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  1. The match videos, especially now enhanced with OCR commentaries, the quality shots in the photo gallery on the club website and all the match day updates - all great stuff. Well done to a 'top' media team who are committed to giving the fans a great experience and lifting the profile of the club. Incidentally, another good addition to match days are the new 'interchange' boards, sponsored by ORSA. Anyone else noticed?
  2. No, it's 5 pm in the U.K, 6 pm in France.
  3. According to Oldham Community Radio, this morning, the squad who are flying out does not include George or Ben Davies as both have injuries that they need to give chance to heal in readiness for the Easter games. Scott Turner, now fit, also travels and DR is also available but Scott Naylor is not revealing his hand. OCR will be giving updates, apparently. I think we all agree that confidence is high, but it will be a tough encounter - our lads will get on with it and give it their best and hopefully not pick up any further injuries. Good luck to them all, also to all travelling fans - I will be there in spirit and following the tweets and reports with nervous anticipation. Fingers crossed! COME ON THE ROUGHYEDS!!
  4. A situation like this is always harsh all round. However the facts are, that the pitch was deemed playable around 1 pm, one set of posts was put up, but once the match commissioner had arrived and cast doubt over the suitability of the ground, the other set was left pending a final decision made by him at l.45 pm. It was not that an official pitch inspection had been planned by anyone for 2 pm, just how it evolved as conditions worsened.
  5. For a start, how about getting a copy of the Oldham Chronicle tonight, which is to include a team poster. Put it up at work and in pubs, show it to the family and neighbours to remind them of the presence of Oldham RLFC and then tell them how good the rugby is in the Championship and how proud you are of your team.
  6. Whilst I agree with many of the reasons expressed for the loss of fans in recent years, what does concern me, is the lack of support from those in the Oldham area who do have a rugby background. Some of those I am referring to, are those involved with the local amateur clubs - the juniors and their parents, some of whom are obviously have changed their allegiance to the likes of Leeds, Huddersfield, Wigan in recent times. Neither have the 'big named', Oldham born ex-players, done anything to promote the town team in recent times. The sense of connection and pride with the town team may have been unfortunately lost whilst we floundered in Championship 1, but now we are back in the Championship, where the rugby is of a much higher standard and as many fans have expressed, better than Super League, we need to entice more of those rugby folk back into the 'fold'. At a time when the use of social media seems to change the world overnight, surely that's not impossible, so let's DO IT!
  7. Another inventive and inspiring banner from you, Dave - great stuff.
  8. 4 match ban - hope George learns from this and channels his aggression into his playing style when he returns to the side.
  9. Certainly looks like a very exciting prospect and can't wait to welcome him to the Roughyeds!.
  10. Good to hear the news this morning, that we are continuing our dual-registration with Huddersfield for the 2017 season. Also interested that there were other clubs interested in pairing up with us, proving that what is happening at Oldham is now receiving recognition for the way the club handles such a relationship, to the mutual benefit of both partners. Another positive part of the 2017 jigsaw.
  11. Excellent news. Quality signing in a key position.
  12. Yawn! This really has become a tiresome debate. Yes, we are all entitled to an opinion but to be pontificated to everyday as if no-one else has a clue about what should happen - in an ideal world - is getting beyond a joke. If you don't want anything to do with it, and some of you obviously don't, then you don't need to, just get on and enjoy your other interests, in business, politics or tiddly winks, whatever takes your fancy.
  13. What a fantastic result and the trophy is similar to the F.A. Cup. We'll have to make a special place for it in the trophy cabinet.
  14. Well, the final game day of the season has arrived and a lovely day it promises to be too. A great day to celebrate STAYING UP in the Championship and show our appreciation for the tremendous efforts of all involved this season. WELL DONE THE 'YEDS AND ENJOY THE DAY!!
  15. The statement from the club said that the lease on Whitebank had been given back to the council, not that the club is homeless and that Whitebank is no longer the base, so there's no reason to believe otherwise unless we are advised so, in due course. Also, reading the statements from both our club and Avro FC, it appears that the plan is well advanced and the planning application is imminent, so I assume that is the reason for the timing of those initial statements - before anyone 'got wind of it' and the rumours started. Mind you, that happens anyway, so it's a no-win situation.