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  1. Tom Johnstone

    I really like the kid. Good luck to him on his return from injury.
  2. Woods gone

    Anyone got David Gallop's number?
  3. Does anyone know the double header kick off times yet? I was going to go to Wollongong but I have changed my mind and will fly across for the ANZ games instead. I'll take in a St George game at Wollongong at some point this year.
  4. Luke Gales hair

    It is because of the abuse he has received for his hair on this very forum that he felt forced to the extreme and get a transplant, then share it with the media. Shame on you all ha!
  5. Australia vs Tonga in Hawaii

    I've promised my mate that I'll meet him in Hawaii next year so this would be perfect timing!
  6. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas, all the best from Tanunda, South Australia!
  7. I'll pop along if it gets the go ahead. It might explain why Hudgell and Pearson spent a lot of time together during the WC. I don't see the point in it though...
  8. Thousands are going to link the move to include this game at Magic with a near-future SL restructure that includes both clubs. A fair assumption, what do you reckon?
  9. Latest World Rankings

    I don't take any notice of rankings whatsoever; however, what I will say is this shows the game is played outside the NRL and M62. Hopefully people pick up on this.
  10. is this fair?

    We've had it ourselves. I don't agree with it and feel Fev have been harshly done to. To suggest there wasn't trouble at Bash when there is video evidence is a bit of a laugh though.
  11. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    I wonder what Union fans think of the ref being mic'd up and if they hold similar thoughts. I don't mind it at all if the official explains the reasons for his calls so the 'not so obvious' decisions are made clear to the viewer. I'd dump that ref cam though.
  12. Wayne Bennett can't go to Kiwis

    I'm starting to think of Wayne Bennett as a bit of a mercenary now. If he feels he has taken the current England set up as far as he can given the tools at his disposal, I think he'll leave. I'd happily see him extend though. His dour humour and cracks me up.
  13. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    My point being that in RL is it unavoidable. Foul and abusive language can be heard at games up and down the country at all levels of participation. I'm not saying it is right, I am saying it is evident.
  14. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    If you have kids don't take them to a live game then. A lot worse than what Graham said has been heard on the terraces.