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  1. I quite fancy Corsica, and Sardinia for that matter. Nowt at all planned for this year yet, which isn't like us.
  2. Been watching the Hairy Bikers?
  3. Winter Resiliance Funding (i.e. the extra £350m announced in the budget to support winter pressures) is now being distributed, along with a series of caveats. I'm led to believe that one of these is that it must be used to support the organisations bottom line at the year-end, i.e. if you had a plan to break even and we're giving you £500k, you have to now make a £500k surplus...
  4. 2018 Squad. HTH.
  5. Rant thread

    £278 in 2018 for CIMA fees, which I have to pay to remain my qualification...
  6. Easy journey this morning. 1hr 10 mins from Oxenhope to Peckett Well this evening, due to abandoned cars and questionable driving standards following a couple of inches of snow. 😤😤😤
  7. Wasn't so bad when I was heading over last night. Shortly time to see what it's like this morning.
  8. Regrets

    Good few years ago, I was offered a trip to San Fransisco with my then gf (now long since ex). Pay for flights, stay with her friends so no accommodation to pay. I turned it down, as I wasn't fussed for visiting the states. Kind of wish I had now, as it's a city I'd like to visit.
  9. 2016 Reserves. Where are they now?

    Whilst I'd love to see us back with a reserve team in a competitive league, this is probably a good example of why we are where we are in terms of a reserve team in the current environment. Since ours was disbanded, how many of the reserves have stepped up with another club...
  10. Regrets

    Regrets? I have a few...
  11. Rant thread

    Following yesterday's snow, I've discovered Calderdale council have dramatically cutback on gritting routes. Pain for us, and for some in the area it now means potential isolation as they appear to be leaving the majority of the rural areas to fend for themselves. 😠
  12. Rant thread

    Why the hell would you be capitalising £80? Management accountants in my experience can often struggle with cashflow in my experience, as it doesn't impact on what they see. Likewise, financial accounts staff can often struggle with accruals and prepayments. It's in part the downside of working in larger organisations, in that you don't get to see the full picture. That said, if they're studying or qualified, they really ought to have at least some grasp of it.
  13. Rant thread

    We'd not worry about that, we wouldn't be looking at transactional info daily. Our payments team would love you for that efficiency though.
  14. Rant thread

    The reason behind this is often "authorisation". If an invoice is received into the finance department, they cannot pay it until it has been approved by the department that has actually requested the goods or services has authorised it. Department is too busy to deal with any paperwork, invoice doesn't get paid. I had a good example of this myself recently, given that I actually work in an NHS finance department. I am going on a training course to Birmingham in a couple of weeks, and needed train tickets. I couldn't get them ordered, as we were on "stop" with the company that we deal with for travel booking. The reason we were on stop was non-payment, which in turn was because the last invoice had to go to 20 or 30 different people to approve their relevant charges and not all had done so. From an audit perspective, this is good governance, as it ensures budget holders are accountable for their expenditure. From a practical point of view, it can be a real pita.
  15. Landlord/tenant issues

    I think we're what is usually termed "reluctant landlords". It suits...