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  1. Or maybe the "problems" the RFL are experiencing with arranging these fixtures will necessitate the league being re-arranged for next season?
  2. So it is now Thursday afternoon and still nothing.
  3. What other organisation would have a system of fixtures the dates of which are unknown until they are about to start particularly with the 6 week school holiday period just starting so that no arrangements can definitely be made if supporters wish to attend every home match.
  4. ??
  5. What has happened to the Bulldogs girls team? Brought a lot of international recognition and exposure to the club last year but now all seems to have gone quiet about their activities. Would have thought one of their matches would have made ideal pre-match entertainment on Sunday.
  6. We have all seen that Hallett has talent as a player. Unfortunately there would also appear to be another side to his character if the rumours from the dressing room at Batley were to be believed and also from his actions today.
  7. Mr Hallett, RogerT. Obviously will not be sending the ref a card at christmas this year. I think you answered your own question (if it was a question) BSJ. The ref was getting grief from both sets of fans because he did let a lot go from both sides. But if he had blown for every indiscretion that he saw then there it would have been a game of consistent stop/start and both sets of fans would have been moaning even more.
  8. Brown Reittie Walker
  9. Why didn't he just try to get to the ball instead of trying to take his opponent out? Even if a try had been awarded at least it wouldn't have been under the sticks.
  10. Hit the nail on the head here I think, BD. We needed to recruit players who were better than those they were replacing/joining and after this season that is of far more importance. As you say, some are beginning to reach the end of their careers and maybe need to be taken out of the firing line on occasions. Their replacements need to be top quality not fill ins. As a matter of interest, how many of this seasons squad are also under contract for next season?
  11. Interesting that it also includes business support in marketing and other areas.
  12. This is always a dilemma when a player is "approached" midway through the season and decides that he will play elsewhere the following season. Is it kept under wraps, but knowing that most clubs have leaks greater than Yorkshire water then there will be the inevitable speculation and rumour, or do you announce it so that the followers of that club know what is going on. At least by choosing this method they, if they wish, can make their feelings known towards said player both on and off the pitch and also his performances can maybe be monitored to see if there is any drop off. Often the player will put extra effort in as he wants to leave the club with his head held high.
  13. What steps were taken on Sunday to encourage those "first timers" or "infrequent attenders" to visit the Mount more often? Were match day flyers etc given out?
  14. Brambani's side step around probably four defenders to score his first try. Is it entirely coincidental that he probably had his best game of the season and it was just the second match that Patch Walker had been paired with him for some weeks?
  15. Agree with you there Doggystyle. When I have seen Jack Smith earlier this season I thought he was one of the best ones coming through for a long while. Seemed to be up with play, handled the games well and made positive decisions. Couldn't believe the difference on Sunday, he hardly made any decisions which allowed the match to become quite scrappy at times. Then when we had the change of ref he seemed to be using a completely different rule book from Smith. Incidents which had previously been allowed to happen for 60 minutes or so became offences. The change of reasoning also appeared to effect us more than Toulouse, possibly because as a result of the initial decision we were then defending for periods and subsequently conceding further penalties.