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  1. Yorkshire and Lancashire, despite the banter don't hate each other the way Queensland and NSW do. The last time this was tried the one thing that really matters, intensity, was notably absent
  2. My old gang from back in the day
  3. Clouds over the hills Halifax
  4. Saintslass will be along in a minute to say this never happened and even if it did it didn't
  5. Brexiteers 2016 "It's gonna be paradise" Brexiteers 2017 "shut the **** up and eat your chlorine chicken"
  6. You're far too kind Chris
  7. Enthusiastic beginners welcome
  8. Oil City playing Rhythm n Blues, Rock n Roll and a smattering of Punk are looking for a charismatic lead singer, if you know the genre and can also play a mean blues harmonica all the better. Based in Halifax, free rehearsal room, own PA next gig is 16th September so a full set to learn. PM me if you're interested
  9. Liberals, more faces than the town hall clock
  10. Fax are playing what they've got in front of em it's all they can do
  11. Fax must be regretting that loss at Swinton now
  12. No place for Ian Thompson? what do you say Yanto?
  13. Bloody hell Clinch!!! How did I forget him?