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  1. Four hour round trip on roads awash with speed cameras - did I mention my speeding ticket ?
  2. Six
  3. Was that due to the faulty turnstiles we took with us to Batley when we moved ?
  4. I do hope so - they'll need to be.
  5. Well that's the problem with personal opinions - they seldom agree. I'd point out though, that MOM awards,do not always reflect the opinions of the fans. The Adamsons came highly rated, but haven't kicked on IMO - of course they weren't the only ones were they, otherwise we might still have an Aussie coach.
  6. Personally I think the Adamsons, along with a few others were major contributors to the abject performances of the last couple of seasons. and I'd release them as soon as the injury crisis is over. Not really sure they want to be with us TBH.
  7. (he delivered post faster!!) He didn't.
  8. Seemed a decent player at Batley. You can't condemn his attacking abilities, because wingers have been spectators for a few seasons under GM. If it's his defense, then he's in good company with Brown and Morton. Reckon when the better weather arrives he will prove to be a handful. Just saying.
  9. To be fair BSJ, we have a past history of signing players that can hardly walk. Previous coaches as long as I can remember, have signed players who have turned up to pre - season swathed in bandages, or recovering from knee reconstructions (mostly backs I might add). No surprise then, that we invariably have an injury crisis by February.
  10. Didn't see that one coming, and to be honest, I'm still reeling from the shock. So I've gone from hopeful to optimistic, and suddenly there are reasons to be cheerful (part one). Who is Liam Senior, out of interest ?
  11. Unfortunately Ned can only play the cards he has been dealt - or more specifically inherited. It's a badly battered pack with flimsy backs, and most of the cards missing. There are no aces and very few diamonds, although there will hopefully be some big hearts left, and of course a great club. There is only one jack, who seems to go missing most matches, and although we've borrowed a queen he doesn't seem to want to play for us - allegedly. I still remain optimistic (contrary to BSJ's belief) for the future, but not necessarily for this season.
  12. Or Take that - Back for good. If Ned re-signs Thacks - return of the magnificent seven If he re-signs Thacks, Wildie and Bostock - the good, the bad and the ugly And as you and BSJ have been overlooked .... Thank heavens.
  13. Surprised you didn't compliment me on my uncharacteristic optimism BSJ. My comment about contacts was not intended to be negative, just a liklelihood if he has spent most of the recent past in Ireland and Romania, and given our current plight we will need to get some bodies in quickly. All in all I'm looking forward to a fresh approach, and really hope Ned is coaching us in our current division next season - but it is a big ask. By the way - it's not the "seed cameras" I'm worried about.
  14. They couldn't have been bad - it only took KH and Tiger to make them into a formidable side.
  15. Gave us some of our finest moments, so we can hardly be disappointed. My only worry is that, having been out of league for a while, he may not have the contacts to bring in what is required in terms of players to save the day.