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  1. grumpyoldram

    Fans Forum

    Any info on what went on at the forum for those of us who live too far away to attend ?
  2. grumpyoldram

    Gudzek and Brown

    Gudzek is a good attacking full back, but not too great defensively, although he was always secure under the high ball. I would have liked him to have stayed, but maybe he needed to move on to improve. Brown has always had the potential to play SL IMO, and showed flashes of real brilliance in his first couple of seasons, but doesn't appear to have kicked on. I think he would have made a terrific hooker, a position we never seemed to give him a go at. Again, I'm sorry to see him go, with his true potential still largely unrealised. Maybe a move will also benefit him. Best of luck to both, and dislike him as I do, I have always had a grudging respect for the way Tubby gets the best out of players - unlike some of our recently departed coaches.
  3. grumpyoldram

    Support our league now

  4. grumpyoldram

    Support our league now

    I haven't signed up yet. I fell asleep half way through reading the privacy policy, so could you more patient types assure me that I will not, as a result of joining, be inundated with emails and texts about events I am not remotely interested in, or have my info passed on to cold callers or other promotional junk. If so i will consider joining.
  5. grumpyoldram

    Players For 2019

  6. grumpyoldram

    Batley Bulldogs

    There's a simple answer for them. If they change their grasping attitude, and allow a little more money to filter down to we hangers on in the championship, some of us just might show some interest.
  7. grumpyoldram

    Wish list

    We're saving money and not bothering with a coach. The players will simply trot out onto the pitch, and then just make it up as they go along - just like they have for the last five seasons.
  8. grumpyoldram

    Average Attendance 2018

    So Diskin IS better than Ned, and Dogstew was wrong.
  9. grumpyoldram

    Wish list

    Still got to be Jack , maybe with Elsie as assistant - at least they'll know how to tackle, or at least where.
  10. grumpyoldram

    Wish list

    Given Ned's response to the proposed budget, I think it might need somebody with good connections to the local game.
  11. grumpyoldram

    London yes

    Mixed feelings. Great for local lad DW, and I have no objection to London being in SL (miss their away support though), but I really would have liked to have got rid of Toronto, simply because of the financial implications for the part timers ,who have to lose money by taking time off, and play having got straight off the plane. Pretty certain the clubs don't do well out of it either.
  12. grumpyoldram

    Mo money

    Sometimes it felt like it.
  13. grumpyoldram

    Mo money

    Nah - it was my institute scarf, but it worked with regard to concessions.
  14. grumpyoldram

    Wish list

    I'm all for you being the new coach PM - we'll just take your teeth out and put seats in (the old ones are always the best eh ?).
  15. grumpyoldram

    Mo money

    I remember that. My college scarf was maroon black and white, which isn't a million miles from another HW clubs colours. Fortunately they played in Oldham's colours back then.