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  1. Maximus Decimus


    That you can't. However, an early knockout and he runs the risk of blowing his reputation. This is realistically built on one unexpected victory. Of course there'll be those who say that it was too soon but for once his mouth might be his undoing. He's clearly confident that he's better than all of the top fighters and if he's proved completely wrong after speaking the way he has, the facade might come down like a pack of cards. The upside is of course that were he to win he would become a boxing legend.
  2. Maximus Decimus


    Bizarrely the odds are still very tight. Anyone betting should get their money on now because I can't see it staying that way.
  3. Maximus Decimus


    Wilder's team have obviously jumped at the chance to get Fury before he's back to his best. I thought he looked OK today, very impressive when you think of the weight he's lost and the amount of time he's had out the ring. However, is he ready for Wilder? Almost certainly not. Wilder has the power to knock anyone out with one punch and Fury will get caught at some point. I always think of the Cunningham fight where a 6ft nothing guy knocked him down with one shot, if that's Wilder he's not getting back up.
  4. Maximus Decimus

    Wild animal attacks on humans...

    We once had an author in school who was an expert on wolves. He made the rather extraordinary claim that there have been no confirmed wolf attacks on humans ever. He was claiming it was a movie myth and they're actually terrified of us. I've often thought about this as it seems to be incredible but he had all the credentials.
  5. Maximus Decimus

    Child abuse

    As I said, I was brought up in a very strict Catholic household, one where the priest was the friend of the family etc. It wasn't until I first came to Ireland that I understood how things must've been in the past. It is far more traditional than back home. Just last night (I'm on hols) the priest popped in at 11pm and the best China was brought out and he was fed etc. There is also a much greater emphasis in the culture on saving face. It drives me potty sometimes but I can well understand how they saw (and see) how saving the reputation of the church/parish as more important than the victim.
  6. Maximus Decimus

    Child abuse

    My point was that being horrified by what happened at Rotherham can not simply be out down to their being brown people. It would be absurd to claim that ckn had anti-catholic bias but maybe not if you transfer his opinion to Northern Ireland. What motivates people can often be complex and illogical. People in the UK are far more motivated by the human right abuses of Israel in comparison to those of North Korea despite the latter being far worse. I think there are understandable reasons that aren't automatically anti-semitic. As horrendous as these examples in the church are, the decline of the Catholic Church means that these are largely problems we had rather than still have. It's not to lessen them but in the same way the magdalene girls are an outrage from the past, these are too. I say this as somebody with probably the strictest Catholic upbringing of anybody on here! I was an altar boy until 16 and suspect I was being groomed at one stage. Even in N Ire where I am right now, the influence of the church is a fraction of what it once was.
  7. Maximus Decimus

    Child abuse

    This could've been a genuine discussion but I suspect you've sewn the seeds of its demise by trying to use it to have a go at other people about a completely separate issue. Catholicism is actually quite foreign to this country or at least was until recently, maybe you're opinion is really just motivated by anti-catholic bias which itself is motivated by a dislike of foreigners?
  8. Maximus Decimus

    The Culture Wars

    Cultural appropriation is something that seems to me to be very selective. It is something that is just another stick to bash well-meaning people with. A good example is the Irish. All the usual arguments for cultural appropriation apply to them, they've been oppressed to the point of famine and had their culture and language suppressed. However, I've never heard people bothered by the use of Irish culture (especially pubs and drinking) around the world. They even have a word for when people use it tackily (paddywhackery) but even that is a roll-your-eyes criticism and applies equally to Irish people as outsiders.
  9. Maximus Decimus

    Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    A racing certainty? I would suggest you don't know too much about the situation if you think that to be the case. I've lived there and I'm currently staying in a predominately Catholic town on the border between the North and south. On the small drive from the airport to this town you will pass through multiple towns/villages displaying just how British they are. I don't have any real preference but I just can't see those Unionist dominated areas ever accepting Dublin rule. Outside of politically active people, there is an acceptance of the status quo that goes deeper than you might think. A United Ireland sounds like a great idea to many around the world but here the prospect brings a great deal of uncertainty and possibly war. When I lived here Pre-Brexit and all that, one poll suggested that only 16% of Northern Ireland would vote for a united Ireland. Even a majority of Catholics in the survey said they wouldn't.
  10. Maximus Decimus

    The Culture Wars Here is an example of just how bad things have gotten. For those not in the know, Asian-American Sarah Jeong was recently recruited to the NY Times as technology editor. Upon examination of her Twitter account, it turns out she's tweeted some pretty disgusting things about white people. Here is an example... “white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs ####### on fire hydrants.” Cue outrageous hypocrisy and blatant factionalism. The crux of the matter comes down to whether they were jokey tweets and whether Jeong's reasons are legitimate. The article I linked to is incredibly poor IMO. It lightly touches on the actual content and spends more time attacking the initial source of the story and playing it down before pointing out just how the alt-right are trying to weaponise it. Other sources have suggested the real issue is about how a young woman is being ganged up on. Whether they are joking or not, we've seen many instances where people on the opposite side of the argument haven't been allowed to use joking as an excuse and also haven't had their reasons and apologies accepted. Where was the benefit of the doubt when a guy got fired for making dongle jokes to his friend? As for the issue itself, her reasons were that they were jokes designed to mimic the sort of abuse she was getting on twitter at that time. I personally think this is a lame excuse for two reasons. 1) In that context the tweets don't make sense. They aren't replying to anyone and when do you ever see tweets about people loving being cruel to old black people or people saying #cancelblackpeople? If they were mimicking they would likely be in an entirely different style and far more obvious. 2) Culturally amongst the left they aren't out of place. White people are fair game to be spoken about in this way and regularly are (think 'white male tears' etc). I've spoke before about how they are able to use the word white pejoratively. They have convinced themselves that it is OK to generalise and demonise one group of people as they happen to be the largest and seen as dominant group. In the guardian article it even refers to it being intended to be jovial like the program 'Dear White People.' I think this says it all, the idea that having a program with such a title isn't a problem in the first place.
  11. Maximus Decimus


    More news today that Hearn has offered Wilder £6m to fight Whyte in the US.
  12. Maximus Decimus


    Big talk today that Fury and Wilder negotiations are underway for a bout in November/December. Incredibly early odds have Fury as the favourite.
  13. Maximus Decimus


    After the Browne fight, I thought Whyte was looking very good but last night was a pure heart win. I don't think he'd trouble Wilder too much especially if they fought in America. He's shown he can be knocked out and it'd only take one good shot for Wilder to have him down. He could beat him but equally it could be over within two rounds. Parker was always a bit unproven for me even before the Joshua fight, too many of his fights were domestic Kiwi bouts and the standard can't be great. He nearly did enough to win but even if he had he couldn't have justified a shot against AJ or Wilder.
  14. Maximus Decimus


    Whyte wins an epic fight. It was like watching Bruno at the end!
  15. Maximus Decimus


    Showing the subjective nature of boxing. Glenn McCrory on Talksport has Parker ahead by about 5 rounds, Sky has Whyte ahead by 5.