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In Topic: Upcoming gigs

Yesterday, 08:57 PM

We're playing at The Old Cock Halifax Friday 3rd July 9 O'Clockish

As ever all welcome

In Topic: Venus and Jupiter

30 June 2015 - 09:55 PM

Yeah it's great, got the telescope out also a good sized full moon tonight

In Topic: Disciplinary - Ben Currie

30 June 2015 - 08:56 PM

It's time the refs in the pro game started acting on this and on verbals they're badly letting down their colleagues in the amateur game.

In Topic: Obituary Corner

28 June 2015 - 08:53 PM

Bassist for and founder member of Yes, Chris Squire, aged only 67. :(

Yes are not my cup of tea tbh but Chris Squire was a great, innovative bass player.

In Topic: Well I never!

26 June 2015 - 11:53 PM

Oh dear indeed, there's surely more likely to be a backlash if the police are seen to be doing nothing?