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In Topic: Summer/Winter debate

Today, 07:21 PM

As stated - amazing coincidence.

By the way, the RFL have not and will never fund the amateur game; summer, winter or anywhere in-between, there only interest is what they can get from the amateurs

What incentive would the RFL have to find development officers for clubs in winter but not in their preferred summer season? I might buy conspiracies if they cut funding for winter but not for summer. The cut is entirely down to Sport England.

In Topic: Pennine League strcuture

Today, 07:18 PM

Basically Hunslet Old Boys and Queens got invited into the premier and Birstall Victoria, Dewsbury Moor and Ossett Trinity into the new Championship because Yorkshire League premier became unworkable. Hunslet Warriors rejoined NCL that year. The Yorkshire league only lasted 2 seasons after that.

I found some 2002-03 seasons the other day and there were 6 teams from Yorkshire League areas:
Morley Borough
Drighlington A
Wetherby Bulldogs
York Groves
Crigglestone All Blacks
Westgate Redoubt

Anyone know which one joined first? Celtic Rooster reading?

In Topic: NWC Traditional Season League - Press Release & Meeting Information

Today, 07:08 PM

Incidentally the same people run summer and winter rugby league in the NW and actively pushed the winter league but the clubs overwhelmingly wanted summer. The failure of the winter league closes that debate emphatically

In Topic: Summer/Winter debate

Today, 07:07 PM

It really is a coincidence. If anything the plans to cut development officers, but not implementation of it, preceded the move to summer.

But it's total lunacy to suggest the RFL wanted to fund the amateur game in the winter but not in the summer. If anything it would be the other way round.

In Topic: Pennine League strcuture

Today, 07:04 PM

Sharlston followed a year or two after IIRC but Queens and Hunslet Old Boys stayed YL much longer.