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In Topic: Conference League South

Today, 01:49 PM

I see West London Chargers are in the Challenge Cup draw ; which league wil they be playing in come 2015?

Nothing's decided but I think a combined London and South East division is most likely as neither London division nor even a combined London division is likely to have enough clubs to run IMO

In Topic: Conference League South

Today, 12:09 PM

I think the RFL has isolated London because they wanted to have smaller, regional leagues that would feed Conference League South. The real problem is nobody has anywhere to play. Fix that, we might have something.

I'd say it's the opposite, the RFL were keen to involve the better London and South East clubs in the CLS from the start but clubs held out with their regional premier that crumbled to dust, though to an extent lack of support killed things. I think the consolidation of London playing resources into only 2 premier division teams and the vast improvement of the game in the east were straws that killed the camel's back. There were proposals to include a hand full of Midlands clubs in a London and east centric CLS for years when the game had a different centre down south but the likes of South London and West London would have none of it, much to the annoyance of St Albans and the then Ipswich Rhinos. We did get accepted by ourselves one year but had to pull out when half our team joined Hemel for the season. I think if CLS folded tomorrow then Nottingham and Leicester would have no choice but to look to play NCL or Yorkshire Men's League as they couldn't play in the Midlands premier without the whole division collapsing to dust over a couple of seasons. Not sure what we'd do with our reserves in that scenario but I would guess a joint West of England/South Wales division would be set up for the others.

In Topic: Conference League South

Today, 09:06 AM

I'm not having a go at Medway, they are very earnest in their desire to go semi-professional, but they're a millions miles away from it right now. I was speaking to one of the guys involved at their club when we played them last years and apparently there are tunnels and/or underground storage underneath the pitch. To build a semi-pro level ground on the site, they'd need to dig down many metres to clear all of that out, which sounded like a two year job on its own. On the field, they won their league last season and I know they've told the RFL in the past they're interested in CLS but who in their right mind from the South East of England would want to play in a league like that? You can't be asking amateur players to travel to Cwmbran, Merthyr or Llanelli (or wherever these Welsh teams play), when they need to work a full-time job and spend time with their family. It's a ridiculous league and its existence is barely viable in its current form. The fact that any team with aspirations to get into the pro ranks has to go through this shambles of a league is, frankly, lunacy.

Not sure the way round that as there's no local league remotely close to supporting many of the clubs in CLS but some of the sides are of questionable sustainability. Maybe eventually when there's more clubs they can have one division for the South West and South Wales and another for the Midlands and east (which you may be able to take Medway into if they're serious) but really the game in London and South East has always isolated itself (except for from the east) and now they can't support an elite community division it's kind of tough luck unfortunately. It may be that the east premier expands naturally into a rival to CLS though

In Topic: Challenge Cup Round 1 Details

Yesterday, 10:21 AM

Scarborough won division 1 of the Yorkshire Men's league so weren't even in the premier division!

In Topic: Challenge Cup Round 1 Details

Yesterday, 09:38 AM

I think like most the growing trend appears to be lack of interest, I think more than last years NCL teams have decided not to enter or plan not to enter the Conference Cup

Far from it in this case. The invites are 12 from 13 premier division sides last year, 7 from top 8 in division 1 and top 2 each of divisions 2 and 3. Clearly they've decided Scarborough and Queens are more deserving than say Pilkington Recs