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  1. I don't expect to come away with the points but Saints' record at Craven Park is poor. A win for us would be the biggest morale booster anyone could ask for right now. We must demonstrate that we are making some sort of progress, and that must start with our defensive effort and ball retention because collectively we have killed ourselves as both aspects of our game have been incredibly poor and I don't think anyone can argue with that assessment.
  2. Perhaps. My club do a lot of great things in the community, positive things. So it would seem highly hypocritical to then sign someone who falls way short of that standard. His actions were damaging and, take my word for it, you never truly let it go. It's a no from me and that's the last I'll say on it, mate
  3. A lot of us don't support this (reported) signing. Domestic abuser. He'll get no support from me if he signs. Supposed to be a community club.
  4. Worst Leeds side for 20 years perhaps. We have to go all out. We've had a bit of success over there in recent years so hopefully that continues.
  5. I have started getting into the AFL recently and as a Telstra customer I can watch every game free of charge and it doesn't affect my data usage. It appears Telstra, Fox, and Channel 7 (and 9, maybe) have some deal in place to let fans do this, and it is brilliant. Is this something Rugby League in the UK can look into? I don't know about AFL viewing figures and whether it is viable for our game but hypothetically could Sky Sports and the biggest provider in the UK (EE perhaps) strike a deal, develop an app and let customers watch games at a free or discounted rate? Is this something that could finance having video refs at all games to even out the competition in that respect? Over to you
  6. I bet you Leeds take a few thousand.
  7. https://twitter.com/SherAndLil/status/1120864791789211649?s=19
  8. 59 missed tackles v Wire. 58 on good Friday. At least we are consistent...
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