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  1. Thats as maybe, but he is certainly capable of moments of magic. Is he any less inconsistent that Benji Marshal was in the earlier years of his career?
  2. Yep. You saying he isn't sold as a star in the NRL or for NZ?
  3. If it is an ACL, there is no chance of him playing in the WC
  4. I would suggest he means marquee type players
  5. That just shows the reliance on central funding though, rather than own income generation. I know CH has burnt many bridges re: sponsors etc, and therefore future income is possibly lower than it could be, but that is not SL or the RFLs fault. Other clubs have managed to develop their facilities without huge funding (featherstone being a prime example) so it can be done.
  6. Budget for the minimum in central funding & use the excess to improve the structures, i.e. stadia, community development etc
  7. Maybe the £75k each for L1 is to promote the development of teams in that league, whereas the sliding scale in Ch is to encourage teams to build their business as well as the team?
  8. So you don't agree that clubs should be rewarded for finishing higher up the league table?
  9. What gives the impression I am a Salford supporter?
  10. How on earth is winter rugby the answer?
  11. Me? Oldham born & bread and support the club I grew up living next door to!
  12. Feel free to breakaway - it will be the death of semi pro RL, as ALL funding would be lost, TV deals are possible would be for much less than currently receiving, no other centralised income would be forthcoming either. As for Swinton, sad though it is, what has that got to do with SL? Oldham were IN SL when they went bust, as were Bradford; its financial mismanagement that is the issue there, not the governing body.
  13. Mainly due to the fact that recreational drug use (possession) are illegal, whereas alcohol is not
  14. I think the next TV deal will bear minimal resemblance to the current one. TV viewing habits are changing i.e. streaming, tablet use etc, hence Sky starting to break up their packages