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  1. fredm

    Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack MOM

    Scott Farrell Rowe
  2. fredm

    How's Mick Ward doing?

    Must say I don't recall him being on the pitch during that period. I know people are saying what a good player he is but personally I do not think he does anywhere near as much work as Rowe and Brown.
  3. fredm

    How's Mick Ward doing?

    Am I correct in thinking that Ward did not come on the field in the second half today until 75 minutes?
  4. fredm


    But probably the difference between making the top 4, generating interest throughout the town/bringing in the extra cash or being down amongst the also rans.
  5. fredm


    An uninspiring match played between two mediocre middle of the table teams. Wonder how we will do in the plate competition? Thought the ref had a good game - liked the way that after an infringement he allowed play to continue to see if there was any advantage and when there wasn't he blew up.
  6. fredm

    Bulldogs V Rams MOM thread

    Leak Brown Scott
  7. fredm


    Don’t the squads have to be announced 48 hrs before kick off?
  8. fredm

    Batley cap

    Is this genuine? Does anyone know why a cap such as this was made/presented? if it is legit then isn't this something that would come within the realm of the Heritage set up? Wasn't the funding that was obtained for such things as this - purchasing items of the clubs heritage to keep in the museum when founded?
  9. fredm

    Leigh challenge cup game

    I think "Tie of the Round" is stretching the promotion stuff a bit. A team with a 50% win ratio at home to a down at the bottom of the table team is hardly that. In fact, given the weather forecast for the weekend, I thought that entrance prices might have been reduced to entice people to attend.
  10. fredm

    batley v london broncos - match offer

    Good job Hemingway got some match fitness today then
  11. fredm

    News- mailing list

    Thought I heard it announced over the tannoy that the electronic scoreboard wasn't working due to a power cut. May be wrong though.
  12. fredm

    Challenge Cup draw

    Yep they beat us convincingly in Round 1 but did we go there with the wrong mindset? Three other teams have since shown that there is nothing to fear from them and with home advantage we should see it out.
  13. fredm

    Challenge Cup draw

    Why should it be tough? How many games have they won this season? How many have they lost? If we can't beat them with home advantage then we don't deserve to progress.
  14. fredm

    Bulldogs V Barrow MOM

    Day Scott Reittie
  15. fredm

    Rochdale Hornets Away

    Spurs might as well pop up to Blackpool to prepare for this game. Have you seen how much sand was on the pitch? A case of "find a blade of grass".