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  1. Because the idea behind the event was to show the world that "we" have things in common and one of these was the joining together and attending a rugby match. It would appear that one of the communities weren't the least bit interested in having things in common.
  2. Well not only were we nilled but we now have the distinction of being the first team to fail to score against the Bulls this season.
  3. You are right BSJ, the Bradford owner mentioned it a couple of weeks ago in his weekly press report. He was commenting on how the make up of the league/divisions might look if/when these additional clubs join the rfl.
  4. The best outcome for the club would be to lose in the semi final at home to, say, Bulls or Fev.
  5. Probably thought they could put enough points on the board that we would lose enthusiasm for the second half and they would see the game out.
  6. Nope, mine has printed exactly the same as previously.
  7. fredm

    Diskin out!

    Same thing happened when he left before (to go to Cas?). Fitness levels dropped and so did the performances.
  8. I think it will be a closer match than people are anticipating. Maybe less than 30 points scored all round.
  9. fredm

    Diskin out!

    Maybe that the performance of the understrength Widnes team is now put into perspective.
  10. Well it looks like that swallow that came last week has decided not to stay.
  11. And Yates off injured with nobody on bench as suitable replacement has meant a complete reshuffle of the backs
  12. Before we go completely overboard with this win, I think we should bear in mind that Widnes were without 5 or 6 potential players due to injury. In fact the first thing that struck me when they entered the field was their apparent lack of bulk and the number of young looking players. Having said that you can only play against what is in front of you and on the day the whole Batley team got to grips with what is needed in these matches and worked their socks off. Now they have shown they can do it they must show that they can repeat it.
  13. What a great double header this would have made for Sunday.
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