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  1. Who threw the punch of the match ?
  2. HOW

    Aye, them were the days - never had problems with broadband speeds neither.
  3. And one of the more humble ones at that - good on him !
  4. HOW

    Glad you've posted this colin - I thought my computer had had a brain fart. No, I don't like it much either. Progress eh ?
  5. Well it would save me a long journey every few weeks I suppose, but in all honesty I would be heartbroken. Like Coolie, I have wonderful memories, and hope to have a few more, but even if we end up revisiting the dark days of Andy Fisher, I will be there until the bitter end (hopefully mine and not the clubs). So given my geographical location, it would be the end of Championship rugby for me. Probably watch the occasional SL match, and any internationals, but there are no local clubs in my neck of the woods - not even kick and clap. Womens beach volleyball it is then.
  6. Problem with pies is you never know the provenance of the filling (they don't call them growlers for nothing). The 100% lean steak haches provided in a healthy whole meal bun, as sold by the burger van are, of course, beyond criticism.
  7. They wear Red Amber and Black - they could borrow our new k ...... oh!
  8. Bottom line is, ask any chairman in the championship if they want the Bulls removed or relegated, and the answer would undoubtedly be a firm "no". Any moves to ensure some form of the Bulls brand survives will, I suspect, be backed by both the RFL and the championship chairmen. Can any club afford the loss of 1500 travelling supporters ? Nah - they'll survive, and TBH, I wouldn't be too outraged. I do think though, they should not be considered for promotion, until the new owners prove their commitment over a couple of seasons.
  9. Sounds as if that might gave been swallowed up by our international prop. Maybe Leon would help his brother out on match terms - now that would be something ........ reverie. ‚Äč
  10. I salute Worky as well - don't think they ever did jump on the bandwagon.
  11. +1
  12. Which division ? Cant see us both making Superleague.
  13. Bit of both.
  14. They'll never drop the "Rhinos" tag - it's taken the fans twenty years to learn the words to "we're Leeds Rhinos, we're Leeds Rhinos".
  15. Watched Sky's offering "Stevo's final" over the Christmas period, in which old baldy discussed his Championship winning match against Leeds, and the subsequent Ashes tour. Some amusing anecdotes in there and some great clips of the games, so well worth a watch. You can get it on Sky catchup, bur for principled individuals like BSJ, who refuse to subscribe to the Murdoch bandwaggon, it's on you tube.