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  1. The last I read there was no evidence but he copped a ban anyway. Glad to see it has been quashed. In these cases you seldom hear what words have been used so reckon it should be consigned to the ash bin now.
  2. I donated a tenner yesterday for you, lads.
  3. Hi guys, I have not posted on here for quite some time so I am unsure if, further down the list, this has been asked already, but here goes... Are you going to this year's World Cup? I fly on 22nd October and land in the early hours of the 24th in Melbourne. I have tickets for the opening game, fly to Sydney on 31st October for the Lebanon game and then to Perth (where a group of about 55 supporters from Hull including my dad and step-mother will be flying into). I had also planned to meet a good friend and watch the game in Canberra on 3rd November, my birthday but unfortunately he passed away suddenly a few weeks ago so I'm going to the Home and Away set instead. After Perth, it is back to Melbourne, to Auckland, and then of course onto Brisbane for the final. I think England finishing second in the group is a reasonable prediction so the last 3 destinations are based on us doing that - although I am sure someone will correct me if they believe differently (flights are booked now, like so it is tough if I am wrong ha). When the World Cup is over and England have shocked the whole sporting landscape with victory, I am going to stay there. I am 30 this year and it is my last chance to get across for a year or two so I am going for it. I look forward to your replies. Cheers, Adam
  4. I've got it on the planner now!
  5. I don't know, does Mason have IRA connections?
  6. If we can reproduce our attacking performance of Sunday past I expect us to get something. Wakefield perhaps shocked Castleford with their lasty-gasp victory at Wheldon Road and will be confident after that. Craig Hall is playing against us for the first time as well and will no doubt want to prove a thing or two. Rovers by 10-14.
  7. I thought he could have grabbed him initially, but the obstruction is undeniable. You're being a bit unfair on his fitness. He was involved in everything we did going forward and put a shift in defensively. He is a complete player and no doubt wants to make an impression and lead from the front being the club's captain. He was very active in defence and this shouldn't be understated. He played 19 games last season, and we have the benefit of Maurice Blair should TC need a rest occasionally so I don't see it as being as much of an issue as a lot are making out. James Donaldson was brilliant but unfortunately has dislocated his thumb that required surgery so he is out for 6 weeks. I was most pleased with his signing; I've been a fan for some time because his game is build on defence, and he is very good at what he does in that respect.
  8. I'm extremely bored of the Ben Flower story. It is done and dusted, Let it go...
  9. Aye. He was born on the west bank of the River Jordan in December 1958.
  10. I can't believe this is still newsworthy. The Sun ran a supposed exclusive (it wasn't an exclusive at all) on Ben Flower last week. What really wound me up is that it'll be the only time in 2015 that our game gets column space on their back page. Good luck to him when he gets back.
  11. I don't like Assem Allam, I never have. He has treated Hull FC extremely poorly to the point where I really do sympathise with our cousins across the water. This situation has been growing since Allam and Pearson parted ways and the latter purchased Hull. First he took down Hull FC-related pictures down from the walls of a suite at the KC and said they could go back up for a ridiculous charge, and most recently suggested he may shut one stand for some Hull home games. Now it has been suggested that he will increase the alcohol prices for Hull fans from £3.80 to £4.20, and he has pulled the plug on manned turnstiles, so everyone who wants to go has to buy a ticket in advance. This may prove to be even more difficult than before because it is unlikely that Allam will keep the ticket office open on match days. I consider this an attack on Rugby League. He can swivel for all I care.
  12. It seems the RFL are trying to bridge the gap between Super League and the Championship. I've always said that annual out-and-out promotion and relegation between the two division won't be of any benefit to anyone and I stand by that. Nothing changes in respect of the top 8 playoffs, or indeed the bottom 8 but it is the middle end that is quite interesting because that is where the aforementioned 'gap-bridging' seems to be happening. We have seen, albeit on the odd occasion, that a lower-placed SL club can come unstuck against a high-flying Championship club, or that the Championship club have pushed a SL club close. The only time we see this is in the Challenge Cup. From 2015 Championship clubs will now have a chance, on a more regular basis, to compete against Super League clubs. If they succeed we must give them a shot at the top 12 league. This is their opportunity, but it also tells SL clubs that they will no longer be able to fall back on 'buy outs' to avoid 'relegation' or be 'kicked out' like we saw with a couple of clubs during the licencing era. I liked licencing as an idea because the theory was that if you wanted in with the big boys, you had to prove your club as a whole was competitive on the pitch, and sustainable and capable of growth off it. Unfotunately, in practice, with all things considered, it was probably the 'wrong place, wrong time' and that really bugs me. Teams from the lower leagues -perhaps just 3 or 4 however- are capable of growing as a business, building a fan based and developing a squad capable of being a real benefit to the 'Super League' but that takes time and the 3-year licencing period was introduced to do exactly that. Rovers and Widnes have benefited from that because they've both been given time to build on solid ground rather than putting everything together hastily within a few months, overspend and fall into the Wakefield/Bradford catagory. I know the format isn't to everyone's taste. It looks like a quintessential RFL gimmick to me; however, if after a few years of this, the league pyramid is strong enough competitively and supported financially that annual promotion and relegation can return without the risk of teams 'going to the wall' from leftover debt as a result of relegation or overspending leading to debt as a result of promotion, then so be it. Personally, I don't think Promotion and relegation is the be-all and end-all; it seems the majority like it so it has returned. The RFL have listened to the fans in this regard, but they must know that it'll kill teams by just simply introducting it straight out. This format, to me, seems like a 'bedding in' period with the aim of returning to what the majority of supporters want to see.
  13. Mysons was the one that immediately comes to mind. I always got the feeling they folded and later came back as East Hull. I played for Reckitt's for a bit a couple of years ago - played in one game that on the day was so cold I was later diagnosed with frostbite.
  14. I met up with Druzik and the President of the Polish RL last year before they went to the council meeting at Wembey last year. Good to see so many countries being represented and long may that continue.
  15. I don't support promotion and relegation in its current form. Very good, mate!