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In Topic: widnes / cumbria link - conflict of interest.

Today, 09:58 AM

Widnes tried to pull this stunt when in partnership with Town, Town I understand where against it and this was one of the reasons why the partnership ended, this is a further nail in the coffin of Cumbrian RL. Only one long term winner here and that is Widnes.

We will have to take your word for that bobg as we, the fans, don't seem to be kept in the loop as much as they do at Haven.    H4E recently posted on their forum under his other ID of BKM that basically the Cumbria Review was that Town wanted a merger and Haven didn't.   Will we ever get to see the Rapley Report in all it's glory?

In Topic: Bottom 8 Plate (or whatever it's called)

Today, 08:29 AM

How does the playoff work out is just the bottom club relegated ?? Or is it the bottom 2 and the rest play off for the plate

At the end of the Super 8's matches the bottom 2 are relegated and the top four of that 8 play the semi-finals and then the final for the Championship Shield, which is basically a trophy for finishing 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th in the Championship!!!!

In Topic: widnes / cumbria link - conflict of interest.

Yesterday, 09:49 PM

About Kurt ?

Or the bit that says Latu should be fit again in a few weeks!!

In Topic: widnes / cumbria link - conflict of interest.

Yesterday, 09:12 PM

Did we have any say in it at all?    Did Barrow have any say in it at all?    It's like the Cumbria Review that both clubs have had copies of for the best part of this year, apparently, and met with the RFL on 20th June to discuss it and the fans at Town haven't heard a peep about it!!!!     When will the fans be put in the picture or will we have to rely on "leaks" from Haven fans?   What input as a club did we have in to that review?

In Topic: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats v Hull FC 1/7/2015 KO 20.00 Sky Sports Extra via I...

Yesterday, 04:37 PM

Haha, I gave up after uninstalling and installing it several times and never got a message about plug-ins or add-ons.


HOWEVER, today I have downloaded Mozilla Firefox browser and Silverlight works perfectly with that so I will be able to view the match tonight.   So anyone else wondering how to get over the problems get Mozilla Firefox.