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  1. gazza77

    Toronto and visa's

    As sensible as that may sound, I find it difficult to believe that the Canadian government will change their immigration rules just to allow a handful of RL players in.
  2. gazza77

    fevnut's blog: Fev v London

    You need to stop believing things you read on Facebook. 😉😂😂😂
  3. Given Leeds play Friday, I wonder if it's possible one of their half backs would double up for us on Sunday, as Briscoe did the other week. Probably wishful thinking.
  4. gazza77

    Permutations then....

    Win next week could be enough. Loose, and it's still possible. Win both, and we're not dependent on other results.
  5. gazza77

    Gaz hock

    At least he should be available for London, as disciplinary isn't as quick to review for us compared to SL.
  6. gazza77

    We could still qualify

    That's 22 point difference swing. 😉
  7. gazza77

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    James Cowton at the Southern 100. Not a good week for motorcycle road racing. 😢
  8. Who do you think we could/should have signed? Can't be many decent halfbacks available, especially that we could afford.
  9. gazza77

    Toronto and visa's

    £2k to hire a coach! Are they having one each?
  10. gazza77

    Toronto and visa's

    The same Visa restrictions will apply to anyone entering Canada. The RFL won't have a say in that...
  11. gazza77


    That sounds familiar to me, from when I used to commute into Leeds.
  12. gazza77

    Obesity in Children

    I think that perception is also an issue. At 5ft 10 and 12.5 stones, my BMI was borderline overweight, and given I'm not that big built or athletic, probably is a fair assessment. Despite this, whenever diets, weight or exercise was ever mentioned, I was generally told I was fairly slim. Even at my heaviest of 14 stone, people rarely thought I needed to loose weight. I'm now at 11 stone, having lost weight steadily since Christmas. That puts me in the middle of BMI for my height, and I feel far better for it. No major changes to lifestyle to achieve this, simply adding a half hour a day dog walk, plus keeping a closer eye on calorie intake, so if I eat a lot one day, I'll try to restrain a little for the next couple. No major change, I still eat what I want, including puddings and my wife's baking, plus no restriction of alcohol either.
  13. gazza77


    For a semi rural area, we have a pretty good service, with up to two buses an hour, and a 7 day a week service that runs from early morning until late evening. There are always threats to cut it however, and the usage levels at times are pretty low. Numerous times I've been the only person keeping the driver company. Personally I don't use it often, but that's circumstance not choice, as happy to jump on when needed. Cost is a potential issue at times however, as the cost for two for the journey from Hebden Bridge to home is only a matter of pence cheaper than a taxi.
  14. Isn't it usually afternoon before it's announced? Is your watch fast Robin? 😂
  15. I iron my non-iron shirts (non M&S). I could probably get away without if dried indoors on a hanger, but they do look better once the iron has been run over them. Easier to do them though.