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In Topic: Pennine League strcuture

Today, 07:42 AM

Re read what I said. Not good enough off the field. The NCL wouldn't accept them due to not meeting criteria

In Topic: Pennine League strcuture

Yesterday, 07:07 PM

dont know what the future holds for sharlston and queens

Queens don't seem the side they were for what it's worth. As for Sharlston do they still have players from Featherstone Lions? Might weaken them (or the Lions?) If they ended up summer. But yeah it is a fair question of what to do with clubs too good on the field for regional leagues but not good enough off it for NCL.

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Yesterday, 03:53 PM

Thornhill are in         

In Topic: Pennine League strcuture

Yesterday, 03:17 PM

Thornhill are in the NCL now.

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Yesterday, 03:16 PM

sorry wrong thread