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#3082796 Workington game now 18 March ?

Posted by Keith T on Today, 04:54 PM

Sadly this is just one of those things and down to the vagaries of the British weather.    Two seasons ago we had our game at Sheffield postponed because they were still in the cup quarter finals when our game should have been played.   The game had to be played mid-week and the Eagles made the kick-off time 8pm.    We had a four and a half hour journey both ways in the height of summer and as it as been said these were part-time players who had to get to work next morning, so we know very much what it's like.

#3082581 Workington game now 18 March ?

Posted by Keith T on Today, 11:00 AM

Wouldn't surprise me. Plays right in to Workingtons hands if true.


We will try and arrange for a nice fine evening for you this time instead of torrential rain.    ;)  ;)

#3080545 DR YES OR NO

Posted by Keith T on 28 February 2015 - 08:06 PM

From the outset DR was always going to open a can of worms.    I asked one or two questions about it with the RFL when it first came about and basically the answers I received were to the effect that it was an ongoing thing that they (the RFL) would be monitoring and make any adjustments if necessary at the end of the season.


Since then it has caused even more animosity and rules seem to be made up yet on the hoof.    The biggest mistake was not making rules in the first instance and then it just didn't seem to be monitored sufficiently and everything seemed to fall in favour of the SL clubs.   They allowed players like Morley, Briers and Paul Wood to play which was contrary to what their own objectives were i.e. to give up and coming players a chance to develop.   After one club had got away with having those sort of players then it became open market for every SL player.


I believe that the RFL still don't know if they have got it right and are probably still monitoring it.    Every season something new pops up such as this week where a full-time club with a squad of 30 players playing in the Championship can be dual registered with a SL club and have access to another 25+ SL players.    That cannot be right or an even playing field in anyone's language, especially when that club has received finance of over £1 million and other clubs in the same competition are getting £150,000.


So as it stands I still don't like DR but whilst other clubs are prepared to use it to their own advantage then I wouldn't knock my own club for doing the same.

#3080316 28 Feb: Catalans Dragons v Warrington Wolves KO 3pm (TV)

Posted by Keith T on 28 February 2015 - 01:22 PM

The game is on Sky at 1.55pm with a 2.00pm kick-off NOT 3.00pm as stated in the title to this thread. (That's 3pm in France)

#3076176 21 Feb: WCS: Wigan Warriors v Brisbane Broncos KO 7.45pm (TV)

Posted by Keith T on 21 February 2015 - 10:10 PM

I was trying to visualise being at the Suncorp Stadium and an Aussie ref giving a penalty in front of the sticks to a British team in Golden Time.   In fact I'm still trying to visualise it!!

#3075549 20 Feb: WCS: Warrington Wolves v St George Illawarra Dragons KO 8pm (TV)

Posted by Keith T on 20 February 2015 - 09:24 PM

Why do our referees pander to the Aussies.   Thaler is letting them away with flops every tackle and other things that in a league game he would pull a team up for.

#3075269 Haven dual reg with.......

Posted by Keith T on 20 February 2015 - 01:27 PM

Desperate to say the least - at least you will have a secrect agent in the enemy camp on Sunday - lol


He could maybe drop off at Zebra Claims Stadium by mistake wonderofwood.    ;)  ;)

#3073854 Challenge Cup Draw

Posted by Keith T on 17 February 2015 - 07:20 PM

Wath Brow v Newcastle Thunder

Kells v Rochdale Hornets

Barrow v Keighley


Matches played 7th/8th March

#3069257 Rams agree Haggarty transfer deal with Saints

Posted by Keith T on 09 February 2015 - 02:47 PM

Hey, Donald, you might get him back on DR. lol.

#3067789 something fishy?

Posted by Keith T on 06 February 2015 - 10:24 PM

What's all this talk about Trouty signing for Haven?     Come on Baz you are bound to be too old even for Haven!!!!!!!

#3065095 today's game V wigan r.

