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  1. Because if people are paying ~£40p/m for Sky, and can get similar RL content on, for instance, Netflix or Amazon for ~£5-10, how many do you think would stay with Sky and pay for both? And how many do you think would cancel sky and just have Netflix etc?
  2. I didnt say they had...I said that given the cost benefit of those options (ie cost & how much revenue you might lose in subscribers vs income from revenue sharing etc) it would likely not be worth their while
  3. Given the cost/benefit analysis of doing these, I would suggest that Sky wouldn't see it as value for money....
  4. Because you want them to pay to produce the content, and then give it to Netflix, based on your postings.....
  5. But that isn't Sky's business model at all. I cant think of any sport that they share where they are the minor party (and still pay a significant amount for the privilege)
  6. Why would Sky be willing to do that, and therefore lose the exclusivity that they pay a relatively hefty sum for?
  7. Take a step back - you say 'we' would pay for the production etc. If we were to ditch Sky as a broadcast partner, where is this initial funding coming from to set up outside broadcasting units, hire cameramen, sound technicians, producers, commentators, all the technical bods required to produce the content that you want to sell to Netflix etc?
  8. So who would pay for production, broadcast, etc to provide the content?
  9. 2018 Kits

    I would be willing to bet on the Marvel jersey
  10. 2018 Kits

    Saints do - they have all been supporting autism awareness (third year on the trot now)
  11. 2018 Kits

    Yes they have
  12. Most of which are built in purpose built (modern) arenas, rather than hemmed in by houses etc. Cricket and rugby union are also in similar situations to RL, as there are no standardised field dimensions, just minimums & maximums
  13. Really? Association football (the worlds biggest sport?) pitches do not even have to be of a standardised size, just within certain dimensions
  14. Yes, but surprisingly unsurprising....