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  1. Good to hear the news this morning, that we are continuing our dual-registration with Huddersfield for the 2017 season. Also interested that there were other clubs interested in pairing up with us, proving that what is happening at Oldham is now receiving recognition for the way the club handles such a relationship, to the mutual benefit of both partners. Another positive part of the 2017 jigsaw.
  2. Excellent news. Quality signing in a key position.
  3. Yawn! This really has become a tiresome debate. Yes, we are all entitled to an opinion but to be pontificated to everyday as if no-one else has a clue about what should happen - in an ideal world - is getting beyond a joke. If you don't want anything to do with it, and some of you obviously don't, then you don't need to, just get on and enjoy your other interests, in business, politics or tiddly winks, whatever takes your fancy.
  4. What a fantastic result and the trophy is similar to the F.A. Cup. We'll have to make a special place for it in the trophy cabinet.
  5. Well, the final game day of the season has arrived and a lovely day it promises to be too. A great day to celebrate STAYING UP in the Championship and show our appreciation for the tremendous efforts of all involved this season. WELL DONE THE 'YEDS AND ENJOY THE DAY!!
  6. The statement from the club said that the lease on Whitebank had been given back to the council, not that the club is homeless and that Whitebank is no longer the base, so there's no reason to believe otherwise unless we are advised so, in due course. Also, reading the statements from both our club and Avro FC, it appears that the plan is well advanced and the planning application is imminent, so I assume that is the reason for the timing of those initial statements - before anyone 'got wind of it' and the rumours started. Mind you, that happens anyway, so it's a no-win situation.
  7. Having only today, got over the excitement of Sunday's game and our consolidation (against all the odds!) in the Championship, I'm sure that I will not be the only one now looking forward to the final game of the year. What a welcome change it will be - in a position to enjoy the final game and an opportunity to celebrate the fantastic achievements of the Roughyeds in 2016 - without worrying about the outcome. Not a great distance to Dewsbury, so I hope those who are able to do, will travel there and join in the celebrations to show the players and coaching/backroom staff how much we value their tremendous efforts in what has been a long, hard season. COME ON OLDHAM!!!
  8. Any progress is positive news and that's something we've all been waiting for, so can't see a problem. After all, we all want the club to be back in Oldham and if we are now going to get some action to take that forward that's great news. The detail will come out in good time but the opportunity is now clearly there, after a lot of hard work behind the scenes, so lets just hope all goes to plan and the future is in Oldham. In the meantime, let's get behind the lads tomorrow - see you all there?
  9. Good for you, Dave, fame at last! An interview with Jack and Trevor - hope Jack let's you get a word in - that would be a change.
  10. Interesting to see on the Whitehaven club website, that a collection is being made amongst club officials and fans, as an extra incentive for their team to win on Sunday. Well, I know money matters, but players should always do their best for the club and fans once they have signed their contracts. Knowing the spirit that exists amongst the Oldham squad and backroom team, our lads will go out on Sunday and do just that, playing with pride for everyone concerned with Oldham RLFC as well as themselves, just as they did to achieve Championship status. COME ON YOU 'YEDS .
  11. Quite right, Tosh. Positive thinking all round.
  12. Excellent work, Dave. Perhaps, just perhaps, the 'absentees' may take some inspiration from a taste of just what they are missing at Bower Fold and return for the final games of the season.
  13. Can't fault that ambition at all - AIM HIGH - why not!!
  14. I'm going for all home wins: Batley by 8 London by 20 Leigh by 6 Workington by 4 Bradford by 24 Oldham by 12 (but, by just 1, will do nicely!). Fingers crossed!!
  15. Good news for us today - all results gone in our favour. Swinton, Workington and Dewsbury have all lost.