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  1. I'd imagine not until after fixtures have been announced at the earliest.
  2. gazza77

    M.O.M. Championship Shield Final

    Newman Hardman Robinson
  3. gazza77

    2019 Squad

    I hadn't realised that Duffy was also out of contract, given his extention earlier in the year was top 4 dependent. I'd like him to stay, however whoever is coaching us next year I'd hope would be having a significant say in the shaping of the squad.
  4. Either availability or I guessed wrong then! 😜
  5. He is, though I'd still classify him as a Leeds contracted player in this instance.
  6. Two, Harry Newman and Dakota Whylie, the latter of which has signed a 12 month deal with us for next year.
  7. I'd suggest either availability, or wrong positions covered. Only guessing mode you.
  8. Squads announced. Just the 10 new faces across the 2 squads, 7 for Leigh and 3 for Fev.
  9. gazza77

    Rant thread

    I used to have home insurance with Hastings. Got my renewal through for the 2nd year, about 4 times the previous year. Went on a comparison site, 10 minutes later I had a quote back at the same cost as the previous year. The new company? Hastings...
  10. I was only wondering earlier today when this story would break... There's a few trusts in my patch affected by this.
  11. Thackeray and Davies confirmed as suspended for Fev. That's another two unavailable, making 17 may well be wishful thinking.
  12. gazza77

    Now Thacks could be banned on Sunday too

    Confirmed as Thacks and Davies both out. Particularly disappointing for Thacks, missing out on what would have been his final game for us.
  13. Did all 3 subs make it on to the pitch, or just named to get us nearer to 17?
  14. The deadline has passed for registering new signings, so no, they couldn't.