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Andy Hay out at Fev!

Yesterday, 04:35 PM

Hay and Fev have parted company today.

Alex Szostak

21 June 2015 - 07:52 PM

The signing of Alex Szostak has been announced this evening on Town's Twitter page.   Welcome aboard Alex.

A Few Stats

19 June 2015 - 10:40 PM

With 6 games to go before we go into the "Super 8's" we have played 17 games in the league.    During these 17 games we have used 11 different DR players from Wigan who have taken 30 of the 289 possible places in those matches (17 games x 17 players per match) that works out at 10.4% of available places.    


The 30 DR places have been to :- Tierney - 10; Lloyd - 4; Greenwood - 3; Shorrocks - 3; Manfredi - 2; Tompkins L - 2; Gildart - 2; and 1 each for Mossop l, Farrell C, Hampshire and Sutton.  So at the present time only Tierney, Lloyd, Greenwood and Shorrocks would qualify to play for us, if allowed by Wigan, in the Super 8's as they have to have played 3 games by the 23rd game.


Our own lads have played in the following number of matches:-

17 games -  Murphy, Phillips B; Shackley

16 games - Forber annd Walker

15 games - Whiteley and Doran

14 games - Mattinson

13 games - Horton and Stack

12 games - Olstrum and McAvoy

11 games - Scholey

10 games - Forrester and Fifita

  9 games - Mossop J and Phillips C

  7 games - Carter, Coward and Miller

  6 games - Duerden

  3 games - Lucock

  2 games - Ritson

  1 game  - Akehurst

The Bulls are coming!

16 June 2015 - 06:40 PM

The question is have we got the Matadors to tame the Bulls?     They only managed a 4 point win over Dewsbury this week, yes the same Dewsbury who we drew with the week before.    And they wont have the benefit of a Yorkshire referee this week as the ref is Gareth Hewer.    We are badly in need of a BIG performance if we don't want our crowds to drop to the 400's after Sunday's debacle.

Doncaster away

12 May 2015 - 04:03 PM

Well if all the other games were big games this is now massive for Town and a win is essential if we are to survive in this league this season.    Doncaster are saying exactly the same things about this match so it is going to be hard fought and we have Gareth Hewer in charge.   To date our away form has been non-existent and if ever there was a time to start putting things right this is it.   No if's, no but's, no excuses, no stupid indiscipline, and 110% effort from every player will be required if we are to come away with a win.    Can we do it?     Yes.     Will we do it?   That's for the players to decide.