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In Topic: NCL Duel Reg

Today, 06:22 PM

Why can't the pro game run two competitions an elite and a reserve grade ?

You miss the point Costa the game is being mismanaged at the top and why should the community game be the fall guys ?

We want our kids to reach the top but not at the expense of the majority of the game , why oh why can't people see the damage that all these policies are doing to the game ?

In theory I agree with you, I just worry about the number of NCL players that would join such a reserve league

In Topic: NCL Duel Reg

Yesterday, 05:42 PM

Bowes, with all due respect you bore me, you really have no idea of the state of the community game throughout the age groups and like many others live in your own bubble because it suits and defend the morons who are killing the game!!!

If the pro clubs want to sign players then they need to stand up and be counted by ensuring they have the facility to develop that player across all facets of their training/ playing requirements.

If the RFL and their performance department want pro clubs to sign players then they also need to stand up and be counted and invest, create and administer to ensure those players are developed across all facets of their training/ playing requirements.

Alternatively they don't sign them for paltry amounts and leave them to continue their development in the community game.

It's that simple.

FYI.........I will not be engaging with your ramblings further!

I made one relatively short post. You bore most people on here with long posts making blind opposition to everything

In Topic: NCL Duel Reg

Yesterday, 05:22 PM

The problem is that pro clubs can't just sign a squad of 17 as they need to fill in gaps for injuries. To ban those players who just fill in gaps for injuries from playing for their community club of origin seems excessive, provided we're only talking a small number of players per club (3 maximum I reckon). It does cause problems but I'd have thought either banning players from playing en masse or the pro game raiding the community game for players to fill up reserve squads would be even worse options.

In Topic: NCL Duel Reg

28 August 2015 - 08:33 AM

If the pro clubs ran reserve teams where would they recruit the players from? You'd just see NCL clubs raided for players to make up a full squad of 25 when there were maybe only 8 fringe players to begin with

In Topic: Pennine league 2015/16 season

28 August 2015 - 06:45 AM

Sharlston have merged with Walton Warriors juniors so they do have juniors now