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  1. What can you expect when one of the teams involved makes no mention of the match on its official website. How can they expect spectators to turn up when they show no enthusiasm for the match themselves?
  2. Silverback I do not think that a Director of Rugby would have any direct face to face input as to the coaching of the team, his role would be to oversee the direction the club was taking by manner of the players recruited etc. and to give advice to the coach as and when required. He would also, presumably, advise the Board of Directors in relation to the ability of the coach as to whether he is capable of performing the role he was employed to do and if necessary give advice re any replacement.
  3. Just look on the Batley website to see where the game is to be played.................. oh................... wait a minute!
  4. Except this time, if memory serves me right, Kevin handed out a 3 year contract. Would cost a fair bit to settle that I think.
  5. I see according to the website the next match is away to Halifax on 30 April.
  6. What is the £5 for? Are there some heritage items already which are to be displayed and viewed or is this a meeting to ask people if they have anything that can assist the project?
  7. A report on the match (after it had ended obviously) which was put on the website some 24/48 hours after the match. I was referring to putting information onto the website prior to the match taking place so that people's interest is stimulated and they look forward to going to the game. I see that an article that has been lifted from elsewhere has been put on the site relating to todays match, but that appears to have been a last minute event.
  8. I think that the main source of frustration that people have is that there is no information coming out of the club via the official website to inform the fans either as to the players selected in the squad or any reasons as to why other players have not been selected. I appreciate that the squad seems to appear on social media but not everyone uses that. as far as I can see there was no mention whatsoever on the clubs official website that last week there was a match at home against Rochdale Hornets. How does the club expect people to keep up an interest if there is no information forthcoming to whet their appetite?
  9. I know this has been raised previously but without any apparent response from the club. Can something be done about the positioning of the scoreboard so that it can be seen from anywhere in the ground? If this is impossible, is it possible to have the clock showing at the top of the board as its present position in the bottom right corner means that the advertising boards obscure it from view particularly for spectators in the 9 'ole?
  10. I wonder how big the drink was that Diskin bought Tom Lillycrop last night? He was very fortunate that Rochdale did not know how to/were not fit enough to see the game out as up to 5 minutes from the end his name was mud on the terraces. Also how much goal kicking practice had Brambani undertaken during the week? Was there a replacement kicker on the field if he had got injured? Those 5 missed kicks could well have cost us the game.
  11. It would be very good to have anything at all about the upcoming match on the clubs official website. I may be wrong but I cannot see the 19 players who have been selected, this just seems to have been circulated elsewhere so people have to search to find out. Surely the squad details should be put on and accompanied by thoughts/reasons as to why players are not in the squad e.g. injuries/resting due to future fixture congestion etc.
  12. I believe that for anyone to film or take photographs of any match under RFL jurisdiction they have to have permission both from the RFL and the home club. I would imagine that unless the applicant was a professional/authorised photographer that permission would not be granted. This is the same as persons filming incidents at football matches on their mobile phones are prevented from doing so - if the stewards are up to their job.
  13. Has it been published anywhere what the financial rewards will be for the respective finishing places in the Championship this season? Or are the RFL going to leave it till August to see how much they have left in the bank/stuffed down the back of the sofa before deciding?
  14. As far as I can see the link refers to the free junior season tickets. I know it mentions the person but does not say anything about sending out unsolicited text messages or that they would be contacting people asking for personal information. I am not against what they are doing just think it could be publicised better and would also show the fans what the marketing team is about.
  15. Couldn't an item about this initiative that the club are apparently running be put on the main website then all supporters (who are on the net) would be aware?