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  1. TFL Helpdesk

    Get a cat of your own. They'll chase other cats off, and use the neighbours gardens themselves.
  2. Major announcement

    Did he actually have any idea himself what he was trying to do?
  3. See you're playing at Beer Belly in Crosshill in June. That's run by the daughter of one of my colleagues, and Naylors do some great beers. 🍻
  4. Club statement

    Are employment tribunal decisions made public in other industries?
  5. Cheer up you lot......

    I remember a couple of seasons ago, two guys behind me moaning just after we'd scored, in a game we won, and won well. The reason? The centre had passed to the winger, rather than scoring himself. Fev fans are never happy. 😂
  6. 10 mins before kick off

    It's been the same for years. Is it a late decision, or some other reason for not announcing?
  7. M.O.M fev v Toronto

    Briscoe Knowles Newman
  8. Not at all acceptable if true. As someone who loved his visit to Toronto a few years ago and hopes to make it back some time, I was hoping to meet some of the travelling support to welcome them. 😀
  9. I was sorry to see him leave us, and am pleased he's recovered from his illness. He'd have had far less stick if he'd have spent less of the game chelping and appealing for penalties though.
  10. Exactly. It sure how that links to my post about Bussey though.
  11. If social media is correct, I agree.
  12. Bussey could be a far better player imo if he cut out the constant whinging and played to his strengths.
  13. Exactly. Best team tonight won, but I'd hope both teams could serve up better, Toronto especially given what you'd expect their squad to be getting paid compared to Fev's (and that's not a salary cap dig before anyone thinks that).
  14. We were disappointing in attack, and looked weak off the bench up the middle at times. Would have expected Moore back, but is he injured? No Clarke or Leeds lads didn't help. Toronto also disappointed me. I expected a game played as it was, niggling, persistent appealing and chelping etc, but thought they would offer more flair and also better fitness. They looked to be blowing more than we were at times. That said, I was entertained, and I'm sure we'll be back. Again, a never give in attitude was present and it's good to see.