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  1. It has basically boiled down to: 'I'll get a deal because I'm dead good.' Apart from Raab of course who is still talking about the opportunities that a no deal will bring.
  2. I don't think all the left are afflicted by this by any means but it is prevalent. I probably was guilty of it a little bit when I was younger. I think you could argue that much of the the vehement anti-Israeli rhetoric we see, is actually part of the wider anti-Western movement that Orwell is talking about. What I think is quite telling is I think most people of Corbyn's ilk would think their anti-American/western feeling was as a result of events post WW2 and during the Cold War, I'm thinking Korea, Vietnam, CIA interference etc. What Orwell demonstrates is that it goes back far earlier and to a time before they were so obviously the dominant world power throwing their weight around. There is obviously something more going on than a clear, objective viewing of real events.
  3. How dare you accuse Brexit party activists of being delusional conspiracy theorists!
  4. Corbyn has again got himself into hot water over the way he has handled the accusations that Iran have attacked Oil Tankers in the Gulf of Iran. The accusation is whenever something like this happens like at Salisbury, he automatically sides with the opposition. I was going to post this earlier, when the discussions about the British Empire were going. Orwell wrote an essay on nationalism in 1945, where he is talking about how often people fall into the trap of picking a side and then defending everything that side does etc. One of his examples is anglophobia: He also says this about pacifists: Written 74 years earlier, these could almost have been written about Corbyn and many of his supporters. Does anybody really doubt that if he were around at the time, he'd have been defending Stalin and the USSR?
  5. Orwell wrote an essay in 1945 on nationalism. He doesn't actually mean it as we mean it (about actual nationalities etc) but more as a descriptor for people who act a certain way. It is what we would call today people who've picked a side and then feel they have to agree with everything on their side and disagree with everything against. This is exactly what has happened with SJWs and their opponents. The Women's World Cup strikes me as a good example of what is happening on a much wider scale. 10 years ago say, there would have been almost universal agreement on the following point: if women want to play football, they should be allowed to and if women's football grows it will be a good thing. I'm not saying people wouldn't have took the mick about how good it was, but there wasn't as much out and out opposition like you see now. However, an issue soon comes up that causes a disagreement that soon crystallises into out and out animosity. In this case, it was the debate around the profile of women's football and whether it should be actively promoted despite being very small. The implication was also that women's football was somehow being suppressed at the expense of the men's game. You then end up with semi-ridiculous claims like the women should get equal pay (despite the profile and income being about 100th the size) and that if it got the same media coverage it would be equal in size. You end up 10 years later with one side who would've been for women playing football, ridiculing the standard of the current World Cup incessantly and actively choosing to not watch it, seeing it as being politically pushed by a liberal media etc. This is of course a ludicrous position. I don't remember anyone ridiculing Jess Ennis or Kelly Holmes despite being far slower than their male counterparts. There is an understanding that they are incredible female athletes but can never match the mens because of their genes. It just demonstrates how quickly things can become toxic and how people's positions can change based on what side they're on. Edit: as an example of this, I was surprised to see my brother tweeting last night about a well crafted goal: I'd presumed he'd be against the whole thing.
  6. It is not only the momentum lot who have a horrific view of Blair's government for reasons other than the Iraq war. To the anti-SJW crowd, they are the worst as they hold them responsible for the massive immigration policies. My younger brother, who has gone down the anti-SJW rabbit hole, expressed this view and I was gobsmacked. The Blair government was the only time in my life when things noticeably improved in my area.
  7. So it means that they are comparable as in one isn't worse than the other? Which is pretty much exactly what I thought you'd said. And is a pretty ridiculous claim IMO.
  8. You said that their (the communists) record compares very favourably to the British Empire. Seeing as though I'm wrong in thinking that this implies that they are comparably bad, can you explain to me how it doesn't?
  9. I agree. They'd struggle to even formulate a manifesto because they're such a diverse bunch. They might go down the route of saying they'll deliver Brexit and then call another GE.
  10. That's less surprising. It is the big issue of our times and for many the only issue. However, if we had an actual GE campaign I'm not sure how they'd fair. They'd be forced to have other policies which would cause all sorts of problems.
  11. I honestly don't know what their strategy is. As a pro-Brexit (but not hard Brexit) party they are very unlikely to sweep up voters disillusioned with how the Tories have handled Brexit. That will only be the Brexit party. They are however, very unwilling to come out as anything like an anti-Brexit party despite the fact that this would see them comfortably ahead in the polls. I can understand this position, a short term boost could cost them in the long run in this current toxic climate.
  12. They've been out of power for nearly 10 years, are in opposition to a party overseeing the greatest disaster in our lifetimes and are polling third. You couldn't make it up.
  13. There is a lot right with this but I don't think we'll be honestly able to assess the British Empire for many years to come: there is still too much emotion and politics involved. The widespread understanding that building empires is inherently bad is remarkably new; the exact opposite was the default position for most of human history. The British Empire straddles the old way of thinking and the new and suffers as a result of this. We largely don't judge the Roman Empire badly because it conquered and subjugated people. There is an understanding that it was how things were at the time. Despite the fact that they oppressed the native British and enslaved many of them, it is uncontroversial to give the opinion that the Roman Empire was good for Britain. Orwell hated imperialism as a direct result of his own experience. However, in response to the Corbynites of his day, he makes the obvious point that if the had British pulled out, all that would've happened was that the Russians or Japanese would have stepped in.
  14. You more than implied the first and the second was used as an example of something we hear a lot from people on the left that is equally hyperbolic.
  15. There is literally no comparison. Funnily enough, I've not long finished reading an Orwell lesson where he addresses the determination of some on the left to see false equivalences and constantly paint the west as the true bad guys. It was of course more than just an annoyance at the time because it had helped contribute to our woefully unprepared state in 1939. It might sound good and get you applause in your echo chamber to say things like the Empire was just as bad as communism and Trump is as bad as Hitler but it doesn't make it true.
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