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In Topic: Next Season

Today, 11:57 AM

When it gets to the middle 8 league matches the 9th and 10th SL clubs plus the 1st and 2nd Championship clubs will each have 4 home games the rest get 3 home games, which again, doesn't favour the Championship clubs.


Conversely, the 4th Championship team could end the regular season 10 - 15 points behind the top team, scrape into this middle 8 and by chance finish 5th in the 8 team league, maybe on points difference, and then beat the 4th team to get in to SL.

In Topic: Callum Phillips

Yesterday, 05:41 PM

Us older generations can also add in Vince McKeating, Bert Eden, Malcolm Moss, Bill Lymer.  

In Topic: Crusaders away

Yesterday, 05:33 PM

Gelling is 23 and only played 1 game for us before the deadline, so we will not be able to have him again.   Manfredi is only 20 and although he only played twice he should be able to play again for us this season due to his age.   Murphy, Tierney, Farrell, Lever and Burke all played at least 3 games before the deadline so could be available.   Tierney and Lever also qualify being 19 years old, Farrell is 20 yrs old.

In Topic: League Restructuring

Yesterday, 01:49 PM

In truth this system is all geared up for the Bulls and the Broncos to make it easier for them to get back in to SL.    Solly says there is no "parachute payment" for those two relegated teams but adds that they will each pick up £750k being the highest payments for the top 2 Championship clubs!!!!!   But the top 2 Championship clubs this year will only pick up £550k and £500k.


The 4 SL teams that will play in the middle 8 will have had several years in SL and the £1.65 million they have received in Sky money each year and they will have a team financed by about £2 million from Sky money next season.   The top four Championship clubs IF 2 of them are the Bulls and the Broncos will have a team assembled on £750k, £750k, £550k and £500k funding.   They are not calling the £1 million match that for nothing!!!!!


The bit that narks me is that Solly keeps saying they consulted the fans.    Well I'm sorry but there are a heck of a lot fans that I know who were never consulted, not even by their own clubs who actually voted this system in.

In Topic: Callum Phillips

Yesterday, 01:32 PM

Has Geordie been at my lambrini?


Can't explain his comment any other way bomber!!!!!    What a strange thing to say?