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  1. Memes and Funny Videos

    Check out @HarryL97’s Tweet: I also can't help but find this hilarious.
  2. The Culture Wars

    It wasn't that point I was making lol, I've no issue with the religious (not any more!) it's more that they don't get off the point in 2 hours. I'm pretty sure you're religiosity would've meant you could have moved on. Especially seeing as the podcast wasn't supposed to be about religion!
  3. Rather than ruin the joke thread I thought I'd start another. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets passed an array of funny stuff. I like stuff like this:
  4. The Culture Wars

    I'd watched some of his stuff without being a fanboy but it wasn't until I heard his first podcast with Sam Harris that I was really turned away. If you're thinking of listening don't bother. Peterson is properly religious and he and Harris never get past whether you can define objective truth without God.
  5. The Culture Wars

    It's hard to pinpoint what I don't like about Peterson. There was very little I disagreed with him on during that interview although I don't think he articulated some of those positions well. I've been aware of him for much longer and I think he is too far to the right on other issues for my liking. For instance he's very cosy appearing on right wing media programs and has appeared to question things like climate change. He is a good example of how I feel uncomfortable that I share a number of opinions in this area with people I otherwise fundamentally disagree with. It is also true that a number of people who are currently loving the interview will be some of the most deplorable figures imaginable. Sadly much of the left thinks of these issues like Cathy did in the interview. To borrow a phrase there is a third way and there is a seemingly small number that are able to deplore identity politics whilst not becoming Fox News devotees.
  6. Worst TV adverts...ever!

    It's gonna taste Great!
  7. President of USA (Merged threads)

    We'll just have to agree to disagree. If Trump makes it to the election, I know who I'll be putting my money on. A bit of a charity wager might be in order. As I said, if he makes the election.
  8. President of USA (Merged threads)

    You're conflating two entirely different things. Regardless of where his support came from, he still only won by a relatively tiny number of swing voters in a few states. He could still very easily have been a phenomenon that drew significant amount of support in the rust belt but lost the election. You could equally ask why so many working class ex-Labour voters voted UKIP at the 2015 election. It didn't mean they were going to win though. You treat his election as an inevitability and treat the rust belt as a single unchangeable block. It was far from such and IMO was the result of a perfect storm for Trump. Things are likely to be different next time. He was always a polarising figure and as such doesn't have much room for growth in popularity. He also can't rely on the Democrats picking such a disliked and flawed candidate as Hilary Clinton.
  9. The Culture Wars

    It's probably worth pointing out to those who dont know that Peterson is the person who Lindsay Sheppard was reprimanded for showing a clip of. As I've said I'm not a fan but the idea that he is so dangerous that his ideas cannot be shown in a University setting is absurd.
  10. The Culture Wars

    Yes, if you'd never come across him before (which almost all British people haven't) i think they'd have sided with the interviewer at least initially and just presumed he was a misogynist. If you know his opinions (or are generally well informed) you know why he's flabbergasted at certain times but he isn't really explaining himself well for a lot of it. By the end it is pretty clear he's got the better of the exchange but how many will watch for that long?
  11. The Culture Wars

    All too predictably the usual basket of deplorables have started hurling abuse at Cathy Newman meaning that any point that might have been made will get lost in the furore.
  12. The Culture Wars

    I figured it would end up on here! I've said before that I don't like Peterson and I don't think he came across well in that interview. There is something so awkward about him. If you were a casual observer, the clear impression would be that he was a misogynist who held outdated views about women. I think it is only people who are aware of the background of Peterson's arguments who know how terrible an interview it was. Some of her points were just bizarre. Someone like Steve Pinker would've been able to articulate many of the same arguments better without appearing cold.
  13. President of USA (Merged threads) here's a pretty decent article outlining in detail how even if the effect was only 1% it changed the outcome of the election. You're missing the point though. The race was incredibly tight and a lot of things went Trump's way. He has only lost support since then and the democrats will be unlikely to pick such a flawed candidate again. He'll find it extremely hard to get re-elected.
  14. President of USA (Merged threads)

    I don't think Hilary Clinton will have the fact that she was the most unpopular person in America as one of her excuses for losing. Let me ask you, in an election decided by a tiny number of votes in a few key states, do you think the following had no effect: 1) The reopening of the e-mail question by Comey a few days before the election. 2) Democrat complacency based on the fact it was presumed he would win.
  15. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Did I deny it was a huge upset? All I'm saying is that there is a reason it was seen as a huge upset. It wasn't all about experts getting it wrong but about the fact that it was an unlikely event. This is why there is no reason to suggest it would happen again. The odd time we beat the Aussies doesn't mean we'll beat them again the next time.