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  1. I must admit I don't fully understand this. Nurses aren't on great pay but surely their pay isn't low enough that they are using food banks? Are they talking about a specific type of nurse because there are plenty of jobs with lower wages than nurses.
  2. Yeh I just watched it, coalition of chaos seems to have gone away a bit.
  3. Every time I think Corbyn is not so bad I'm reminded of his shadow cabinet and his supporters.
  4. Much is being made of May's interview on Marr but I definitely think it is depends on how you viewed her before you've watched the interview. If you've made up your mind that the Tories are evil then of course you're going to think she didn't do well. I didn't think she did too badly at all. She naturally speaks in quite a stuttery style so all this talk about her being stumped is just wrong. She answered them like politicians always do, including Corbyn when he was pressed last week. The point is if you liked May before the interview there was little in it that would make you change your mind. She controlled the interview and got across some of the main points that she wanted to. She also made the idea that the BBC are biased against Corbyn frankly laughable. For the record she used strong and stable 3 times and coalition of chaos 0 times. I suspect they're starting to realise it hasn't worked.
  5. Three polls in a row have Labour on 30+ this weekend. The Tories are still posting in the low to mid 40s. I think this reflects the two campaigns so far and how poor the Tory campaign has been and how Labour have managed to wake up a few of those frustrated with Corbyn to the reality of the Tories. I know it because I'm one of them and I have found myself softening to Corbyn a bit this week. There's still a long way to go but there is a real chance of momentum being built for the Labour party. With the nature of modern politics, I'd be very concerned from a Tory point of view if the polls narrowed to a point where it looked like Labour has even a sniff of a chance of winning. I'll be interested to see if May moves away from her widely ridiculed soundbites today because I think they're being counter effective.
  6. I tell you one thing, I wouldn't sit in one of the red seats if it was a tenner and on my back field. I went to Hatton when he was at the City of Manchester (virtually my back yard at the time) and it was a good experience but I couldn't see a thing and my seats weren't the cheap seats by any stretch. Not only are they far away but the rigging gets completely in the way.
  7. Exactly. One poll had the Tories only 11 points ahead last week. I actually suspect it is a little bit of movement for Labour. Corbyn has had a lot of airtime talking about the NHS and all that while I think the Tory campaign has been poor at best. UKIP seems to be crucial regarding the Tories, they seem to be polling as low as 4% or as high as 10%.
  8. We are still in post-truth politics after all. I honestly don't think facts or policy will matter almost at all in this election.
  9. The inability to understand polls is something I find extremely frustrating already in this election. You expect it to some extent from some sections of the media who will take an isolated poll and run a headline. For instance the mail last Sunday picked one bad poll for May as proof that people disliked her tax policies. However, those on Corbyn's side of the debate are just as bad. You have the out and out conspiracy theorists who just declare every poll to be rigged by Tory supporting companies. There was a poll two days ago that had the Tories on 45 (-3) and Labour on 29 (+4). This was used as cast iron proof by some high profile supporters that the gap is closing and that the media aren't reporting it. They are also using to say that Tory support has fallen by 7%. This misuse of statistics infuriates me. The margin of error accounts for any individual rise and fall of this size so whilst it might show movement in the polls there's a good chance it doesn't. Polls only give us an indicator of the support when taken as a whole. Sometimes I think Corbyn's not that bad then I see his supporters on social media. I remember when it used to be right wingers who were the conspiracy theorists.
  10. This is another problem with our system, it doesn't work as it was initially intended. Look at the outrage over the leadership debates; really we shouldn't be having one at all because we are not voting for a leader. Of course we all know that people do vote for leaders probably far more than they vote for local candidates.
  11. Pretty sure all parties have a councillor like this somewhere.
  12. Can't see what's so wrong with this. I can do this with my own children.
  13. It would have to move significantly before they changed tack. It is still very early days and manifestos haven't been released yet so there's a good chance things will change as the campaign goes on. Edit: it was actually brought up last night on question time that the Tories were overusing these clich├ęs and it has been noticeable elsewhere. I suspect they'll soon realise that it is being well over done.
  14. In some ways I think it benefits her to keep a low profile. She comes across as the stateswoman who is above it all. She might also have factored in that with Corbyn's approval ratings being so low it is better to let his face be all over the place.
  15. We should be entitled to it but we're not. It's just another consequence of an ineffective opposition, she can let them do all the running in the knowledge it probably won't make a jot of difference.