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Miners' Memorial desecrated

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This may end up in the Politics thread even though it really shouldn't. I'll give it a go, but happy for it to be moved if needed.


60 copper tags and a memorial plate have been stolen from the memorial to the miners who died in there disasters at Markham Colliery in Derbyshire - 1937, 1938 and 1973. I remember the 73 disaster clearly and knew someone who was killed in it.

This, like when people vandalise war memorials, should be utterly unacceptable. Hopefully they'll find the scumb  perpetrators and deal with them. But I suspect any punishment won't reflect how abhorrent this is to me, and presumably a lot of other people including the families. 

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"I am the avenging angel; I come with wings unfurled, I come with claws extended from halfway round the world. I am the God Almighty, I am the howling wind. I care not for your family; I care not for your kin. I come in search of terror, though terror is my own; I come in search of vengeance for crimes and crimes unknown. I care not for your children, I care not for your wives, I care not for your country, I care not for your lives." - (c) Jim Boyes - "The Avenging Angel"

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It's not a matter of politics to be outraged at this. It's a matter of (lack of) humanity and yes, the perpetrators must be pursued....and revealed to the local public.

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