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  1. Concussion injuries also occur when there has been no contact with the head. It is especially the case when players have a history of concussion. He has said he is fine but it is naturally a worry.
  2. Yes, thank God. Our major problems are on the edges. Shaw has been terrible. He is constantly out of position and inside him Heffernan is too hit and miss; mostly miss. On the other side Minns is giving Carney no chance at all. Don't let that hat trick fool you, he isn't good enough to hold down a first team place (tells you what you need to know about us really). I'll take a 1-0 win 8 days a week!
  3. Tough one for us. Looks like we gave it a good go but a suspected broken leg for Lawler, plus other injuries appeared to reduce us to 12/13 men. At one stage we didn't have a single player on the bench.
  4. Evalds to Cas

    Unless Hull KR enquire. Then they release weird statements...
  5. 100% completion rate in first half I am led to believe...!!
  6. Liam Watts

    I don't know for a fact but my mate -his brother is on Hull's books- tells me. My mate Phil from HKR Radio has told me it is just over £100k, and he is very reliable so who knows. Hull got £100k plus either way ha.
  7. Liam Watts

    Watts to Cas for £200k. Bousquet or mossop to Hull. That's my shout.
  8. Catalan - Hull KR commentary

    I'm really starting to think they do it deliberately now.
  9. Pathetic. It has happened the other way around a few times in the past.
  10. My mate spoke to McNamara. SM asked him if he fancies a game in the halves because they don't have anyone. Big occasion for Tommy Lee.
  11. If he plays. Ablett busted his rib.
  12. That wasn't our decision, nor does it have anything to do with it. We didn't bask in anything either; we had to work incredibly hard to stay up in 2007. It went down to the wire. Many our side of the river believe that had we gone straight down, we wouldn't have got a licence. You can try and spin it however you like but we earned our place and rightfully got the opportunity to prove our worth.
  13. We earned it the right way.
  14. For me the question is: is the game in a better place post Richard Lewis under NW? For me the answer is no.
  15. Western Bears NRL side

    I don't see Perth 'replacing' Norths as the initial decision to punt Norths was made a long time ago and the game has moved on a lot since then. Perth offers opportunities away from Sydney, which is always a positive. My mate is a Norths fan from birth and says it is now water under the bridge as far as they're re-inclusion goes.