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In Topic: The latest DR twist

Yesterday, 07:30 PM

London and the Bulls both received far more money than the clubs in the Championship which automatically gave those two clubs the advantage of being able to field full-time squads in this seasons Championship.     Under the DR system Championship clubs can only use 4 DR player plus 1 loan player in any matchday squad of 19 players, so giving them a maximum of 5 SL players.


If the licensing system had still been in use there are 10 players in this season London squad who were in last seasons SL squad and now under the DR rules they can add another 5 SL players to their squad if they so wish.    How much more advantage can these clubs receive to assist their step back up to SL?

In Topic: 1 Mar: Kingstone Press Championship - Round 3 Match Thread

Yesterday, 07:17 PM

Is this a plan by Wakefield to make Featherstone & London over reliant on DR?
If there's a case for manipulation it's these DR's deals.
Wakefield are one of the favourites to be bottom 4, and London & fev are among favourites for top 4. So could most likely be in the same league come July. Meaning wakefield could use these 2 clubs as tools to manipulate the strength of teams put out against teams in their league.


Plus after 23 games Wakefield could recall all their DR and loan players for the Super 8's games leaving these clubs short of players that they might otherwise have relied on.


Sammut was until today rumoured to be going to Workington on a months loan but this has scuppered that move by the looks of it.

In Topic: Half back

Yesterday, 03:01 PM

Very large possibility. As I say all the time town were in discussion with wakey, they must have been in the process of sorting the dual reg deal out, and you'd think town would have been aware of it. Let's be honest we've thought we would get certain players on dual reg for them to be loaned out somewhere else. It won't be unheard of


Do we know for certain that Town were in talks with Wakefield about Sammut or was it just fans talk from Sammut visiting his mate Latu and putting 2 and 2 together?

In Topic: Half back

Yesterday, 02:45 PM

What about where Sam Hopkins played for Leigh instead of coming to us on DR, could that not happen here?


Hopkins was a Leigh player who then signed for Wigan and Leigh put a clause in the deal by saying if he went on loan to anyone they had to be given first refusal.    He played for us and then Leigh stepped in and invoked the deal agreement.

In Topic: Half back

Yesterday, 01:55 PM

Maybe still hope as London have just signed Tom Gilmore on loan

from Widnes for a month.


Or maybe they are just greedy having read the comments from Grima

regarding Sammut.  :(


Yes reading what Grima says he is talking as if it is a done deal and Sammut will be playing for London this weekend.