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  1. gazza77

    The Photography Thread

    In Copenhagen at the end of November.
  2. Exact the same with STF (or whatever it's called today) funding.
  3. gazza77

    Rant thread

    "I dont do Christmas cards, so I make a donation to charity." I was unaware that offering your friends and family seasons greetings and making a charitable donation were mutually exclusive. 🤔
  4. gazza77

    The New Coach, what are our hopes and expectations?

    Competitive team and entertaining games is what I'm hoping for, with signs of development and improvement through the season.
  5. gazza77

    Reserve grade for next season

    What scouts? Therein lies the problem.
  6. gazza77

    Jarrod S

    It does show how big the disparity in funding is. I should also caveat it that along with it being based on a speculated wage bill, it's also possible that value would include coaching staff. It also shows why that on having a 50% fall in funding, we've not retained the higher earners and where contracts were offered, they've been significantly less. Little wonder so many players have moved on.
  7. gazza77

    Jarrod S

    It's said that our wage bill last year was about £600k for a 23 man squad. Take those 3 out, and your left with about £450k for 20, so about £22.5k each as an average. We also know Ridyard was a FT player. I'd reckon it could well be correct as well.
  8. gazza77

    Reserve grade for next season

    Perhaps the solution for opposition in the absence of other reserve teams would be to take 34 of them on. 😜
  9. gazza77

    Ryan Bailey

    Which regular lad, and why would they miss out?
  10. gazza77

    2019 Squad

    What's to resolve? He's under contract and MC has been quoted as saying he's staying.
  11. Had Robin sponsored him for 2019? 😜
  12. gazza77

    Rant thread

    It's a 4 times a year meeting, two video, two face to face. Today was the latter. Ho hum.
  13. gazza77

    Rant thread

    Whose idea was it to have a 70th birthday party today anyway? 🤣🤣🤣
  14. gazza77

    Rant thread

    Rail travel. Usually I like travelling by train, but today has been an ###### of a journey. I'm due in London for a meeting at 10am, near Victoria. 5am alarm so that I can get Northern's first train of the day at 5.47am which gets me to Leeds on time, but then a 30 min delay due to train problems on LNER. Set off, only to get told the service is terminating at Doncaster due to a train hitting someone near Newark. As the service I'm on is electric, it can't be diverted. Get transferred to another service, and currently still heading to London with an uncertain eta. Certainly won't make the start of the meeting, may not make it at all. Not the fault of the TOCs today, but still infuriating. Thoughts with the person involved in the incident however, there is always someone worse off...
  15. gazza77

    Rant thread

    Npower. I recently moved house, and wanted to remain with SSE for my supply. Today I've received my final NPower bill, which is an estimate. I contact to tell them it is wrong and ask them to correct it with the actual meter reading. They refuse, telling me that they got the final "estimate" from SSE. I know that to be cobblers, as I've already given SSE the correct reading. Bunch of muppets.