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  1. Rochdale Hornets Away

    Spurs might as well pop up to Blackpool to prepare for this game. Have you seen how much sand was on the pitch? A case of "find a blade of grass".
  2. Toronto

    They don't even get prize money? Something that they as a team/club have earned through their efforts on the pitch? So where does that prize money go? Yet another deep unfathomable mystery of the RFL!
  3. Rochdale match thread

    Well MD has certainly got plenty of options. I think it will be a very interesting selection. Have to hope that those not in the 17 are prepared to fight for their place and not take their bat home.
  4. FORUM MOM 2018

    Well just give them a good b@@@@@@@g Bob whenever they do it and hopefully they will put their views etc on the correct thread.
  5. FORUM MOM 2018

    Surely all it needs is for someone to start a thread 4/5 days before the match so people can put their thoughts re possible team selection/any injuries/match score etc. and then follow this through after the match with people giving their views on the match/players performances/referees performance (lol) etc. The Forum MOM thread could then be kept as solely a 1-2-3 with names.
  6. tom lilycrop

    So, if they don't participate this Sunday they won't be match fit for the start of the season. Then how do they get match fitness?
  7. Shirt launch / keighley game

    Who was responsible for the incident involving O'Sullivan? Can it be referred to the disciplinary with it being pre-season?
  8. Game On

    How is it that Keighley can announce full details of the Batley team including those not taking part yet there is no mention whatsoever on the Batley sites?
  9. Crowd tomorrow.

    Well the entrance price is certainly designed to attract floating species - not! £10 and £5 to watch Bulls v Fax.
  10. What a disgrace

    One of the reasons they have done this is to try and entice more french supporters to the event. Presumably any that come will not just be popping up to see the match but will probably be making a weekend of it so boosting the local economy thus making the deal for 2019 more enticing.
  11. Matt Diskin 's name in the hat for Bull's job

    Well the answer to that is to ensure that contracts are renewed/updated as required well in advance of their expiry to stop him picking people off.
  12. Why did we spend £10k......

    Where is this one positioned? Is it visible from all parts of the ground especially when the match is in progress and spectators are milling about?
  13. BISSA Social Evening & AGM

    Matt said that both Patch and Dom are now in their 30's and even the ordinary normal knocks and bruises in games start to take time to overcome and if either get a longer time injury then someone else needs to come in. This season we have got that covered with Farrell but need to keep looking for half backs for future seasons.
  14. BISSA Social Evening & AGM

    Was good to hear Matt Diskin's views last night about how he sees the squad developing next year, how he anticipates the new signings slotting into the squad and how much certain players who the club may have been interested in signing are being paid/asking for from other clubs. Also good to hear from John Humpleby about the work that his unit is doing in the community and with schools and also from John Roe about the work that the Heritage team are undertaking. All in all are very good evening IMO.
  15. One for the old folk

    Thanks GOR, that was him. Couldn't think of his name. If memory serves me correct he was a niggling little player who was always winding the opposition up on the pitch.