy nauseous. This evening I wil go to the pub with two of my closest friends and we will not dscuss anything that isn't so shallow a sparrow would have trouble paddling in it.

on a more serious side chaps, 

Men are very bad at accepting we may be unwell or less than 100% superhuman, I left an annoying cough for nearly four months before getting it checked. It turned out to be an indicator that got my heart failure identified and treated.

Prostate Cancer,  Bowel Cancer and Testicular Cancer are among the leading casues of death in men but are all treatable if caught in time. Be aware  of the symptoms and don't delay in getting checked.

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I forgot to mention,

the other great thing about noting International Mens Day is that when you're confronted by a red faced bloke on 8th March saying "International Womens day? When will there be an International Mens day? You can be a smug ###### and say 'November 19th, how will you celebrate it?'"

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Doing a presentation this week to the uni RL club I coach on mental health matters. Looking at my own experiences, treatment, other coping mechanisms and how to have a productive conversation about mental health. Hopefully will be ~40 lads there so should be good! 

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There's still a problem in that many men still don't want to (or can't) talk about things like MH. And this is despite the glut of publicity in recent years.

Personally, talking isn't for me but I know it works for many. 

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