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  1. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Kenny - another pleasing re-signing helping to keep the happy 'band' together, so more consistency. The squad is coming together nicely now and once the new lads are on board, they'll soon be part of a the set-up. Good stuff.
  2. New coach

    Think you may have missed my point, to be honest. I don't deny that there are facts as stated quite publicly, but nobody knows whether or not some of the issues remain unresolved, or otherwise. So, opening up the debate, without being aware of the current situation and of any discussions that may have gone on 'behind the scenes', leads to speculation. Speculation then becomes 'fact' and some of that will be based on rumour and incorrect interpretation, consequently clouding the issues. So, I am merely suggesting that it would be wise to wait and see what announcements crop up in the weeks ahead, rather that jeopardising any matters that are ongoing. That's all!
  3. New coach

    Key word in all this: ALLEGED. All this speculation doesn't help anyone and only leads to more of the same, so it would be better to wait and see and stick to the positive issues of the signings. Oh, I am boring, sorry!!
  4. new paper

    The Oldham Times is nothing to do with the Manchester Evening News - it is a new paper from a regional publisher, Newsquest and will be based in Bolton, edited by the Bolton News editor. Apparently, it is 56 pages and will sell for 80p.
  5. Match today!

    An exciting match is in prospect today as we take on Toulouse and it's crucial that the lads get all the support we can muster at such a crucial time. The club has done their bit by reducing admission charges and under 16's are free so don't uhm and ahh, get along to Bower Fold, pick up some pals and get your shouting voices in gear!! ALLEZ ROUGHYEDS, ALLEZ
  6. Oldham Evening Chronicle

    Some sad news for many tonight - the Oldham Evening Chronicle has gone into administration and today's edition is the final one. This is bad news for local sports clubs like ours as a lot of older fans still rely on the Chronicle for their news of club developments and team news, also look forward to match reports. There will be a need now to ensure that news is communicated to these fans in other ways so perhaps many of us can bear this in mind and pass on information to those who will no longer be getting their rugby 'fix' that way. I'm not surprised at the news, as circulation has really dwindled, but am certainly saddened by it. Nothing quite like a printed match report after a victory!
  7. Bradford at home

    One of the stewards did say yesterday, that it was due to the shortage of stewards. However, the number of stewards is based on a specific ratio to fan numbers, but that is surely based on larger groups of people than we ever get at our matches. With only a few hundred at matches, common sense says that it would be preferable to spread the numbers out over 4 sides of the ground rather than 3. That would surely eliminate any tension between rival fans and give freedom to change ends to the advantage of the attacking team.
  8. Bradford at home

    Thought it was time for a new topic - the next 'job in hand'. It's time to get behind the lads again on Sunday and take our part in getting back to winning ways. For that, we all have to be positive and believe that, WE CAN DO IT!! So, let's get over to Bower Fold on Sunday and give all the support we can muster. COME ON YOU YEDS!!
  9. Sheffield away.

    Sheffield away on 6th August. Well we now know where we start the next challenging few weeks ahead. Going to be an exciting time and I'm looking forward to it. We all need to be positive and get behind the lads now and NO talk of the 'R' word, please!
  10. 2017 Squad and Signings

    Very good work by the club this week in getting the extra signings on board. By no means an easy task at this stage of the season, as every club has injuries and is desperate to retain sufficient cover for their own campaigns.
  11. Toulouse

    It was Adam Clay, in mine! Ha ha!.
  12. Toulouse

    Don't know about anyone else, but I'm feeling pretty positive about this game and looking forward to it. Yeah!! COME ON THE YEDS!!
  13. Toulouse

    However frustrated anyone feels about the situation we have found ourselves to be in at this stage of the season, the last thing the players and coaching staff need right now, is negativity from the fans. The best way forward must surely be, to fully support them over the next few weeks and give them the confidence with 'the job at hand'. That's all we can do.
  14. re, batley [homish defeat]

    Totally agree with you JRoyles, there was some totally unacceptable language and behaviour yesterday and it has to stop before the good name of our club is lost. The stewards need to 'get a grip'.
  15. Batley Home ish.

    It's MATCH DAY and the weather forecast is looking good - yipee! Looking forward to the game today and to seeing a refreshed squad 'raring to go' at the start of a run of 3 games, where each club is on an equal footing - at last. COME ON YOU ROUGHYEDS!!