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  1. When I see lovers names carved on a tree or a bench I don’t think it’s sweet I think it’s surprising how many people bring a knife on a first date
  2. Confessions of an Irish rebel by Brendan Behan what an interesting life he led, he would have been a great fellow to sit and have a few beers with.
  3. They’re a French nationalist party of course they are going to vote for measures which will benefit France
  4. Rant thread

    I feel your pain I’ve been in pretty much the same situation, not good customer service at all
  5. Can we not have an “angry” button for stuff like this? It goes beyond “sad”
  6. Rant thread

    Oooh details please 🤔
  7. I’m not a Labour supporter, I’ll certainly defend them from attacks from the right but as soon as we get a Labour government intent on producing and propping up welfare capitalism I’ll attack it mercilessly. So Yeah As Trojan says in his last paragraph a sense of proportion please.
  8. On a lighter note when Rangers signed Mo Johnson the first catholic to ever play for them Billy Smith marched to the boardroom and nailed a wreath to the door along with his season ticket and a card saying “in loving memory of 100 years of Protestant loyalist tradition” He then went home to sulk, after a while he thought he’d be better on the terraces singing the sash every time the taig touched the ball and ran back to ibrox to regain his ticket but when he got there someone had stolen..... the wreath!!!!!!!
  9. Charity one of the bedrocks of conservatism
  10. Agreed, they literally just don’t give a damn
  11. I’m gonna call you out on this claim and ask for proof
  12. Yeah I remember when I got made redundant back in the 80s me and the rest of the lads all trooped down to the family planning clinic for the snip, first thing we all thought of in fact.
  13. Conspiracy Theories

    I suppose we’re going off topic but I love this kind of speculation
  14. Conspiracy Theories

    I think the real world is scary and awful enough I really fail to see why people have to seek refuge in these crazy theories
  15. Conspiracy Theories

    We’re all just sims in a massive computer game played by a computer so hi tech as to be almost unimaginable