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  1. how do you solve a problem like korea?

    Here's hoping this is just talk. Just out of interest does anyone know who the British guy at the end of the media matters clip is?
  2. Scottish Football= a question

    I lived in Manchester at the time. across the road from the City of Manchester. Disgusting is the one word that comes to mind.
  3. The Culture Wars

    It shows my age that my first thought when seeing it again was 'wow, that's a great apartment.' My second was something about Jennifer Aniston that is probably rather left unsaid.
  4. President of USA (Merged threads)

    For it to be classed as racism it would have to be something that he is only doing to minorities. This is obviously not true as you can see by this NY Times list of the 424 people, places and things Donald Trump has insulted. You'll notice that there are people of all colours and sexes: I first became aware of the reality of Trump after watching the 2011 documentary You've Been Trumped. The way he acted to the local Scottish people was disgusting, he said that one resident Michael Forbes' property was 'slumlike' and he was living like a pig. He then did all manners of things to try and force them to give up their properties. Had they been black, it would've been near the top of the list of racist incidents. You have to question what the point of the article is. Because if it is trying to convince anybody (which I don't think it is) then it will fail miserably. Those examples that are questionable at best just undermine the examples that are not, meaning that the people that you would want to convince don't bother treating it seriously. Just because we might be anti-Trump doesn't mean we have to accept every single bad claim made about him as fact.
  5. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Just so we're clear when he calls Obama a terrible student it's racism, when he calls everybody else names with no basis (which he does all the time) it's not racism? I've made it clear what I actually think, if you want to characterise it into something else feel free.
  6. President of USA (Merged threads)

    My apology, he said he was a terrible student. So because we all agree that Trump is an idiot, all claims written about him are treated as proof now? Was it racism when he said Jeb Bush was low energy or talked about lyin' Ted Cruz? My point isn't that he isn't racist, there are a couple of examples that are very damning (the Mexicans quote for instance) but conflating them with anytime he did or said something bad to an ethnic person just allows his supporters to roll their eyes and dismiss it as a hit job. It is self-defeating IMO. There are plenty of actual concrete examples of Trump's unsuitability for president to be getting on that would be far more effective than simply shouting racist everytime he does something stupid. This simply confirms to his support base the idea that some on the left overuse labels to the point they are ineffective.
  7. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Whilst this claims to be a definitive list, it actually does nothing but make his detractors look hyperbolic. Some of these claims are so spurious it makes it easy for his supporters to see it as a hit job. Amongst this list are examples such as where Trump has called Obama a terrible president. Seriously. This list is largely just a list of times he's been mean to ethnic people. Because we all know Trump has never said anything bad or done anything bad to white people. Take the comment this week about sh*thole countries. It has been used as a cast iron example of racism when other people use it all the time about obviously non-racist situations. I'm not saying he's not racist, at the very least he makes ill-informed generalisations about different peoples but articles like these just make it easier for his defenders to defend him.
  8. The Culture Wars

    I wouldn't say this is the best because it repeats some of the less convincing arguments. For instance, the Roman sources idea isn't very credible and is easily explainable. This is then taken to the extreme by mythicists though who use it as evidence he didn't exist. This is a problem if you are trying to account for the Jesus of the Gospels, miracles and all but not if you're talking about a minor Jewish preacher. There are literally no written accounts of contemporary Jews at all. Put it this way outside of the Bible Pontius Pilate, the prefect of Judaea for 10 years and therefore its top man, is mentioned in a whopping two surviving written sources.
  9. Scottish Football= a question

    And that was unsustainable. Scottish football is a different beast altogether because Celtic and Rangers have dominated for so long and are so much bigger than the other clubs. Football seems immune to the decline that other sports would inevitably have in the same situation. The sport is such a part of the culture that people don't tend to stop going if teams are doing badly. However, the Old Firm have always been top class sides but this is becoming the case less and less. I just wonder with the modern world and awareness of this whether they will be able to sustain this situation indefinitely. I'm pretty sure if Celtic and Rangers could find a way into English football they'd have do it in a heartbeat.
  10. Scottish Football= a question

    You have to wonder how long the current situation is sustainable. Being a Celtic fan can't be much fun surely?
  11. The Culture Wars

    I've always found early Christianity a fascinating subject but for me mythicism is a lot like climate denial. If you're not an expert you can listen to a talk from a proponent and come away thinking they've made some good points and even totally convinced. You often need an expert to debunk it and then it becomes about who you trust more because they often accuse each other of mistruths.
  12. The Culture Wars

    What is also very telling about this earliest account is that it was translated from Aramaic. There are a couple of puns that don't work in Greek but do in Aramaic. It is well known that Paul never met Jesus but in one of his letters he states that he's going to Jerusalem to meet James the brother of Jesus. The Catholic church, amongst others, have tried to suggest that this means a metaphorical brother but it actually makes no sense because it is the last name in a list of who he is going to meet there. Why are the others not 'brothers' of Jesus? Perhaps the most convincing general argument is the fact that if you were inventing the Jewish messiah, Jesus would be a terrible attempt which is proven by the lengths the early Christians had to go to to try and squeeze him into this role. As for the crucifixion, the evidence for these periods are so scant I would always stay away from assertions about what they would and would not have done.
  13. The Culture Wars

    Ironically I first heard about the Jesus myth on this very forum (probably 15 years ago+) and I was interested for a number of years. Then I realised I wanted it to be true rather than necessarily treating it objectively. It comes down to the issue of whether you can trust the bible or not. Because there are pretty obvious fabrications and mythical aspects, mythicists will use this to completely discount the Bible as a source for Jesus because of its unreliability. This of course isn't how we treat any other source material from this period. To me, Jesus is a pretty obvious legendary figure but to think he is a myth requires a far more unlikely sequence of events than if he wasn't. Occams razor very much applies in my opinion. Mythicism is a very fringe position amongst Biblical scholars, even atheist ones but it isn't amongst the atheist community. To bring this thread back around, the chief proponent of mythicism, Richard Carrier, was also responsible for the first major embarrassment for Atheism+ (the doomed attempt to make the atheist community about atheism+feminism +social justice etc) when he wrote a bizarre blog rant about kicking out the irrational from the movement.
  14. The Culture Wars

    It is yeah, 100% is impossible but I think it's far more likely to be based on a historical figure than to be an invention.
  15. The Culture Wars

    I suspect (with the greatest of respect) that there might be a generational as well as being in Australia. Growing up for me, being involved with church was literally the naffest thing you could do; it was social suicide to be a practising Catholic. And I went to the only Catholic secondary school in the town! Nobody would come away from my experience of the church thinking that the priesthood was a viable career. It was complete boredom in near empty churches populated by often miserable sanctimonious old people all in a culture that had long stopped respecting it. It was very strange when I first went to Ireland and seen it from that perspective. My in-laws are like a mirror of my family and are pillars of the local Catholic community (it definitely follows me around). It still commands great respect and the priest will literally pop in unannounced expecting tea and cake etc. I also taught in a rough school on supply but when the local priest came in they all stood up and went silent. Very odd. Since then I've had experience of a Catholic church where it is the only one in the town (in comparison to Widnes where there used to be 9 or so) and it was different, had much more of a community feel with a lot more children attending, was a lot more wishy washy too but that could be down to the priest. One thing I'm not a fan of is is the Jesus Myth stuff. If there is one thing that proves that atheists can be just as irrational as their religious counterparts it is this.