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  1. fredm

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    Let’s face it, RL has virtually gone the same way as Association Football. The vast majority of spectators (note I do not say fans) just want to see their team win and it doesn’t matter to them where the players come from be it a mile down the road or Timbuctoo. If their team wins all is great in the world but if they lose all hell is let loose. The ref is bent, the coach is useless, the chairman needs to spend some more money and bring in X Y and Z at whatever cost and from where ever to ensure losses don’t occur again.
  2. fredm

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    Agree with PM. The surest way to stamp this out is, if the physio comes on to the pitch the player is taken off and remains off the pitch until there is a stop in play eg a score; the ball goes dead; a handover etc.
  3. fredm

    Batley Boys

    I took it to mean that the coach was not being organised by the Bulldogs. Nothing else. Maybe wrong.
  4. fredm

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Whilst I agree that the two matches at the Mount have been very entertaining and 1000 times better than the usual pre-season run outs I just wonder what the feelings might have been if we had been beaten in the first game resulting in nothing resting on the remaining two matches?
  5. fredm

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Yes but what are the time limits? How will spectators know they are happening? etc etc
  6. fredm

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    So what are these actual rules which will be in operation? Will the scoreboard show what is happening so that spectators are informed?
  7. fredm

    Matchday Magazine

    Another great read today - well done to all concerned. Also nice to see compliments towards the club from Bulls supporters in todays T & A.
  8. fredm

    Great initiative

    I think the last sentence of the article clarifies regarding the bequest.
  9. fredm

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    So the club are encouraging/want people to buy tickets before the day (and there is nothing wrong with that) but are only having one turnstile available for those people to use? As stevieb says above there was a queue last Sunday with a small gate. What will it be like with (hopefully) three times as many? RL supporters are notorious for arriving at the last minute.
  10. fredm

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Think the club need to announce/advertise the turnstile arrangements well in advance of the day. With the new arrangements regarding pre-purchased tickets there needs to be clear directions as to which turnstiles should be used. Even some Dogs supporters were scratching their heads at the location of the "Paul Harrison turnstile"!
  11. fredm

    Kears bull mania looking for some silver

    The Bulls will be well up for this not just because it is a cup final but also JK returning to the Mount and he won't want to leave with his tail between his legs. Player said in recent interview that they received a right b*****king in the dressing room at half time in the Rams match and that made them up their game second half.
  12. fredm

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    It states to be used at the Paul Harrison turnstile on the ticket. Have the other turnstiles got the scanning equipment fitted to enable them to read the ticket?
  13. fredm

    York’s cup match thread

    Wouldn't say we were awful PD but agree that York were nippier, quicker at moving the ball and generally all round (IMO) fitter than us. The big disappointment was after scoring two quick tries after half time which put us right back in the game we were unable to break their defence again until a few minutes from the end. Considering the amount of possession we had in their 20 we should have opened them up and scored more points. Our tactics seem to be either to bring a big man on the bounce at the play the ball and hope he can barge through or fling it out to Dom who chips it towards the winger. We don't seem to have many other ploys to break teams down near their line.
  14. fredm

    Midweek Rugby

    I see the second round and the quarter finals of the 1895 Cup are to be played midweek. Eight Division 2 teams play the first round, the four winners join the Championship clubs for second round matches to be played between June 2nd to June 5th. The quarter finals are to be played during week commencing June 24th. The semi finals are on 28 July and the Final is at Wembley on 24 August.
  15. fredm

    Just a thought

    Did you leave a message Coolie?