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  1. 2018 Admission prices

    Why? The OP clearly states that it is a comparison of central seating prices. He doesn't suggest they are a comparison of cheapest prices
  2. 2018 Admission prices

    No, click on tickets, then on the highlighted text like that says 'online here'. Why, is that incompetent? Does it have to be so explicit? Or can people to navigate a website all by themselves?
  3. 2018 Admission prices

    Really? It takes two clicks from arriving on the website to be on the ticket portal
  4. Old RL paper

    That would definitely make it 1996 - although I can't remember too much about the ARL/SL content
  5. Old RL paper

    Yes, I think it was
  6. Old RL paper

    No, you're not crazy, it was definitely glossy/magazine style - certainly on the outer four pages - it might have bee paper inside, I can't remember that bit in as much detail
  7. Old RL paper

    I am pretty sure it came out on a Friday - cant for the life of me remember its name though. Was it Super League Week or something? IIRC, it ran from about 1996-98 (maybe not even that long). Was
  8. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    I agree that the idea is a good one, but if RLWC21 is going to meet it's targets, stadia with greater capacity need to be locked it at all possible opportunities
  9. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    No, I am referring to the one that Cornish Pirates are trying to get built, which will be 6k capacity (with the hope they can develop to 10k in the future), which I believe is the same one you are talking about, but plans have clearly bee downscaled from the original 16k
  10. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    Sound great, but surely we want to be aiming for venues with a capacity greater than 6k?
  11. rfl block minga

    Read the quoted text, it tells you all you need to know. Games missed injured are factored into the equation. Therefore he has to play in 75% of games that he is available for. Injured = unavailable Suspended = unavailable Fit but not selected = available
  12. rfl block minga

    1. They are! 2. It wouldn't
  13. Toronto

    I am sure is was $1m over 3 years, rather than per year
  14. Toronto

    FFMM was already there