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  1. The Weather

    Flood siren has been going off in Hebden Bridge, and flood warnings now in place along the Upper Calder Valley.
  2. France team to face Jamaica

    From facebook, Jamaica team for today: Ashton Golding Richie Barnett Michael Brown Alex Brown Jake Ogden Jy-Mel Coleman Jermaine Coleman Jode Sheriffe Danny Thomas Jonny Magrin Mo Agoro Omari Caro Joe Brown Ross Peltier Lamont bryan Jamel Goodall Keenen Tomlinson 18th man Aaron Jones-Bishop
  3. Partnership wuth Wakefield college

    Wasn't that when they were threatening to play at Dewsbury? I wonder if they'll train there now they're staying at Belle Vue?
  4. What's this then?

    Sold the ground to build a supermarket on it. 😂😂😂
  5. The Photography Thread

    A handful from my recent tour around Scotland. Sunset fights the rain by Gareth Hughes, on Flickr Spotlight on Loch Leven by Gareth Hughes, on Flickr Morning mist over Loch Tay by Gareth Hughes, on Flickr Rothiemurcus Red Squirrel by Gareth Hughes, on Flickr
  6. Mark Campbell's thoughts

    Why not just keep it as it is, but scrap the million pound game. Middle 8s, top 4 into SL, bottom 4 into Championship.
  7. Wolfpacks new signings

    Ackers and Joe Westerman confirmed.
  8. Ginnels

    That's how I'd have described them both too, from my formative years living in Pontefract.
  9. Aurora Borealis

    I signed up a couple of weeks ago, as we were heading to some dark sky areas in Scotland. Our last night in the Cairngorms last night, so perfect location and it was heavy cloud or rain all night. 😡
  10. My employer is currently working with the British Stammering Society on a pilot to offer speech therapy remotely. Details here. No referral necessary, however you will need to demonstrate why you struggle to get support locally. I'm not close to the trial, so dont know any further details, or how wide or limited it is in terms of numbers.
  11. 2018 Squad.

    Crusaders were founded by an RU owner who fell out with the governing body in Wales. Toronto appear to be backed by a RL fan, so hopefully in it for the long term. Development wise, I hope they can start to develop players. Chicken and egg though, as they'd be unlikely to progress at the moment with just Canadian players, meaning they'd probably loose support as a consequence. Look at other Toronto sport teams, such as the Blue Jays, and you'll also see that Canadians don't seem so worried about watching homegrown players.
  12. Averaged over 7k I think for the season, or thereabouts. In don't suppose they'll bring many over here, but I don't suppose they'll get big away followings either. Focus on increasing home fans, what will be will be in terms of away support.
  13. QE Facilities in Gateshead was the first, and as you say, lots of others are noe following their lead. The VAT is obviously the huge financial carrot behind this, although as you say there is potentially an impact on staff terms too for those recruited outside of TUPE regs.
  14. My employer in the press again.
  15. Given the number of different coaches we've had over that period, why do you think nothing has changed?