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  1. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Know who I'd like to put in room 101 ? Smug buggars who know something, but won't share it with us lesser mortals. Oh aye, and Piggy's mate.
  2. Stadium naming rights

    I see where you're coming from Tom, but in our town (and most everywhere else) mining is dead, textiles are dead and engineering Is dead - I'd hate to see us living in the past with our heritage, or worse still, joining them. If you want to give it a permanent name we could do worse than calling it after local hero's Horace Waller or Wallace Hartley (second thoughts on that now that GM has left). I do like the idea of bigging up our facilities though, and Owl Lane Sports Village has a nice ring to it.
  3. Stadium naming rights

    The word Colliery invokes memories of long hard days filled with graft, grime and gloom, populated by an optimistic collection of individuals, desperately hoping for better things. Surely that doesn't fit in with our current ..... Oh hang on.
  4. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    Just banter Silcoates - now if you want real class, take a look at the Rhino's forum.
  5. Griffin

    Can't believe that. I'm not an expert, but Morley are a level 5 club, so would probably pay players around £100 - 150 per match. If Griffin was given £500, I can only think it would be a one off. If that was the case, then they would most likely have fielded an unregistered player, which would put them in big trouble with the RU. £500 a match would get you a half decent and recognised RU player.
  6. Griffin

    Considerably longer than the first.
  7. Griffin

    Aizue springs to mind - he's forty now, and I'd bet he'd still be more effective than owt we've got now.
  8. 2018

  9. 2018

    It's so we skint deaf pensioners can hear it.
  10. 2018

    Skint pensioners shouldn't be wearing replica shirts. Occasionally I don my old eighties replica (with a shoehorn), I look in the mirror, and see a slim, handsome twenty something hunk looking back at me. The wife's photographic evidence (drat them iphones) shatters the illusion.
  11. 2018 Squad confirmed

    KP, I have no axe to grind with Trinity, in fact I supported them as a lad in the 1960's, and I still follow their progress (albeit with a brush and shovel at times). However, It's hard not to be irritated by the way the people who run Trinity, continually use the Rams as a bargaining chip in their attempts to get Council funding for their proposed new ground - and no, I probably don't know the whole story, but that's the way it seems to Rams fans. If, as you say, our ground, along with its All weather, and multipurpose training pitches (bought and paid for by our unambitious little club), are unsuitable for SL, then let the powers that be at Wakey say so, and stop dragging us into their devious little schemes. As for Crowther - well it's very generous of you to let us give him some game time, but actually, we are pretty well off for decent championship second rowers. If he is as good as you say he is, then he's a welcome addition, but to be honest, his loss would be one of our lesser worries. Incidentally - have you any idea which SL side currently uses our fantastic little training ground for their under 20's ?
  12. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Salad ??
  13. Players past and present

    If he'd come earlier you would not have been all but dead and buried in the first place. Lets face it, Donny's misfortune and KH almost certainly saved you from the drop, and a division you might have struggled to get out of.
  14. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    A short answer to point 1 is no - I'm afraid I don't move in such exhalted circles. From some of your previous posts, I gather MS has indicated his satisfaction at the RFL's handling of the Championship, so maybe I should change my coment to "The gulf will be wide enough to allow SL/sky to force the parting of the ways between the haves and the have nots". Point 2 - refer to point 1.
  15. 2018

    Happy New Year to you Bob. I wish all the Dogs supporters a Happy New Year in all but results against us, where I wish you abject misery. I also hope you escape the drop by the skin of your teeth, which will put you slightly below us in the table.