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  1. Logic

    Public Meeting at the Vestacare Stadium

    The ground is not ours, so is surely not the subject of the meeting, so you can forget that and get on what really matters! Surely the point of the meeting, is to air views on how we can all pull together in a common interest of taking the club forward. What really matters, is to increase the fan and income base to ensure a squad that will hopefully, fulfil the aim of promotion. That is the reality of the situation in League 1, with all the potential changes in central funding.
  2. Logic

    Public Meeting at the Vestacare Stadium

    This meeting is certainly very welcome and is a great opportunity for ideas to be forthcoming from all who really care about the future of the club. No doubt there will be suggestions from the fans that can be worked on, as well as the initiatives that the club may have in mind, but we have to bear in mind what is achievable without the appropriate resources. Those resources are not just financial, as clubs below Super League level rely heavily on volunteers to fulfil most roles, a resource that is known to be generally disappearing from the scene in most organisations. As a club, there is a lot of goodwill from a long standing group of volunteers, some out of necessity, fulfilling more than one role and many of those are aged over 65. So, whilst some good ideas may be forthcoming, it's perhaps worthwhile considering how those ideas are achievable without the addition of new volunteers becoming involved. I am looking forward to the meeting as much as anyone else and hope that some very positive ideas come out of it. Hopefully, there will also be a new band of volunteers coming along to take the ideas forward! 😉
  3. Logic

    2019 Squad and signings

    More good news. Very pleased with yet another great signing and so pleased with how happy the lads are at re-signing for the club - a lot to be said for that. Just hope that the fans now follow suit and back the lads at every opportunity.
  4. Logic

    2019 Squad and signings

    Along with the other signings, today's news certainly whets the appetite for next season. Fans have wanted changes and a mix of young players and some with more experience. It seems that is the direction we are going in - great stuff.😄
  5. Logic

    Players Awards Night

    It was a great night!
  6. Logic

    2019 Squad and signings

    Tyler has signed for Batley.
  7. Logic

    Players Awards Night

    Good news is now coming through from the club with regards to the signing of players for next season and with Benty saying this morning, that most of the lads want to stick together for a big effort in 2019, the Awards Night should be a really good night. Fans will have an opportunity to show their appreciation to those who are moving on and to those who are committing to the club, boosting their enthusiasm for the task ahead. Looking forward to it.
  8. Logic

    Players Awards Night

    I see that the lads have now been on their end of season bash, after what has been a frustrating year for all concerned. There have been some strong performances, some not quite there but whatever, the effort and commitment of the squad cannot be doubted. When you reflect on the hard work that goes in from pre-season and onwards into a long season, from part time professional rugby players who may have full time jobs and possibly young families, that commitment deserves to be appreciated by the fans. I always enjoy the Awards Night, for the opportunity to applaud them and this season will be no different. There have been no comments on the subject since the event was advertised - I hope that there are others who share my enthusiasm, rather than dwelling on their disappointment at the way the season panned out. Danny Langtree and co. deserve far better than that. Hope to see you all there on the 9th November!
  9. Logic


    Me thinks, someone still goes for the Chronicle every night!!
  10. Logic

    Crowds this season.

    As for the bigger picture, so much will depend on the outcome of tomorrow's vote and subsequent developments. The link on the Bradford forum, to a live blog of today's meeting of Championship and League 1 representatives, makes disturbing reading and emphasises that the future of our great game is very precarious - sad times indeed.
  11. Logic

    Coventry at home

    Wembley was great and a memorable occasion - a large stadium makes a spectacle out of the game, BUT there's nothing quite like being close up and a feeling of connection with all the action of the game of rugby league. We'll have that back tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. BRING IT ON.
  12. Logic

    Newcastle Away

    A win at Newcastle is certainly crucial to our play-off chances and should be another cracking game. If we win and other games results go our way, with Workington at Bradford, Hunslet at York and Doncaster up at Whitehaven, then we could be up in 3rd place by Sunday night and then, a 2 week break before Coventry at home. It will be another tough game, but I'm looking forward to it already and wishing the lads, the best of luck in bringing back the 2 points. COME ON OLDHAM!!
  13. Logic


    Really looking forward to this game. It should be a cracker, with so much at stake for both clubs. It will also be a chance for our OWN squad of players to prove that they are capable of 'achieving' what they were signed up for at the beginning of the season. The next few weeks will be tough, but when the going gets tough 'the tough get going'. A good crowd too, getting behind the lads when the pressure is on, will hopefully give us the win and set the ball rolling for the end of season 'push'. COME ON OLDHAM!!
  14. Logic

    North Wales Crusaders

    Looking forward to the game and pleased to see the conditions better for those on the pitch today. Not a barbecue day either, so one less excuse from the fans. Come on Oldham - let's get back to winning ways. To Crusaders fans - enjoy your afternoon, apart from the result, of course!
  15. Logic

    Keighley Away

    I was hugely disappointed with our performance last night and make no excuses for our defeat against an exceptionally enthusiastic Keighley team - we lost our way and cohesion in the early stages of what was a scrappy game. However, what was evident from both the Keighley players and fans, was something that is often seen when a club has been going through a period of adversity and that was an energy, bordering on frenzy. The pre-match announcement that an investor had been found and a new club Chairman appointed, clearly buoyed everyone and quite rightly so. A wonderful night all round for Keighley but a sad one, for all from Oldham. The point I'm making is that sometimes, when a young team lacks maturity, circumstances can influence the outcome of a game and that seemed to happen last night, but a different performance next Sunday could well prove the point that we haven't become a poor team overnight, especially if we manage to get some players back after injury. As Dave says 'keep the faith'.