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  1. Well that's just brilliant.
  2. I think the comparison to athletics is technically a good one. Does winning the Decathlon have greater prestige than winning the 100m, long jump or high jump? It's a greater physical feat but that doesn't make it harder to win. The problem comes because of the macho image of combat sports. This too often reduces boxing to purely a test of 'who is the hardest' instead of being about a sporting contest with a strong physical aspect. In this sense it will always lose ground to MMA because the hardest boxer will lose a fight to an MMA fighter 99/100. By Mayweather essentially claiming that this is essentially a fight instead of a boxing match, he brings ridicule on himself and on boxing. Unless he knocks him out cold and completely embarrasses him I think boxing comes out of this badly.
  3. This is why I think it's a bad fight for boxing. Everyone knows that in a 'real fight' McGregor would win. This was alluded to a lot in the press conferences and no doubt will be again after the fight. If Mayweather was in any way intelligent or humble he'd say 'so what?' Nobody thinks Usain Bolt isn't a great athlete because he wouldn't win a Decathlon. The way it's been presented allows MMA fans to belittle boxing as a lesser sport because of it. Mayweather of course doesn't help matters by claiming he would win in the Octagon.
  4. I'm not a big UFC fan but I recognise that there are differences in stances etc Listening to MMA fans and watching a fair bit of analysis I was under the impression that McGregor is such a heavy puncher that if he could knock Mayweather out if he catches him clean. I didn't get that impression watching the Diaz fights. Don't get me wrong he can clearly hit but Diaz took his shots and took both the distance. He's almost certainly not going to catch Mayweather as often or as cleanly and it's not like he has a glass chin. He's took shots from some of the biggest hitters in boxing. He could of course knock him out but it would have to be his absolute best shot and it's not likely he'll get it off that often. As for Mayweather, if McGregor stood in front of him defenceless he'd knock him out easily. If McGregor's defence is as bad as it is likely to be, Mayweather could almost be getting free shots. He looked rocked by Diaz's punches a couple of times.
  5. I don't know who the Doctor Who XIII will be but they'll probably still beat Widnes.
  6. Can't see that, I don't think Sky even have it yet. It's $100 in the US, same as Pacquiao that was £25 over here. As McGregor is relatively local they'll up it but that'd be suicide. I'm near certain to buy it but wouldn't for that.
  7. I just watched his 2 fights against Diaz. He's not got a hope in hell unless he catches him with a one in a million shot.
  8. It depends on McGregor. If he hits as hard as is claimed then the longer it goes the larger the chance he'll finally connect. Mayweather only cares about himself and the fact he'll get hundreds of millions for this. It's nearly certain to be his last fight as he'd never get bigger and is getting old. If he could finish it in 1 he would even if it made boxing look bad. This isn't a game of tennis, one mistake and you can get put in hospital. McGregor finishing it in 1 would be amazing for him and not dent his future prospects one bit. It'd improve them if anything.
  9. I've changed my mind about the likelihood of Mayweather knocking McGregor out. I based my original prediction on the fact that despite Mayweather not knocking out many boxers for years, when taking basically a free shot (Ortiz) it knocked him out no bother. The logic was that Mayweather has found it hard because of the high level of the boxers but that McGregor's boxing level will present Mayweather with far more opportunities than he's used to. This still might apply but Mayweather has been pretty honest in some interviews in the years since he 'retired.' In one I listened to recently, he said his body was shot after the Gatti fight (2005) and he had to change his style. His damaged hands have been well publicised. I'm starting to think he might just bore it out. Like I said earlier, the conferences did a job even on me that McGregor could catch him and knock him out. I still find it hard to believe but you never know in a sport like boxing.
  10. There's nothing I dislike more than divisive identity politics but if your first reaction to a female Dr Who is that you'll never watch it again then you need to take a look at yourself. It doesn't bother me one jot that it's a woman or that she's from Yorkshire. I didn't watch it before and I won't start now!
