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If you could bring it back...

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21 minutes ago, barnyia said:

the  football classified scores 😁

On the vidiprinter with a noise like someone’s typing . And when it was a big score they’d write it in letters to incase you can’t believe it 

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On 11/01/2022 at 13:40, Wolford6 said:

The old hyper-religious guy who paraded outside the turnstiles before every big game wearing a sandwich board that declared "the End is Nigh. Repent Now or Face your Grim Consequences" (or words to that effect)

I genuinely only ever saw him on Good Friday and Boxing Day and wondered whether he was an every week, season ticket holder type churchgoer or whether he just turned up for the cup finals at Christmas and Easter. 

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the meat pie from the hot dog van on wheldon rd - after 6 pints of lager three pints of cider and 2 bovrils - i brought that back!

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did the bloke who invented the phrase "one hit wonder" invent anything else?

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