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Quickfire Q & A with Amy Hardcastle - Post your questions here!

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Were you ever close to joining a NRLW team ?

In hindsight, would England have benefited from having Channy Crowl and Sinead Peach in the World Cup squad ?

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Everything under the sun is in tune

But the sun is eclipsed by the moon

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This may be flawed logic but do you think the girls game at the grassroots level is growing too fast? Participation numbers are up year on year but not enough to support the number of new clubs that are popping up which is stretching a lot of clubs thin. This season we will see a lot of non full sided games as teams struggle to fill their squads and with "super" clubs in some areas, parents are inclined to take their children to these teams and this year we are seeing a number of traditional clubs who have been involved in the girls for a long time unable to enter teams in age groups or even fold. What are your thoughts on this?

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