  11. Well the 4 scheduled press conferences didn't show anybody in a good light not least the human race. The borderline racist, homophobic and sexist slurs were a sight to behold. I honestly don't great the McGregor thing, everyone hates Mayweather for good reason but love McGregor for doing pretty much the same things. Had some aliens been circling Earth and caught sight of it they'd have buggered off to where they came from. That said, it has done the job it was supposed to do which is to put the element of doubt there about whether McGregor can actually knock Mayweather out. The doubt is all that is needed for people to buy the fight. His popularity, difference in size and age as well as sheer confidence will have many thinking that he could win. Even Mayweather has been talking it up which is a dead giveaway that he's not at all worried. Aside from Mayweather I now think this is not going to be good for the sport of boxing in comparison to MMA. McGregor has been given every chance to belittle boxing, calling it a quarter-fight or a half-fight and stating the obvious point that if they were to have an actual no rules fight he would win easy. Unless Mayweather knocks him out very early on (unlikely given his approach to boxing), MMA will be the winner. A dour fight that Mayweather wins easy on points won't do them any good and god forbid if McGregor actually won.
  12. I had my second child about 13 months ago. Coincidentally I haven't brewed or played anything meaningful on my piano for just over a year...
  13. It will be a non-event but I doubt it's been decided beforehand. The reason is simple, Floyd has nobody to keep happy. As long as he wins he gets his $100m and will almost certainly retire for good. If McGregor has any chance of knocking him out then Mayweather would want to end it quickly. Interestingly, many in boxing are unhappy with the fight because it is a circus and they think that it is a no win. If the unbelievable happened and McGregor won, boxing would be diminished but if a record number of PPV buys see a mismatch then it could also be bad for boxing (like Pacquiao-Mayweather). I'm not sure it would be good for MMA seeing their man knocked out in 30 seconds.
  14. Also, people say that Mayweather isn't a big hitter which is true when you consider the fact that he's doesn't knock many out. However, he's fighting world class boxers and trying to balance not getting hit with trying to hit them. If he's able to get his cleanest shots off on someone relatively easily they're not gonna last very long. He's not a big puncher compared to other boxers but he is compared to non-boxers.
  15. Well I can now add 'Mayweather-McGregor will never happen' to 'Trump will never get elected' and 'Corbyn will lead to electoral annihilation for Labour' as 3 of my worse predictions of the last year. As RL fans we have some experience of cross sport ventures and in many ways the relationship of Boxing to MMA is similar to RL to RU; one is a less complicated version of the other. The result is always that the team playing their own code wins pretty easy. Perhaps the best example is Wigan-Bath. As a professional side, Wigan were clearly the better side when it came to core rugby skills and destroyed them at RL. Some (like Stevo) even thought they'd win the Union version but they were easily beaten on the return because they were useless at rucking and mauling and all that. An MMA fighter having a go at boxing is probably more like a RU side playing RL. Most aspects of RL are part of RU but much less frequently. It is therefore potentially easier for them to adapt to RL than vice versa. The problem is in the intensity, experience and technical ability. We saw this when Sale played Saints and both were pro sides. In RL Sale held out Saints for a while but they couldn't keep it up and once the floodgates opened Saints started scoring at will. If the All Blacks decided to play a game of RL, they'd probably be a tough game for some relatively established sides. They would tire but their tackling, passing and running skills would see them able to score points and stop them. However, they'd struggle against the best RL sides. This is one of McGregor's main problems, even if he is the equivalent of the All Blacks he hasn't challenged Salford or Wakey, he's challenged the Kangaroos. I believe Mayweather will find it easy and knock him out early on. He is technically so much better at boxing than McGregor and fought consistently at an incredibly high standard. McGregor's boxing naeivity will be huge gaping flaws to a boxer of Mayweather's calibre. He'll pick him off at will and although not a huge puncher he'll be able to get his best shots through to the point where McGregor will get knocked out. Some people appear to think that McGregor might be able to make up for lack of technical ability and catch him with a huge punch. This has 2 big flaws, 1) the best boxers of a generation couldn't catch Mayweather cleanly enough and 2) when they did, Mayweather has shown he has a great chin. Probably his worst fight was against Maidana, a big rough puncher with the ability to connect. Mayweather never looked in trouble of getting knocked down. Mayweather is currently only 8/11 to KO or TKO McGregor. If this fight happens, that looks like buying money.