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  1. The Bradford chairman on the Bradford website. http://www.bradfordbulls.co.uk/article/52120/andrew-chalmers-season-ticket-day-has-arrived-whos-got-what-squad-numbers
  2. I never understand those who have to moan about absolutely everything all game long. I go to games to be entertained, others seem to go to be miserable.
  3. Micky Mouse could come over as the White House negotiator and would still walk all over this shower.
  4. Tommy was great for us, but I'd suggest he wasn't really a traditional winger in that pace and finishing wasn't really the best part of his game. His illusiveness in running across the line and finding a gap or drawing defenders in was where he was at his most dangerous. I agree with the left/right sided arguments of passing to free a winger into space, but wouldn't have expected it to have much have an impact on Tommy's contribution (not scoring record) for us.
  5. There's been a barn owl out quite often on an evening near us of late, so I've been out a couple of times when I've been back from work and the light has been decent to see if I can get a decent image of it. My technique needs some work, as wildlife is not my usual subject, however hopefully I'll keep improving with practise, and a little luck if it comes reasonably close to me again.
  6. May's deal doesn't have the support it needs without the DUP either. It now at least seems clearer where we're going to end up. ??
  7. Is he aware of this? ????
  8. Did a quick Google. Looks like prior to his student days, he played scrum half at Ripon RU. Still, he was clearly better yesterday than I'd have been after I'd been a couple of years at Hull Uni. ???
  9. That would make sense. Conditions were a mare for someone young and inexperienced to be making their debut against such experienced halves. That said, good to be able to call on a reserve player, when we realistically he would only be 4th or 5th in line at present if we had a fully fit squad.
  10. What is McDaniel's proper position? I'm sure he was listed as a winger when the reserves were announced.
  11. It's certainly going to an interesting season, as bar Toronto and possibly Widnes, everyone is dropping points.
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