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  1. This is another problem with our system, it doesn't work as it was initially intended. Look at the outrage over the leadership debates; really we shouldn't be having one at all because we are not voting for a leader. Of course we all know that people do vote for leaders probably far more than they vote for local candidates.
  2. Pretty sure all parties have a councillor like this somewhere.
  3. Can't see what's so wrong with this. I can do this with my own children.
  4. It would have to move significantly before they changed tack. It is still very early days and manifestos haven't been released yet so there's a good chance things will change as the campaign goes on. Edit: it was actually brought up last night on question time that the Tories were overusing these clich├ęs and it has been noticeable elsewhere. I suspect they'll soon realise that it is being well over done.
  5. In some ways I think it benefits her to keep a low profile. She comes across as the stateswoman who is above it all. She might also have factored in that with Corbyn's approval ratings being so low it is better to let his face be all over the place.
  6. We should be entitled to it but we're not. It's just another consequence of an ineffective opposition, she can let them do all the running in the knowledge it probably won't make a jot of difference.
  7. Why would she if she doesn't have to? Some people seem to think she has to give people a fair chance. I think they've taken the very logical route of playing it very safe. They are after all 23 points ahead.
  8. Seems to be a pretty genuine fight. I'll pay for it with a few of the lads round. PPV is an odd thing I think, how they sold paying for something you used to get for nowt I'll never know. I have a sneaky feeling that Klitschko will have one last hurrah. There is an expectation that the new kid will take over the mantle but Klitschko has all the experience in the world.
  9. This is obviously their logic behind it but they are way overdoing it. Make America Great Again was a slogan and take back control was something that could be said by any Brexiteer naturally. They're using strong and stable too much and the coalition of chaos sounds cringy if said more than once. When coming out of multiple mouths it's obvious that they've been told to say it so it could backfire. Not enough to lose them a 23 point lead like.
  10. I think this is wishful thinking. Most polls have shown that when UKIP votes have fallen the Tories has gone up while Labour's has stayed stable.
  11. Other polls disagree. All within the margin of error I'm afraid.
  12. Exactly. The past week has been somewhat interesting for me personally. I'm traditionally a Labour supporter but one who is angry with Corbyn and his supporters for taking the Labour party to an unelectable place especially at such a crucial time. If I'd been called up by a pollster in the last year or so, I certainly wouldn't have said I'm voting for Labour and on the odd day I might even have said Conservative. Since the election, things have changed and it's woke me up a bit. Anger at Corbyn is no reason to vote Tory; I'm pretty much opposed to everything they stand for especially those further to the right. It's similar to Brexit, dismay with the EU led me to question it for a bit but as soon as the reality became clear I quickly moved to a remain vote. My point is that I think there will be people like me who have expressed frustration but when the reality of Labour vs Tory comes into it will vote Labour. Something akin to the shy Tory, the reluctant Labour voter. I won't be voting Labour because I have the luxury(!) of being in a safe seat and I want the far left to fully realise how unelectable they are. It will only be by contributing to the vote percentage but so be it. If I were in a marginal seat it might be very different. The one sticking point is Brexit. Hard Brexit or not I think the Tories give the impression that they will be more pro-Britain when negotiating and the comparable shambles of the Corbyn leadership doesn't fill one with confidence when negotiating a deal with the EU. A couple more polls today seem to be falsifying my theory however and there has been little to no movement.
  13. I'd suggest that would be the worst poll as the turnout is so low.
  14. 82 years is how long my house has been in a Labour constituency. And we wonder why people are voting less and less.
  15. This is what I've been trying to say. Seeing as though Corbyn is so disliked by the general public I've been surprised how it has reverted to normal. It is one of the reasons I suspect he'll start to do better as the campaign goes on. A poll today has Labour up 4 points and the Tories down 3 for a lead of 16. Very tentative and of course it's within the margin of error but it might be the start of some movement.