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  1. fredm

    Forum MOM 2018

    A work of art by an agent saying come on you big boys this is what my man can do for you. He might have signed a contract for Batley but what do you think would happen if a S.L. team gave him a ring?
  2. fredm

    Matt Diskin

    The plays and systems that JK had indoctrinated into the players which brought them the succeses.
  3. fredm

    Matt Diskin

    Next season will be a massive one for MD. When players have been under a coach for a number of years the structures/plays etc. are so ingrained into them that they (and rightly so) instinctly carry out the actions that they have been drilling week in and week out. When a new coach comes in and wants to change certain things it is difficult for players to immediately forget what has been drummed into them previously and in the heat of battle carry out the "old" procedures thus causing confusion in the ranks. Next season the team will only have a few of JK players and these will by now have bought into the MD way. So, providing those leavers are replaced by identical or better players, then MD should witness a team playing as he wishes and sets them up to do. If this occurs I have no doubt that there is enough ability within the squad to have a more successful season than the latter two.
  4. fredm

    Fev announce Harrison

    Obviously got a good PR man at Fev. Doubt that those words came out of his mouth without a bit of encouragement or manipulation.
  5. fredm

    Bulldogs v Eagles MOM thread shield game

    Manning brambani campbell
  6. fredm


    Well we know for certain that Rowe and Davey are going. There are very strong rumours that Day, Harrison and Walker are also leaving, so that is virtually an entire pack. They must be replaced and if we intend to finish higher next year their replacements must be at least on a similar level or, better still, an improvement. It is no good having a good set of backs if they are playing on the back foot behind a beaten pack every week.
  7. fredm

    Club statement

    So did some clubs say they would vote one way and then vote the other? Would it have made any difference if clubs west of the Pennines had been represented in the Championship/League 1 negotiating team?
  8. fredm

    Club statement

    Very interesting report on line by Bradford Telegraph & Argos. (sorry can't do links - perhaps someone can).
  9. fredm

    Batley v Rochdale

    What was the official attendance on Sunday?
  10. fredm

    And another Bulldog inbound Danny Yates

    I find this announcement rather strange. Doesn't it go against our usual policy of not announcing signings of players currently under contract to other clubs until that club have finished their fixtures? Also if we can make this announcement why do we not announce which current players have not been offered a contract for next season or those who have been offered one but have stated they do not wish to sign for next season?
  11. fredm

    new league structure ideas

    That seems to be the most logical set up to me and should be implemented in 2020 not 2019 along with a fairer distribution of money.
  12. fredm

    Batley V Rochdale MOM thread shield

    Leak Gledhill Brown
  13. fredm

    Bulldogs international fanbase

    Did you give him a BISSA form Bob?
  14. fredm

    Featherstone v Batley

    It Is a pity we do not have an A team now as perhaps we could play those tomorrow and try and prevent Mr Longo "cherry picking the best talents from other Championship clubs" that he has publically stated will be Fev's policy now.
  15. fredm

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    Presumably these figures include those who are using the hospitality boxes, so perhaps whilst it looks a bit sparse on the open terracing/seated stands there are a considerable number "hidden" away out of sight.