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  1. fredm

    Diskin out!

    Same thing happened when he left before (to go to Cas?). Fitness levels dropped and so did the performances.
  2. I think it will be a closer match than people are anticipating. Maybe less than 30 points scored all round.
  3. fredm

    Diskin out!

    Maybe that the performance of the understrength Widnes team is now put into perspective.
  4. Well it looks like that swallow that came last week has decided not to stay.
  5. And Yates off injured with nobody on bench as suitable replacement has meant a complete reshuffle of the backs
  6. Before we go completely overboard with this win, I think we should bear in mind that Widnes were without 5 or 6 potential players due to injury. In fact the first thing that struck me when they entered the field was their apparent lack of bulk and the number of young looking players. Having said that you can only play against what is in front of you and on the day the whole Batley team got to grips with what is needed in these matches and worked their socks off. Now they have shown they can do it they must show that they can repeat it.
  7. What a great double header this would have made for Sunday.
  8. So can't non full time players have quick hands and be fast?
  9. I fail to see that the money he would have been offered by Sheffield would have been greater than that offered by Batley, if the coach wanted to keep him at Batley. If, however, he was looking to "persuade" him to seek pastures new then no doubt the terms offered would have reflected this.
  10. fredm

    Diskin out!

    What was the crowd?
  11. Thank goodness they couldn’t kick goals and then the rain came to level things up.
  12. Why are we playing in a grey kit when Toronto are wearing their normal black and white kit which gives the appearance of being black and grey?
  13. fredm

    New 7

    So has Yates started a match this season in his correct position? The position he was playing when he convinced the coach/club he should be signed for this season.
  14. The thing is Roger a lot of this hasn't occurred as yet. The club must still be in a comfortable position finance wise. The Yorkshire Cup would have brought in more than previous years pre-season matches; season ticket money is in the kitty; the war chest only part pays the winning bonus and there hasn't been many of those so far; the number of advertising boards plus sponsorship deals would have brought in a fair bit plus the Bulls match was a nice little earner. Also I don't think that the attendance figures have dropped so far - maybe in future but at the present time I believe the club are still ok financially and the BOD will not sanction any change of coaching staff.
  15. fredm

    Diskin out!

    So are you saying Diskin put his own money into the club? For a players fund? Was that to use as signing on fees or to pay players wages? Are you saying the players weren't getting paid?
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