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  1. Possibly...I'd actually go as far as to suggest they'd probably complain about paying £3.50 for pretty much anything....
  2. Really? You are blaming the RFL for trying something new, rather than moaners who wont pay the price of a pint?
  3. Yes, I am certain thats is their prime motivation in trying something different
  4. Indeed, but maybe if people actually got behind these kinds of initiatives (novel idea here, I know....) there would be more money raised!
  5. So people want the RFL to create new revenue streams, bring in more cash so that clubs are more stable, but won't pay the price of a pint to help with that & be involved in an attempt at innovation? Ok then..... Some of the comments on the Facebook announcements this morning are embarrasing
  6. Yup - Insurance is covered by the RFL Food - would the players affected not be paying for their own food when at home anyway? Or are people on here of the belief that they don't eat apart from post-match free meals? (Slightly disingenuous, I know). Toulouse may well have paid for all expenses, but they weren't covering transatlantic flights, so their budget may have gone a little further.
  7. KIT Sportswear
  8. Even better when you consider he wrote his car off on the way to the game!
  9. I know where your coming from, but three names in nearly twenty five years isn't that excessive :-)
  10. Any more so than playing home games in, say, Perth? or Wellington?
  11. Thats not even the case in football though - the Bosman rule changed that over 20 years ago
  12. It was 17.5k, last Wednesday
  13. Didn't they tweet the other day that 19k had been sold?
  14. Fixed that for you