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  1. Increased. Not wishing to derail this thread, but on the subject, should teams' salary cap spending be made public? For instance, if you look at Jackson Hastings, who must command a half-decent wage; how can Salford on such low gates be able to afford him?

    Rovers Rebooted...

    Obviously not. I am now expecting improvement in 2019. That is what this informative thread is about.

    Rovers Rebooted...

    Still plenty of time. Lannon is an angry fella who will offer that, and it is something we have lacked in recent years. Keinhorst has a lot of experience at the top end. Hauraki is a squad rotational player who is tough. For me all positives.

    Rovers Rebooted...

    We are in process of witnessing some big changes at Hull KR now we've secured our Super League status. A section of supporters have been fairly vocal in their displeasure of Tim Sheens' team selections and tinkering, amid a year of injuries that saw us use squad numbers right up to 42. When Sheens took over he kept on a good number of players that had experienced relegation in 2016 and the subsequent re-promotion in '17. This season was all about survival. It would have been incredibly difficult to achieve that by overhauling the squad so we added a few players to the nucleus and got on with it. Thankfully we achieved what we set out to do and now Sheens has a bit of breathing room to finally mould his own squad. I think next season is where you can legitimately critique him as it will be his own squad with a full SL pre-season behind them. James Donaldson, Ben Kavanagh, Matty Marsh, Kieren Moss, Jordan Walne, Brad Clavering, Chris Clarkson, Danny Tickle, and our longest-serving player Liam Salter have all been released. Thomas Minns, Andrew Heffernan, and Justin Carney have also left us at some point in the year, albeit for very different reasons. Jimmy Keinhorst, Weller Hauraki, and Ryan Lannon have come in, whereas Craig Hall, Ben Crooks (at least I think he has), and Nick Scruton have signed one-year deals. Todd Carney is expected to extend his stay too. By my reckoning we currently have 30 players on the books with some more movement to be seen in the coming months. As a result I am very confident we'll see a much-improved Hull KR next season.

    Canadian Rugby Schism

    That doesn't sound like something Rugby League would do...... 🙈
  6. I'm that angry about this I don't think I can be trusted to elucidate my feelings without a forum ban.
  7. If we don't win emphatically we don't deserve to stay up. We need to be absolutely ruthless. Forget about looking good, forget about impressing people. Just beat them up and score big points. Widnes' squad is incredibly poor. They've got people out and we need to flatten them. Forget about the family atmosphere. Make it as intimidating as possible. Make it evil. No messing about. This is it.
  8. My mate. He is a Wire fan but often goes to Leigh. That's exactly it. Rather than take the big points deduction and decimate your squad, just drop down.
  9. I am led to believe Leigh have applied to join League One as they're on the verge of receiving a big points deduction and they wish to nip it in the bud early rather than drag out the inevitable next season ala Bradford.

    He's wrong!

    I pointed out to him that the number of CC final tickets sold to Catalans supporters who are flying over is about the same (probably more, actually) than Salford attract to home games. Koukash subsequently blamed the wine and suggested he had a big net. He is to RL what Boris Johnson is to politics.
  11. Maybe find a hobby or get laid or something 😛
  12. We'll win well. You can't keep saying we're missing Addy and Minns. The latter isn't even our player.

    Todd Carney to Hull kr?

    Well that one ended pretty quickly, eh. Carney was in the squad photo the day after. Social media is the devil, it really is.

    Todd Carney to Hull kr?

    Someone tweeted Rovers saying he has been messaging his 15-year-old daughter on Instagram. The tweet was subsequently deleted but I have the screenshot. Will see what happens...