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Yesterday, 12:16 PM

All the more reason to incorporate a winter break into a traditional season it does work we proved it .
Bowes you are becoming extremely tedious we all get it , you point out all the failings of the old winter concept .

The summer playing season fails the game in many areas .

So let's look and answers and clear proposals the NGB has failed to deliver on it's spin and until someone at the top as the balls to admit it then our game is going no where .
The Pro game has looked at it's self and come up with a new concept and that's good for the pro game .
What about the community game ?
Most of their policies damage our game we are spending more time fire fighting than developing and that's no good to man and beast .And that's not just my thoughts but that of many of my fellow volunteers the lifeblood of the game .

There were 10 times as many anti summer posts for a fraction of the number of called off games earlier in the year and you were the 3rd worst offender then

In Topic: Pennine League strcuture

Yesterday, 08:37 AM

Yet another bad advert for winter rugby league this weekend. Bradford and Halifax clubs are going to go about 3 months without a home game at this rate

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23 January 2015 - 07:55 PM

Meanwhile next door in Yemen the Houthis have effectively seized absolute power in the north leaving half the former south de facto independent and the other half run by Al Qaeda. So it's Al Qaeda and the Iranian backed Houthis on the southern border, Islamic State on the northern border and a restive Shia population in the oil rich eastern areas plus a simmering domestic support for Islamism. Seems like the only thing worse than the House of Saud would be the alternative but obviously doesn't make them right

In Topic: Pennine League strcuture

23 January 2015 - 05:40 PM

Are you sure on Cottingham dont think they have been in the NCL, they had a summer team before the switch which only lasted a year or two

Yeah definitely sure. Though they pulled out just before that season. They joined the year Thatto Heath did from memory that's 2000. Yeah they played summer as well 2006 in premier north (taking over Hull Phoenix as Cottingham Phoenix) played the start of the national division 2007 before getting the boot for calling off too many games then returned to Yorkshire premier 2009 for one season

In Topic: Pennine League strcuture

23 January 2015 - 04:33 PM

Wigan St Cuthberts , Hindley , Peterlee and now Ovenden all in the lasts 12 months leaving the NCL so if they are replaced by clubs from other leagues that still is showing a net loss to the game .
Is it a case then off The NCL just painting over the cracks ?
This is not an attack on the NCL but we have to face facts the game is massively struggling at OA ,our OA league in the NW collapsed due to the setting up of the OA summer league so the question is since the switch to summer how many OA players have been lost to the game ?
The RFL can answer that question but will they ?
The switch to summer managed effectively at junior level has shown good growth in the NW but that was a trend evident in the NW any way as we had a winter break .
Sooner or later the NGB will be held accountable if they can't stem the flow , creating hybrids the like of touch and wheelchair will not protect the X111 game our participation will ultimately be judged on .

2005-06 season the NCL lost Cottingham Tigers, Featherstone Lions, Huddersfield Sharks, Walney Central and Hunslet Warriors