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  1. fredm

    2019 bulldog shirt

    Let's hope it is "traditional" colours and design, none of those jazzy outfits which some clubs seem to adore.
  2. fredm

    2019 Fixtures out today

    Ridiculous. How about something a bit different for a change?
  3. fredm

    Andrew Chalmers column

    At last it would appear there is some leadership coming from the "lesser" clubs and by making this public they will undoubtedly have the backing of Joe public who stands on the terraces.
  4. fredm

    On this day in history

    Like the shirts. Wonder what the colours were with the club colours being cerise and fawn? They seemed to be able to get jerseys in those colours years ago but even with all the modern technology etc. nowadays can't seem to produce those colours.
  5. fredm

    New shirt launch

    So that’s £199 for adults and £149 for concessions lol
  6. fredm

    New shirt launch

    Surely if you say they are on sale the prices should be announced so people know what the commitment will be.
  7. fredm

    New shirt launch

    What are the prices of the season tickets?
  8. fredm

    Yorkshire Cup Double-Header at Rams

    According to Matt Diskin at the BISSA function, all gate receipts from all the matches played will be put into a pot and shared equally between the 8 participants.
  9. fredm

    Championship odds

    I see Batley Boys are applying to join the National Conference league for next season. Couldn't they become, in effect, the "A" team with players registered for both teams and play their matches at the Mount?
  10. fredm

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    This will definitely add to the interest in matches outside Super League. I see the fixtures are to be announced on Sunday week.
  11. fredm

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    So Round 1 of this competition is as follows: Sat 5 January at Tetley stadium York v Cougars 1pm and Rams v Fev 3pm Sun 6 January at Odsal stadium Dogs v Hawks 1pm and Bulls v Fax 3pm. Tickets available online and from clubs this week apparently. No details of what/when/where Round 2 or anything further will take place.
  12. fredm

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Will be interesting to see what the make up of the teams are. Usually for pre-season matches there are unlimited, or more than 4, interchange players. If these matches have the usual 17 players per team will this be of benefit to those not playing?
  13. According to Andrew Chalmers plans are afoot for a 8 team knockout competition to be held pre-season for Championship/League 1 clubs.
  14. fredm

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    Why would they offer more spondoolicks than the Dogs? I would think there are more income streams at the Mount than the Shay.
  15. fredm

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    Why should he go to Fax as opposed to the Mount?