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In Topic: hawks reaction

Today, 06:12 PM

I would agree that up until now we haven't seen the best of Horton and Fifita but I thought yesterday both did okay and looked a lot better than in any other games.    There are other players who are not exactly pulling up trees for us this season who also need a kick up the jacksy, but the two newcomers are easy targets.

In Topic: Salford apply to RFL to have this Friday's game postponed (merged threads)

Today, 01:49 PM

About 3 seasons back Workington, a part-time team, were vying for top place in Championship 1 with Doncaster and had to play a re-arranged mid-week match at Gateshead.   Workington had that many injuries and a couple suspended that they travelled with 15 players, played a prop on the wing and a young lad straight out of university and named 2 of their injured players on the bench to get round getting fined for not having 17 players.   The result was Gateshead's first win in about 40 odd games.   So, I would say to Salford  -  Get on with it and get the match played.

In Topic: hawks reaction

Today, 01:35 PM

I feel a bit sorry for young Thee Ritson and the two glaring errors he was involved in but where was Brett Carter?   Was the young lad pushed in at the last minute?    I don't recall any mention of Brett being out injured.


Did anyone else notice that young Gildart who we had on DR against Halifax was Salford's MotM yesterday????

In Topic: away win

Today, 12:02 PM

It was a very good performance from the Hunslet lads yesterday and as I have stated on our forum they looked yards faster in thought and deed than our team.

Your half-back showed us just how to use the wind to your own advantage and even in the second half when we had the wind in our favour we failed to copy what you had done and we continued trying to batter our way through the middle time after time.


We didn't play well at all but that is not to take anything away from Hunslet who were by far the better team and thoroughly deserved their win.   It would have been an injustice if we had sneaked the win at the end.    My only quibble would be that I thought Watson should have had a red card rather than a yellow.  Not only was he late but he also went in to the Town player with his knees after 2 others had tackled him.    

In Topic: hawks reaction

Today, 11:49 AM

I think we could do without some of the comments in the League Weekly from Shaun Wane about dual registration.   Under the heading, "Bowen dual reg move "unlikely"" there is about a third of a page the first paragraph of which describes "Matty Bowen is unlikely to suffer the ignominy of being put out on dual registration despite losing his place in the Wigan team."    The article then goes on to say about our partnership with Wigan and Wane is saying because of Bowen's past in the game down under he would treat him differently and not send him out on dual reg but adds "If I desperately need to give him a game (on dual registration) I will, but I'm reluctant to do that".


The article also says that Wane and Radlinski have sat down with Hampshire and Tierney and explained their position with Sam Tompkins coming back next season.   They talked about changes of position and Wane says, "Rocky can play in the halves while Lewis played on the wing  at Salford on Easter Monday".  So we might not need to move Murphy out of FB if we get Tierney on DR.