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    As a Wiganer I loved to hate him. Absolutely ran Wigan ragged in his day and was hard as nails. One of those players who just ran every ball like it was his last and would literally bleed for his team every game and would make sure he did his best to make the other team bleed as well. A cracker. I've experienced a lot of loss recently, a sign of my own advancing years perhaps, but when someone like Roy passes who's so closely tied in my head with my own youth it's a reminder of how quickly everything passes. Enjoy it whilst you can.
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    Barnyia guessed correct with his local knowledge - the crowd today looked smaller than yesterday - maybe 400, mostly home Carcassonne support. I enjoyed the ASC v Albi game - it was fun to be amongst a vocal, partisan crowd as their team came from behind to win. Most ASC fans stayed on for the 2nd & final game of the weekend. I liked how the teams were matched up with their nearest rival in the league table which made for 4 of the 5 games being very balanced, competitive games. All were enjoyable. One: Lezignan v Limoux, was very good. But I particularly enjoyed TO's win - they are clearly a weak team but they showed guts and dermination to get back into their game and win. Hard to dislike the magic weekend - it had sunshine, beer, steak & fries sandwiches and Rugby League - but it lacked the feel of a special event. The cup and championship finals are better occasions - better presented and better supported. But, back to Yorkshire tomorrow - I'll miss this!
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    After today's debacle, not just the team's performance but more pointedly the showing by the officials, and the disgusting cheering by Halifax fans of an injured Dewsbury player, I am now convinced that this great game of ours is in its death throes........ That was the worst display of officiating I believe I have ever seen -- sheer incompetence by both the referee and the touchjudge on the North stand line in the first half......Our team selection requires some explanation for the fans to stay on board (those of us that are left, that is): WHY did we bring in Annakin and leave out our 'own' players Reilly and Everitt ?? Those two lads gave their all against TWP and then seemingly get ditched in favour of a Wakey 'guest'...... What did Potts do wrong last week ?? ........ Wasn't Michael Knowles in with a chance of returning this week ?? .......... This veil of secrecy is wearing damned thin -- someone else referred to it as the "Mushroom" syndrome........... but the "Mushroom" syndrome doesn't require unquestioned loyalty and financial support in return for being fed sh*t on a regular basis........... These 'kid' referees have no understanding of the game -- they're like students: Clever, great in everything to do with theory and bl**dy useless when it comes to actually doing something that requires a modicum of common sense............. And the coaches don't help them....... We, every team not just Dewsbury, are constantly trying to hoodwink them : slowing down the PTB, pinching the ball, creeping offside etc etc etc........Is it ANY wonder we can't get near the Aussies when we only play the game at half their pace. We could have the best sport in the world -- IF we could, or would, just play to the rules and play the game in the best spirit of sport............ I know, I need to get my head out of the clouds...........but why the hell should I ??? There has to be better ways of spending Sundays......... Watching Yorkshire put Nottinghamshire to the sword for example......................... I don't think, in all my years of involvement, have I left a game feeling so down and disheartened by the whole thing..... And the ADM Security bunch: Don't get me started......those worthless morons insulted those in the South Stand today -- eight or more at all times, yet at times there were none to be seen at the scoreboard end.......... WHY ??.... Are they 'policing' the home fans only ?? Waste of money and another needless blight on our sport...........
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    We were down from the frozen north for my first live Challenge Cup match for 35 years!! Saw a magnificent performance from Whitehaven against Rochdale Hornets and also escaped the other half's clutches on Saturday to take in my first ever amateur match as Wath Brow Hornets lost 24-16 at home to Egremont Rangers. An excellent weekend in West Cumbria. If only the RFL cared as much as the locals.
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    If league one is cut off our sport doesn't deserve any credit or media coverage. Bulls took half of the crowd ton a "SL" team. in a cup game. York get 3000+ against a team with limited away following today. Some SL teams need to get their bottoms in gear and do the great work that Fax, Newcastle, York, Fev, are doing below them.
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    I am in my late fifties and still love and enjoy the game but I can see one of our problems, too many moaners complaining everything is poorer than the past yet when I see old matches from bygone years I cringe and think how poor was that. And for the poster who prefers football now I use to watch all sports football included now I haven't sat through a football game for years it bores me. The game needs new fans not the many moaners who shout the loudest in our game.
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    Very well done, I'm chuffed to bits for you.From an Oldham fan.
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    The game in the UK is the game in the UK. It has hit the buffers at the moment for a number of reasons, the niggly play and antics is only part of that. It feels a very fractured operation at the moment and that is what is needed first and foremost - a bit of strength and unity. We have no plans confirmed for next season, we have clubs like Wigan and Hull doing their own thing and going to Australia. Toronto and Bradford doing their own thing in terms of covering the game. SL clubs have punted the RFL off the SL board yet they have no direction themselves. We have unsubstantiated rumours flying around about League 1 and North America and what the future holds. On the pitch, we have to decide what we are as a sport. It is the entertainment business. Are those covering the game firstly looking to promote the game as entertainment? Is it played and officiated to create the best possible product to sell to fans and commercial partners. Stop start games with cheap penalties seemingly endless VR calls and then old refs hypothesing on their former colleagues' calls - not sure if that is helping or hindering the product we have. Some of the games are still fantastic to watch. Let's just find a way to have more of those. It is a reasonably easy fix - it is usually helped by all parties working together to improve the sport here. I am envious of how the NRL product is now being churned out. SL can be great again I think. Uncertainty helps no one.