Posted by Keith T on 02 February 2015 - 01:19 PM

There were 9 Wigan players on the pitch yesterday that appear in the 34 man first team squad at the Warriors.   I don't know what people were expecting when Wigan have to play Widnes on Thursday of this week in the first SL match of the season.   Common sense said that they weren't going to risk their first 18 players against us but the lads who did play put up a better game for our lads than they got the week before. 


Young Doran didn't do a lot yesterday but I watched him in a televised first team game last season in SL and behind a go forward pack he had a decent game.   The only downside I could see was when they were defending he was pushed out on to the wing.    It is common to see halfbacks pushed out wide when defending but not as far as playing on the wing.  Does that indicate a weakness in his defence?    


Overall, I think back to where we were a year ago and we have moved on tremendously in that time.   We used to be crying out for dummy runners, etc, etc, and now we take it for granted.    Let's enjoy what we are getting and let PV carry on with the excellent job that he is doing.

#3062924 Haven v thunder

Posted by Keith T on 29 January 2015 - 05:00 PM

As the old saying goes :-   What goes round comes round.  ;)  ;)

#3060779 Town 26 haven 0

Posted by Keith T on 25 January 2015 - 07:07 PM

think they call him laporti and got him from Oldham. He is a championship 1 player going by today. Apparently we only scored off their mistakes and we will get relegated too. Oh dear.


There was no mistake with Stacks try as he took 2 defenders over the line with him.

Callum's try was a great piece of work selling a perfect dummy and diving over when Haven were expecting us to stretch them.

Ritson's try was a dropped ball 20 odd yards out which he picked up and had plenty to do to go round and between 3 defenders to score.

I'll give them Mossop's try was a complete error by Haven's Burns who dropped the ball and Jason just had to pick it up and score.


The thing is though, how many did they score off our mistakes?   ;)  ;)

#3058515 What's your top six 2015

Posted by Keith T on 21 January 2015 - 01:26 PM

The Blues Ox seems to think that Workington will be near the bottom if they don't get DR players from Wigan but at this point where we don't know if we will or who we could be getting from Wigan I would say that Town will not be near the bottom.    We have retained last years squad that pushed all the top teams all the way and added to them 2 young players Tom Walker from Warrington and Perry Whiteley a Yorkshre lad who has just come back from playing in NSW where he made the team of the year in Group 9.  Then we have also added Latu Fifita from Northern Pride and not yet announced but commonly known around here Kurt Horton, a second rower from the same Mounties team as Fax's players.   If the paperwork goes through we also hope to have a new halfback, David Farkas from Cabramatta, NSW.    Not a bad squad and as I say not a Wigan player mentioned.   Every member of our squad will be living locally with the exception of Jack Murphy who we signed from Wigan last season after he played all year for us.


We have also added three of the top amateurs in west Cumbria to the squad giving us 21 Cumbrians in the squad.

#3048206 Dual Reg: Conflict of interests?

Posted by Keith T on 22 December 2014 - 11:09 PM

The Operational Rules covering DR and Loan players have been altered and are now covered at C1.2.10 to C1.2.20


C1.2.10 says :- A club shall not include in any 19 man Match Squad nor play in any match (a) more than 5 players who are on loan to it and/or dual registered to it (irrespective of which club they are registered with); and (b ) More than 4 players who are dual registered to it.


C1.2.11  says:- A club may only play a player who is Dual Registered to it after the following deadlines, if he has played 3 matches for that club before the deadline:  (a) in the case of the Championship clubs the end of the Regular season and (b ) in the case of League 1 clubs after the completion of Round 19.


C1.2.12 says :- Once a Player has played for any club in any competition after the deadlines in C1.2.11, whether that be the club with whom he is registered, the club he is dual registered to or the club to which he is on loan, he shall only be able to play for that club for the remainder of the season and shall not be entitled to play for any other club in any competition.


So, reading that keighley, it isn't only DR players that the SL club could stop playing for the Championship club after the 23 matches have been played it also means they could stop any loan players from doing so as well.