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Corruption, sexual predation and war-mongering

14 July 2014 - 02:09 PM

Been wondering how to couch this, but in the wake of the Saville/Harris affairs and the coming inquiry into maybe a paedophile ring or rings in the upper echelons of society here goes.


They attack our wages and living conditions to sustain a system that benefits only them.


They attack our health services and our pensions stating they are "unaffordable" whilst waging constant warfare costing billions around the globe.


They prey on our children, using them to satisfy their sexual appetites before casting them aside and the evidence is hidden with the knowledge and collusion of those at the apex of their system.


I'll leave it there, but this could easily turn into an essay.


I'll wait for the usual suspects to say that there are no connections between these themes, that it has nothing to do with politics or economics, that I'm taking the whole thing out of context, but I stand by what I've said above.