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    Local newspapers aren't the thing they used to be, literally all they want is clicks on the ads and traffic to the website. Reason why there's so many YCFC articles is they attract hundreds of comments from angry fans, meaning the site remains well read thereby driving up the ad revenue. Good job the club does so well with social media now as if we relied on the Press for promotion (which we shouldn't anyway) we'd have got about 1000 max through the gate yesterday.
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    Please do not be discouraged by the defeat and its magnitude- I was at Naughton Park to see the Chemics inflict an 86-0 defeat on Dewsbury and we are of course a heartland side - it hurts of course but you learn from such hidings (we eventually became the best team outside SL, if only for one season) so keep on building your foundations and in following the Newcastle model time will reap dividends (though I think having the magic weekend in Cov one year would be a positive the SL/RL could do to help your cause)
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    It’s clear there is a two way split in the championship and the “bottom 8” so to speak (which does a disservice to Fax and London) is in itself largely competitive so to suggest we can’t compete at this level is perhaps unfair- the question is how we can progress to be on a level with at least Batley. I do not doubt the players effort but discipline must improve as well as some of the basics - referees don’t miss tackles or send poor passes but it is convenient to drop heads and blame refs if one or two adverse decisions go against us. We are in a dogfight with the likes of Rochdale, Swinton and Sheffield so the one thing we can all do as supporters is get behind the team for these crucial games. I would have put something on the Halifax page about how well they played but it seems there is a decided lack of interest there so I will say it here - well done Halifax, you showed us how the game can be played even allowing for our poor defence.
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    Are you for real. How to run a struggling business i know we will declare we have got a bigger crowd than we have and therefore will pay more tax on this imaginary figure. i really wonder sometimes.
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    Callum do you believe in the tooth fairy ?
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    Never been more proud to be a Knights fan, well played all of you, its just not the 1 - 17 on the field its the coaching staff and all the people behind the scenes, thank you one and all.
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    Policing the ruck can be tricky at a part time level , things tend to slow down more in the second half than in SL. Refs probably know it's happening but if they blow everytime they get blamed for not letting the game flow. As for the refs , I'd ask why aren't more people taking it up , ? Look at some of the amateur games to see the abuse they get. Then at SL level the abuse they take certainly on Twitter can get very personal. I agree about clubs not helping though once one starts they all do it to pinch that 1%. The odd thing about team selection not being released seems offer each week. We finally have a media team , who I must say do a good job , but seem to only get some information . I can't see any advantage , it's certainly not helping with points or frankly performances. It's obviously comes from NK. The squad we have isn't particularly big or full of star players. Can't see the logic. As you mentioned cricket , they may have a new 100 ball competition potentially. Maybe we should have a sevens tournament in July/August or in place of reserves team as most don't have one anyway.
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    haven were immense to nil a team in the league above is outstanding never mind 38 unanswered points.
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    And no away fans. Amazing what can happen when a club takes responsibility for getting their own fans out, instead of moaning about away supporters not buying enough of their pies.
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    I've got a good idea. Why doesn't McDermott and all other SL coaches agree to tell their players to cut out the stripping of the ball; the wrestling when tackling an opponent; the flapping of arms when a penalty goes against their team etc. The Coaches are the Ones that can change the game. Don't blame the refs when they give a penalty for something that both Coaches have instilled in their players to do.
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    Been stupid but luckily nobody was hurt hopefully he will have learnt a lesson .You can change your undies now HW .
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    Oh dear another round of "fact"s from his book of myths.
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    If we're going to turn this into a conversation about teams all teams trying to steal penalties (not one where Brian McDermott ignores the fact his own team do it and has a whinge about Hull and every other team doing it and then accusing referees of being "homers") I'll jump in. My opinion is that there is too much of an advantage gained from giving a penalty in certain situations and for certain offences. Fans are aggrieved by cheap penalties in key moments or areas where it is not very clear what has happened. These "knock ons" seem to always happen in key moments and usually there are 4-5 hands on the ball. If it's not 100% a knock on or a steal, just bring it back (as previously suggested, although I've heard it before). Players will stop playing for it then because there isn't going to be an advantage. Holding down, well just wipe the tackle count. Keeps the game flowing. Doesn't need a stop, an extra kick up field, and a restart. Just signal "all-on" and away with it. I'd do the same with offside too. Main time we should give away a full penalty is for foul play. You need to stop to check them, and if you're going to be dangerous you should get a bigger consequence. Having the same consequence for a dangerous tackle as being offside is daft.
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    I just can't see this happening. The effect on the players cannot be overstated.

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