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  1. gazza77

    The Kitchen

    All the way past the top. 😜
  2. gazza77

    The Kitchen

    Aga and microwave is where our cooking starts and stops. Toaster is another I suppose, but you can do that on the aga as well...
  3. Obviously he was, we lost. He'd have been best ever had we won, thems the rules.
  4. I'm not familiar with Leigh's squad, however Fev have 3 Leeds DR this week, which indicates 16 non Leeds in their squad. If Leeds were to run a reserve team, I'd hope they'd have more than 3 of their own players in it...
  5. gazza77

    British/Irish Dialects

    So when you sit down at 1pm on Christmas Day, are you having your Christmas Lunch then? 🤔😜
  6. gazza77

    Noise Levels

    I think you're missing the joke. 😉
  7. gazza77

    Noise Levels

    Give em £2and they'd blow the speakers on that basis. 😉
  8. gazza77

    Macauley Hallett

    The third of our triallists in pre season appears to have signed up at Keighley. Coincidence given our loanees with them, or are we forging a link in the division below as well as with Leeds?
  9. gazza77

    Noise Levels

    I don't mind the volume in general, but would like it knocked back a touch, just to stop the amount of distortion from the speakers. Perhaps it's so loud due to the average age and subsequent deafness of a lot of the speccies. 😜🤣🤣🤣
  10. gazza77

    Our Ref for Sunday

    Squad is usually announced on a Friday for Sunday games. It's due 48 hours before.
  11. gazza77


    As long as it's not left and right. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. gazza77

    No matchday programme?

    Possibly one makes money and the other doesn't. I'd suspect dvds will disappear in time.
  13. I wonder if he'd be kind enough to share it then.
  14. gazza77

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    E tickets, or just online sales?
  15. gazza77

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    They might be in SL, however I'd suggest not many Championship clubs are. A good idea, but not cutting edge innovation. It is continued progression from Fev however.