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  1. Except they probably can't, due to limited places. 😤
  2. So, now we know that the plan for Oldham was to move Wildie to the halves and replace him with Day. I wonder what the plan for this coming weekend is, given Thacks is still banned?
  3. I guess this means one of three things. 1. Briggs is injured. Unlikely, given the "no place" comment on the website. 2. JS believes Wildie to be the better stand off. 3. There's been some sort of falling out...
  4. I suspect I can see where you're going wrong here.
  5. If you look at where Toulouse are this year compared to Workington last year however, you'd see one is a far better team than the other. Comparing apples and oranges really.
  6. Far better 2nd half from Bradford, and ill-discipline from Fev who slacked off considerably. 44-18 final score.
  7. I'd be surprised if it's sold outside Fev. Could you use your temporary address to have stuff posted to?
  8. Not the first time this has happened. We need to stop having the captain's run! Presumably Briggs or Day into the squad, unless someone from Leeds has suddenly become available.
  9. Well they'd be experts on that.
  10. The SV and the Sprint.
  11. I'll post some pictures later. 1st bike, Suzuki SV650S. Loved it, was fun to ride and sounded great with no baffles. 😈 2nd bike, Triumph Sprint ST 1050. Great to ride, lovely power delivery and excelled 2up. Terrible reliability however. 😠 3rd bike, Benelli Tornado. Sexy as hell, and sounded like nothing else when you wound it up. Far more reliable than the Triumph, but such an extreme riding position was never comfortable for long. Current bike, Ducati Monster 1200. Only owned since Sept 16, but all good so far. 😁😁😁
  12. My employer in the local paper, clearly not popular news!