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In Topic: winger

Yesterday, 08:07 PM

I'm still curious as to why PV named Ritson in the 19 man squad for the last match and not Forrester, where was he?


When we talk about strike centres wasn't that the reason we got Whiteley with a very good strike/try scoring record down under but just as obvious was the fact that he hadn't had much defending to do either!!!

In Topic: points at start of super 8's

02 August 2015 - 07:43 PM

Everyone seems hooked up with the top and middle 8's but what about the bottom 8 (Championship Shield)?     We have a situation where every minute doesn't necessarily matter to some clubs.   The top 3 in this 8 are 9 points clear of the next team which would mean that 4th team would have to win 5 more games than the 3rd team to bring about a change of positions without the top 3 winning one game.   The top 3 clubs knowing they will be in the semi-finals could put out weak teams against some lower teams and stronger teams against other lower teams.   The result being that it could affect the relegation places from the Championship.

In Topic: Super 8's marketing

02 August 2015 - 04:25 PM

A starting point may be a bit of research to ask stay away and former fans why they DONT come?

That is where a bit more thought needed to go in to that Cumbria RL Review consultation for those that actually took part in it, David.

In Topic: Super 8's marketing

02 August 2015 - 04:19 PM

I understand that but In a club like towns position it wouldn't be wise to sacrifice income in the hope that it might work as there isn't a huge demand for the product.

That isn't to say it's the clubs fault more the RFL for the way they distribute the revenue.

So, what would your suggestions be to generate more interest and finance at our level of competition?   

In Topic: Super 8's marketing

02 August 2015 - 03:48 PM

Once again, GT,  you repeat what everyone else knows, i.e. that we are in a business and a lot of funding is required to produce a winning team on the pitch.    There isn't any rich sugar daddies hiding in the wings waiting to pop out to help us as far as I know so fans are trying heir best to come up with ways and means of not only whipping up interest but ways of generating more money to try to produce such a team.


We have to go with the cards we have been dealt and compared to other clubs with rich benefactors behind them we have struggled to keep up, naturally, so we have to set our aims accordingly.   I don't think anyone at our club truly believes that we will ever see us in SL again without this missing rich person stepping in.   Until then we have to think of ways to not only try to make better but to merely survive.    We are not operating in the Premierships of soccer or rugby union or SL and we have to look at other ways of bringing in that much needed finance and that is what True Blue was trying to suggest in his/her own way.