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  1. Recent events

    Just like to send my sympathies and support following the tragic events of monday. Hope none of our Canadian forum friends were personally affected. Think you'll find the whole of the RL fraternity will be behind you guys. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  2. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    There I was, along with a couple of hundred other disgruntled, dour, miserable old sods, trying to keep out of the biting wind and horizontal rain, and taking in the aroma of rubbing linament and fishermans friends. Everybody moaning about the price of the San Miguel, the monotonous choice of food and snacks, and the quality of the predictable, dismal performances being dished out to us in the name of entertainment. Still, that's enough about my "Thomsons Gold" holiday in Fuerteventura, how have the lads been playing since I've been off.
  3. Halifax predictions :

    And yet, every year, several clubs spend significantly above their income levels, either trying to achieve the impossible, or avoid the unthinkable and survive. Every year BSJ looks in his crystal ball and predicts that those same clubs will come to grief, and end up in the hands of the receivers, but no, they are still alive and kicking the following year. Sheffield, for instance, with no fixed ground, no crowds, and little in the way of assets are in trouble, but I bet they are still with us next year, and with a decent side. I really don't want us to go down that path, and if that is perceived as lacking ambition, so be it. I can not see any way that we will ever be any different, just hoping we might pinch a top six spot every season, but concentrating on avoiding the drop. Like other posters though, I think the championship is about to have the rug pulled from under it, and who knows, our off field endeavours might yet leave us as one of the few clubs in a strong position.
  4. This League Structure aint Working

    Touche ! Erm - no, that's different.
  5. Full back for next season

    They'll be fine Rhino - probably already tapped up Gudzek for next season.
  6. Batley v Toronto

    Agreed. That's why I don't buy them anymore. I stick with the Ginsters weightwatchers range.
  7. Batley v Toronto

    Made out of puff pastry then ? Thems not proper pies mate.
  8. Dewsbury Rams v Halifax RLFC

    Fair enough Nick, but as I say, I was already an hour and a half into the journey before it hit twitter. My point is, that if the match was cancelled due to safety issues, then the conditions were as bad, if not worse, long before I set off. My fault for living a distance away I suppose, but surely an earlier decision was possible. As I say, I won't be chancing a risky journey again.
  9. Dewsbury Rams v Halifax RLFC

    Set off at 10am for the two and a half hour drive over flooded roads, and zero visability motorways, to find locked gates when I arrived at the ground. I don't do twatter, and even if I did, I would have been on the M62 when the first info went up. It seems I'm doomed to a future of trying to second guess the weather and or the league officials. Did conditions at the ground alter so much between me setting off and arriving, and if not couldn't the decision have been reached much earlier ? It won't happen again, if there's even a sniff of a chance that a match is going to be called off, I wont be going. Ah well, I did at least get to see some of the coal race.
  10. Doggies away..

    We are just lacking a couple of lads with blisters in place who would be willing to sign for pork pie and a pint of bitter and we would be close to top 4. Amended your typo errors DF. Over to you Piggy.
  11. Easter Monday - Halifax

    A few hefty blokes carting a mere hundredweight of cole ? There'll be some of us at the match who have carried a far bigger burden than that since we became Dewsbury fans.
  12. Doggies away..

    You certainly have some bad luck with the refs. Just face it Piggy, the referees dont want you in Superleague - what other explanation can there be. Must admit, it's unusual for Dale to go 80 meteres, even in traiining, and if Crookes was the only player who got near him, you must have some really slow backs - Gareth Hock was right.
  13. Doggies away..

    So could you let those of us outside the black hand gang, who still don't know who it wasn't, who it might have been, or is it still a secret ? Also off topic, was asked by a mate if I knew of a connection between Larry Grayson and Dewsbury RLFC. I've a feeling he was made a life member or something, but I've no idea why, or even if it's true. I'm relying on you for the answer BSJ, or at least one of the other elder statesmen.
  14. Doggies away..

    Are those two mystery signings still in transit, or are they still at the bus stop ?
  15. Derrell Olpherts