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  1. According to the Bradford T & A website, there is a match arranged and just needs the RFL approval for it to go ahead. Direct quotes from Paul Harrison included in the story saying it is all arranged.
  2. So RFL have said expressions of interest to form a new club have to be submitted by Monday 9th. They will look at them and then have them considered by the rest of the RFL. Cannot see a new team being in place by the date we should be playing them.
  3. How on earth can any new club be admitted to the Championship? They will be a brand new club the same as Toronto so must surely start at the bottom in Champinship 1? If not then it creates a very dangerous precedent that other clubs could follow - what is to stop a SL club doing the same and starting up still in SL?
  4. Agree with this. It was a missed opportunity with the "Gallant Youths" but the Bulldog name has now become established and sits comfortably alongside the name "Batley" unlike, IMO, some of the other clubs names (Giants FFS!)
  5. We all trust KN etc to be honest and fair but it would appear that the allegation is that there was no means on recording how many persons went through the turnstile. If this is so, then there is nothing to measure the amount of money collected from that turnstile against. By recording the numbers who go through it not only tells the club what the attendance was, it also covers the turnstile operator in as much that the money handed over is equal to the amount given by the number of spectators admitted. I would have thought that the operator him/her self would have wanted this. Following the unfortunate events which occurred last season, I would have presumed a thorough check would have been carried out over the winter to ensure all matters concerning cash and/or tickets were fully documented and accountable.
  6. So Roger, if there was no click, the gate did not move and there was nobody with a manual clicker, how can you be sure that half the money you handed over went to Batley and half to Dewsbury?
  7. So I wonder who "the small UK supplier" is? I wonder if they are based locally?
  8. Presume this match will be re-arranged or maybe have a late kick off now due to the Tour de Yorkshire and the consequent road closures/traffic congestion etc.
  9. I see that Dane has got a broken thumb and therefore won't be playing on Boxing Day. The article also said that we had agreed a fee with Fax - thought his contract was nul and void due to the reduction in payment?
  10. I see Zac McComb is in the Yorkshire squad.
  11. Apparently Matt Diskin was not too impressed with our defence and says it is an area that has to be improved on this season. That is one of the reasons for making the gym under the long stand so they can improve their tackling techniques.
  12. No I don't think you are correct there, Silcoates. I don't think SL clubs want to see our clubs go to the wall. The thing is they are a business and to progress as a business they need to draw in as many spectators as they can. By paying out what I would imagine is a decent wad of notes for the advertisement they must have factored in what they hope the return will be. Whether that has an impact or not on other clubs is not their concern. It is up to the other clubs to meet this competition and come up with advertising/ pricing structure/attractive offers etc to attract people to go and watch that particular club. As 9'oller says Batley have not announced their prices for next season yet even though Kevin stated on Monday that they were to be announced yesterday. Have Dewsbury announced theirs yet? (Genuine question as cannot recall seeing them but do not follow the Rams intently).
  13. Come off it BSJ, when have you ever known a Dogs supporter being full of joy and optimism? Grief and despair is the normal mindset!
  14. Think they always say that initially BTJ but then the fixtures west of the pennines stay at 3pm whereas those east of the pennines are moved to 7.30pm. Presume it harkens back to the days when most people worked in mills etc. and Lancashire observed Good Friday as a Bank Holiday whereas in Yorkshire it was generally Monday and Tuesday off. (think that is correct but if not no doubt will be corrected!).
  15. Thanks DF. I hadn't seen that, only seen numbers being banded about on various message boards. You would think though that the financial distribution in relation to placings at the end of the season would be announced at the start of the season and be available for all to see so that everyone, including the main sponsors of RFL (spectators) are aware of what is at stake.