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  1. Wasn't he Welsh?
  2. Probably depends in part how long you want to keep it, and what you'll do for your next car. PCP, you're looking at a large lump sum or no car come the end of the term. If you're going to do the same again, that's probably fine. Buy outright, and once the loan is paid, you still have the car and no further cash is required if you don't want to change at that point.
  3. Hope the buckets are ready. Boom and bust if you ask me. 😂😂😂
  4. Sometimes players and clubs just don't match. Good player, hope it works out for him at Dewsbury. More to the point, Dewsbury poaching our players. 😂😂😂
  5. Someone like Jon Sharp perhaps. He got our defence organised, but seemed to struggle with attack.
  6. Whoever it is, I hope they played in the backs. Forwards coached teams tend to be less entertaining to watch.
  7. This thread seems to have gone on for a long time, given the lack of subject matter.
  8. Latest rumour on the various Fev gossip pages suggest it's John Duffy from Swinton.
  9. What performance objective was set for JS at the start of the season, and has he met it?
  10. i'd just been wondering that...
  11. Most of us Fev fans are with you on that. Not sure the reasoning will ever come out, so onwards to see what tomorrow's announcement brings. Rumour has it that Richard Agar is on his way. 😤
  12. We're all assuming that if it's true, JS will be leaving because he is being pushed. What if it's because he doesn't want to extend his contract?