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  1. Well explained.
  2. In our Telehealth Hub, we work on the basis that to have a single person on shift, 24/7/365 requires 5.4 people to provide full cover, including annual leave. This of course assumes no staff sickness whatsoever. Let's say that we want all services that currently have restricted opening hours to run all the time. Given current issues in recruiting staff in many areas of the NHS, where do we find them from? If we do find them, how are they paid for? For those that are interested, information about some of the Telemedicine services we provide, and their benefit to patients
  3. People who block book meeting rooms and then don't turn up and use them.
  4. It's seriously confusing, and that coming from someone who has worked in NHS finance for 13+ years, part of which was dealing with VAT returns!
  5. People driving at 25mph on a clear road, because the fields to either side are covered in snow so it must be really dangerous to be driving.
  6. Comments from my employer. Interesting thoughts from a readers comment also, I wonder where we would get either the staff to increase our bed base by over 50% back to it's original quota given struggles to recruit, never mind the cash to pay them.
  7. You're quite right, clearly some people turn up to A&E when it's not the most appropriate place for their treatment. Any good ideas on how to stop them?
  8. In many ways, the current state of the NHS reminds me of our great game over the last few years. Regular changes to the structure in order to try to fix a variety of problems, without sorting out the underlying problem which is a shortage of cash.
  9. I've no party political allegiance, never have had. My views vary from left to right, dependent on what the subject matter is, but no matter what my political view is, there are certainly somethings in the NHS that aren't working. There are lots of things that don't work properly that are caused by the structure of the NHS, a couple of which I've outlined in my earlier posts. Political interference of any colour, and the consequential funding of the service is usually the biggest issue however, not helped by an unwillingness of any government to stop changing the structure and accountability in order to focus on the key element: the patient. That said, stating that there is no problem with the current situation across both primary and secondary care is simply ignoring what is clearly happening.
  10. Walking around our site between meetings at the end of the last week, I've never seen so many patients being moved around, and visitors and staff rushing about. What is usually called "Winter pressures" (i.e. seasonal demand) is definitely kicking in, with huge pressures for beds and services through the hospital. What is most concerning about this, is that you'd expect things to be at a peak if we had a particularly cold spell, where trips and slips, hypothermia, etc would see a spike. It's not been that cold though, so it's scary to think what could happen if we do see a cold spell. We've not seen particularly high levels of flu or norovirus outbreaks in the community either, both of which would usually lead to increased demand for services, particularly amongst high-risk groups such as frail elderly and those will long-term conditions, such as COPD. My role doesn't get me out into clinical areas much, as the only area that I support in my role that is patient facing is Telemedicine. Even in this area, I don't see patients first hand, as they are all being treated remotely using our technology solutions to support patients in their place of residence (at home or in care homes). Despite this, for the first time ever I've come across nursing staff in tears, exhausted after working unpaid hours well in excess of their scheduled shifts in order to try to provide good care. That isn't the sort of thing that should be happening in a workplace, and it's not because of my particular employer as it's being replicated across the entire country.
  11. If you want to look for management waste in the NHS, then look no further than the regulator that is supposed to ensure trusts are well run. In the next three weeks, we will have to submit a set of quarterly accounts to them. Nothing that outlandish, until you take it into consideration that this will have to be done on three separate occasions in three different formats. There is no reason whatsoever for this, as once would suffice. This is just one example of such farcical interference to ensure trusts are run efficiently. 😬
  12. Yes they did, advising to stick to 85% occupancy to deal with winter demand. At the same time, NHSI sent a memo saying don't postpone surgery to keep any beds vacant in order to ensure trust income isn't affected. Just one example of trusts being in the firing line, whilst the left and right hands of the regulators and central control continue to blame anyone other than themselves.
  13. Went for a wonder around Marsden today, to get a bit of fresh air and clear my mind ahead of the return to work tomorrow. Marsden Moor by Gareth Hughes, on Flickr
  14. As with the rest of the Leeds players, they were being beaten at home by Wakey.
  15. As opposed to bust rugby, such as at Odsal?