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Rugby League World Issue 402

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In Topic: NWC Traditional Season League - Press Release & Meeting Information

Yesterday, 01:39 PM

They played a couple of games last winter but folded when Oldham St Anne's entered a winter team. They might survive in a short season using other clubs' players but anyone serious about playing in winter in Oldham would be better off playing for Hollinwood

In Topic: NWC Traditional Season League - Press Release & Meeting Information

Yesterday, 12:46 PM

Anyone know if any more teams are signed up?

I know:
Golborne Parkside
Wigan St Cuthberts
Clock Face Miners
Halton Simms Cross
Eccles/Irlam Hornets

I heard that a lot of teams decided to stick with summer as they've promised a changed playing calendar and number of teams per division but I'm not sure the details of that

In Topic: NWC Traditional Season League - Press Release & Meeting Information

19 September 2014 - 02:55 PM

Yes. Looks like Eccles and Irlam Hornets will be joining forces to enter a team in the NWCL for the Winter season. Name for the team is being considered at the moment.

Pick a defunct club's name eg Salford Juniors

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

19 September 2014 - 11:41 AM

Interesting to hear some political reactions today to the Scottish vote, and in particular what will now happen to England.


David Cameron has said that Scottish MPs will not be able to vote on English matters, and he is setting up a Cabinet sub-committee chaired by William Haigh to sort it out. He wants to introduce legislation by January.


That seems to me to be absolutely crazy. He should have learned from the Scottish experience that any further changes need to be planned and thought through after a wide consultation process.


On the Radio 4 Today programme Nigel Farage suggested that we should have a constitutional convention to determine the future structure of government within the four nations of the United Kingdom, with everybody having the right to make representations. He is writing to Scottish MPs to ask them not to vote at Westminster on English matters.


On the same programme Labour's Douglas Alexander criticised the idea that Scottish MPs should be so restricted.


I agree with Farage that there should be a convention, but I also agree with Alexander that we shouldn't have separate categories of MP at Westminster.


I would prefer to see a separate English Parliament on the Scottish model with an English First Minister, and with a UK parliament with vastly reduced numbers dealing with UK issues.


My fear is that Haigh will recommend regional councils that no one will actually want, as the Geordies proved a few years ago.

They should make the Lords an elected British parliament on proportional representation then turn Westminster into an English parliament. That way you have parties having to cooperate in the Upper house which would mainly deal with things like foreign policy and defence

In Topic: Long lost amateur clubs

19 September 2014 - 06:43 AM

Cool, looks like there were more leagues than people realise. Those were the days when there was a Staffordshire League and a Mansfield and Nottingham League though as well as the Midlands and South West London and much longer lasting London League

Did I see a Barnsley league mentioned earlier in the thread or was that a typo?

The Pennine League appears to have been a merger of the Bradford League with the Halifax and Huddersfield league with the latter covering Oldham and Rochdale. Keighley switched from the former to the latter at some point.