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  1. Plenty of twists and turns yet to come imo.
  2. Buy a set of clippers and do your own. Job jobbed.
  3. Wasn't "cycling furiously" what the lad who hit a pedestrian a few years ago charged with? I've since looked at cycling offences, and dangerous and careless cycling are both offenses for riding without due care and attention.
  4. It's this one. Food is excellent, especially the pies. Couldn't want somewhere better to spend two minutes walking to.
  5. Just been to the local for tea. Stood at the bar in front of 7 pumps, each with a different Taylor's brew on, when someone walked and commented "they have really good beer on in here. Amstel."
  6. Exactly. Hardly rocket science is it?
  7. I seem to recall a quote saying that he had taken his hands off the bars, which is what made me wonder. If that's not the case, I'll happily stand corrected.
  8. Exactly my thoughts, hope he makes a full and swift recovery. One thought however, he crashed whilst cycling at approx 55kmh with no hands on the bars to control his bicycle. Is that not the equivalent of dangerous driving? I admit I am making an assumption here that it was on an open road, given it was a recce not a race, and thus not endangering other road users.
  9. Can I recommend my Airbnb. It takes about a hour to get to Fev on game days, good transport links to Leeds and Manchester and open countryside on the doorstep. Edit: there are loads of places to eat and drink in Hebden Bridge, and the village pub is a two minute walk. We're virtually on the Calderdale Way, and not far from the Pennine Way. Heptonstall, Halifax and Haworth are all close by and you can be in the Yorkshire Dale's within an hour.
  10. Hopefully so. I'm not holding my breath however.
  11. I always used to like a pint of Everard's Tiger, back in my student days drinking in Hull. It's years since I last saw it.
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