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  1. fredm

    Featherstone v Batley

    It Is a pity we do not have an A team now as perhaps we could play those tomorrow and try and prevent Mr Longo "cherry picking the best talents from other Championship clubs" that he has publically stated will be Fev's policy now.
  2. fredm

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    Presumably these figures include those who are using the hospitality boxes, so perhaps whilst it looks a bit sparse on the open terracing/seated stands there are a considerable number "hidden" away out of sight.
  3. fredm

    Content to be also rans

    I don't know why people are getting so hung up over attendance figures. Look at the other income streams the club has - club sponsorship; stadium sponsorship; match sponsors; shirt sponsors; player sponsors; income from hospitality boxes (must have increased dramatically with the new ones); advertising boards around the ground; sale of replica kit etc. In todays sport the figure for gate receipts is only a small percentage on the balance sheet.
  4. fredm

    Bissa signing

    Go on then PM. Spill the beans - what did Kevin say for those who do not frequent the lounge afterwards?
  5. fredm

    Leigh &Mr. Beaumont.

    And during these past years whilst Mr Beaumont has been bank rolling them, their supporters have enjoyed many exciting and successful days.
  6. fredm

    Leigh &Mr. Beaumont.

    Where have Leigh spent money they don't have? As far as I am aware Beaumont has paid everything that Leigh has needed, so now he says he doesn't want to continue to do so means they will need to restructure their financial circumstances. At least he aimed for the stars even if he never reached there.
  7. fredm

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    Craig Lingard the coach who has just been beaten by Coventry Bears?
  8. fredm

    Bissa signing

    Fax haven't done too bad this season have they? How have they managed it?
  9. fredm

    Toronto match thread

    So so Alex Rowe is turned back at the airport and then his name is on the team sheet! Who is telling porkies?
  10. fredm

    Batley v Leigh

    Play lovely rugby at times we may do, but with one exception, all the teams above us in the table have scored 250 points more than we have in the league. Obviously not playing enough of the lovely rugby.
  11. fredm

    New signing alert

    Surely it is not beyond the wit of the people running these rugby clubs to find out exactly what is required for entry into Canada and ensure that all the necessary persons comply with the regulations. It's not as if it was not known that Toronto was going to be in this league from last september.
  12. fredm

    New signing alert

    With the exception of injuries, all these would have been known about, and should have been planned for, months ago. Why not have brought in some short term DR or loan players?
  13. fredm

    Foregone conclusions

    I wonder how much the departure of John Heaton has influenced performances?
  14. fredm

    Halifax @ Shay Stadium

    So, with the exception of Leak, there was a full set of forwards plus interchange and still conceded 50 points?
  15. fredm

    Halifax @ Shay Stadium

    But it won't be will it? Because it benefits SL clubs so they will say it continues and there will always be clubs from the Championship/Div 1 who will be happy to take advantage of it so it is either use it ourselves or be happy to be amongst the also rans.