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  1. philipw

    NRL on Sky this season

    Viewing figures still count if someone records and watches later I believe, so it probably won’t have a huge influence on numbers, IMO
  2. philipw

    SBW to Toronto??

    Saturday was one, for starters, wasn’t it? Did t they play some ‘home’ games in the UK last season? 17th March vs Batley at Hull KR and 6th April v Sheffield in London too.
  3. philipw

    SBW to Toronto??

    Not SBW, according to Brad Walter
  4. philipw

    SBW to Toronto??

    As it currently stands, yes. They have played a number of 'home' games in the UK
  5. philipw

    WCC Gold on Sky Sports

    It’s on at 1030
  6. No, it gets prioritised in comparison to other incidents county wide. Given the serious cuts in deployable resources, as a result of slashing government cuts for a decade, if someone has had a heart attack, serious road traffic accident etc, they will naturally be higher priority as there is risk of loss of life. This is particularly so in this case, as there was medical staff on hand. Whilst it is unpleasant for Will Hope, clearly life-threatening injuries are a higher priority than a seriously broken leg. Whilst it is not ideal, I reckon if they went to treat WH first, and a member of your family suffered massive complications/loss of life due to no available ambulances (as one was sent to a lower priority event), you wouldn't be overly happy. Therefore, surely you must understand the need for prioritising incidents and allocating resources in such a manner? I think you massively overestimate the training most SJA staff receive. They are essentially no more than fined first-aiders. Clearly WH needed more than fist aid, but was deemed necessary of high-priority emergency treatment.
  7. Its a contact sport, and these things genuinely do happen, particularly as players get bigger, faster and stringer and the structure of the body struggles to manage the forces put through the joints during certain movement patterns. However, training is monitored in so many ways now, with the introduction of GPS, heart rate, session intensity, perceived wellness ratings etc that managing actual land is done probably as well as possible, given current knowledge of the subject area. However, emerging research will always allow improvements in that regard.
  8. philipw

    Sky Sports Mix

    They used to show highlights later in the night/early morning of each live game (a one-hour programme), but I don't know if they have done it this season
  9. philipw

    Sky Sports Mix

    Just record them then
  10. Of course YAS should (and did) prioritise - if there were others more needing of emergency treatment it is 100% correct that he was left waiting (especially given that he had medical attention on-site). Yet you say they let him down? How exactly have they done so?
  11. Given they, self-admittedly, couldn't treat him further, what exactly do you think SJA are going to do?
  12. No wonder they can't afford to when others don't bother paying what they owe 😉
  13. There wasn't a car owned by any member of staff that someone could have used? Come on, lets have it right. YAS have obviously prioritised the job on its merits and demands on its resources. There is nothing that was stopping other modes of transport to a suitable hospital.