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  1. philipw

    New sky format

    You mean as it is currently, with RL on SS Action/Arena, and sometimes on SS Main Event? Why would it change again?
  2. philipw


    Why on earth would any merged team, that DID manage to gain supporters from Rochdale and Swinton, want to watch games in Oldham? If it were EVER to work, a stadium would need to be somewhere equidistant to each of the parties involved
  3. philipw


    You make the argument that it is winter vs summer (and by extension BARLA vs RFL), but that is simplifying the case far too much. Even in winter, there are other distractions, and many demands on people time, whether that be family, work, etc. Team sport participation in general is falling, so it is far more complex than 'the RFL took over and now it is all falling apart'.
  4. philipw

    Fantastic Maketing Plan

    Surely this bit: with the AJ Bell Stadium renting the area out as office space indicates that its not actually SRDs decision?
  5. Who is in for 2019 then?
  6. philipw

    cronulla v brisbane Direction of Pass 1. The direction of a pass is relative to the player making it and not to the actual path relative to the ground. A player running towards his opponents’ goal line may throw the ball towards a colleague who is behind him but because of the thrower’s own momentum the ball travels forward relative to the ground. This is not a forward pass as the thrower has not passed the ball forward in relation to himself. This is particularly noticeable when a running player makes a high, lobbed pass.
  7. philipw

    cronulla v brisbane

    Also nothing to do with the definition of a forward pass
  8. philipw

    cronulla v brisbane

    Well, you might want to check the rule book then, as that is the only book that is important
  9. philipw

    cronulla v brisbane

    That, in itself, does not make it a forward pass
  10. philipw

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    New strip also launched on Monday
  11. philipw

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Partners announced (Dacia), and a sneak leak at the shirt, which looks smart and not cluttered at first glance
  12. philipw

    Joel Tomkins to.....

    So? The reason he has moved it clearly affected by recent events. There are no criminal charges, so why is there a need to lock any topics that end up discussing that?