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  1. Carl Benjamin has always been a pub bore. He's part of a whole anti-SJW crowd who think the right to be offensive means that you should be offensive wherever possible. Whilst I recognise that it was just humour, I'm not going to feel the slightest bit sorry for him. The fact he responded to it by calling her a b*tch says it all. Call me old-fashioned but I quite like public figures to have a certain level of class.
  2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. It is only own leavers insecurity that means they feel the need to resort to this 'everyone thinks we're thick' line.
  3. I think the opposite for a Euro. People will be more motivated than usual to turn out. Sadly from my perspective, it seems to be cliff-edge supporting parties that will be more motivated to come out.
  4. There is a real similarity with what we've seen in the 'culture wars.' A major event has caused a realignment of views which has crystallised pretty quickly into people picking a side with allies and enemies. The reality is that people largely on the left (including many remainers) think they're making great points but their adversaries aren't listening. To them it's all just a smear campaign and to be fair the overuse of terms like racist and facist make it easy for them to ignore it. I think Lammy went over the top and it was actually counter productive. I have a brother who used to laugh at the ridiculous of the Express, Mail etc who now retweets them as well as quotes by the likes of Farage. All he cares about is being right about Brexit.
  5. You have a very naive view of what should appear on the news. It has never been and will never be a list of what has had the most fatalities in a given day. In 30 years time, we'll all remember the time Notre Dame had a huge fire, none of us will remember 8 people dying in a tornado in America. If you've got any problems with that, take it up with human nature.
  6. I'm not going to change from my position that anybody who refuses to accept that trans people exist is a bigot.
  7. Now for my real rant. I've just swapped the car from a Renault Captur to a Kadjar and most aspects of the car I like. Apart from the key. Some probably overpaid genius has decided that people don't want keys that can go on a keyring. So instead we have a massive separate keycard that we have already accidentally left in the car once. It always reminds me of a Dave Gorman bit where he talks about a child with a drawing and how if you leave them with a good drawing they've done they'll eventually ruin it by adding more on and colouring too much etc. He compares this to certain products where they've been perfected but companies feel the need to keep trying to change it to the point they end up making it worse. There is much about modern cars that I feel are like this. Other examples include the stop/start button and the removal of a proper handbrake to be replaced by a switch button.
  8. My mum looked at me funny the other day when I said I'd given something up for Lent. My response was along the lines of whether she still gives presents at Christmas. Like most people who are only culturally Christian I pick and choose the bits I like. I always liked the challenge of Lent so still give something up. This year it was chocolate but I failed without realising; I was out golfing and needed something for a snack half way round. They only had Mars bars and didn't realise until later that evening. The good thing about picking and choosing is that I don't have to go to confession, I just go 'ah well.'
  9. If I refuse to accept homosexuality as natural, does that mean I'm not a bigot either? This wasn't a gender pronoun issue involving some college kids trying to force people to call them zhe or zir. It also wasn't about whether she should be prosecuted for accidentally misgendering her. It was a woman calling a transwoman a grown man repeatedly and purposely to her face. Some hero you've got there.
  10. Loma predictably outclassed Crolla last night. Whole fight is on Sky Sports YouTube. Despite the mismatch, it was still good to see Loma in full swing.
  11. Of course but I suspect Farage will get in the media much more than UKIP.
  12. Isn't it just a 'leftist' tactic to associate alt-right with Nazism? I'm surprised to hear you acknowledge this. You actually also called me a racist before you called me a leftist. Before you came along on this thread we used to have genuine nuanced conversations around many of the issues that you bulldoze. One of those is the use of white as an acceptable pejorative term by many on the left. Another is around trans issues, for instance whether trans athletes should be allowed to compete and whether a transwoman is the same as a biological woman. What isn't debated is whether trans people have a right to exist and whether they should be able to identify as a woman after they've been through a sex change. This would be bigoted. Which brings me back on to Candace Owens and her wonderful debate with Blaire White, where she continually called her a man, not as an accident but on purpose.
  13. I agree with this. Polls have them evenly split but I suspect as we get nearer the election, the Brexit party will replace UKIP. UKIP was always the Farage party and it has veered to an even more unpleasant place than it was at previously.
  14. Well what a superb defence for treating a bigoted moron as a respectable public intellectual.
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