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  1. One for the old folk

    I vaguely remember It being Graham Swales who nicked It. He was probably the only one barmy enough to do It. I'd guess Fletchers outstanding lack of pace saved him from a thumping.
  2. 2018 fixtures released.

    By the time It comes round, tubby will have asked to swap days or reverse fixtures. We'll like as not agree.
  3. 2018 fixtures released.

    I'm baffled, they don't usually listen to requests. It will be the first time I've missed the first game of the season.
  4. 2018 Squad confirmed

    There'll be loads missing until the world cup thingy is over.
  5. 2018 fixtures released.

    Why do you always have to go and spoil it ?
  6. Shirts

    Maybe it's someone who follows my philosophy. A replica shirt is for life, not just one Boxing day.
  7. Who is this???

    I'm flattered you think I'd fit into a replica shirt of any size.
  8. League fixtures/Summer Bash 2018

    Our match when everybody has buggared off AGAIN. At least you would think the RFL would have the good grace to swap it about a bit.
  9. League fixtures/Summer Bash 2018

    Thought the idea of adjacent clubs competing at the bash was a good one. Actually, it would make many of them four pointers, and therefore more meaningful. It would also give spectators the chance to get behind the clubs playing their nearesr rivals where the gap could be widened for clubs above, or narrowed for those below. TBH, the local derby fixtures don't have the interest they did, and many of them are dire - especially us v dogs.
  10. Feedback required

    I already subscribe to squadbuilder, and I'm actually thinking of dropping DREMA and upping my total contributions to squadbuilder, but I don't want to commit myself to anything more. There have been times though (during our lazarus act this year for instance), i would have happily shoved a tenner in a box as appreciation for the efforts made on the field. Sure others feel the same. Think I prefer this kind of option for it's simplicity, but where it falls down, is that if it only brings in funds when we win, it doesn't reflect good performances in a losing cause, or having to stump up when we have just limped past an amateur club in the cup. I want to be able to donate when I want, not when I have to (squadbuilder excepted). Incidentally, at the outset of Amber Ribbon, there was a facility to donate directly to their bank account as and when - it seemed to work nicely (for me anyway). t
  11. He is back

    Technically Billy is right BSJ , simply because there never was a fifty man squad for TH to get into - I don't think many more than thirty or so were signed on at any one time. Hopefully, Billy will now feel vindicated, and stop labouring the point.
  12. He is back

    Pot kettle - I suggest you look at love rugby stats for the number of appearances made by TH in 2017.
  13. Another trans-Atlantic team???

    I totally agree SJS - unless the RL agree to reimburse hard pressed championship clubs and their players fully, then I don't see how further expansion can be sustainable. Had I been a semi pro player back in my playing days and been expected to take time off work to further the RL's ambitions, I would have had to pack in the game - and that was back in the days when there wasn't the uncertainty prevalent in the current climate. The bottom line is that the part time lads are risking their jobs by regularly taking time off. My suggestion would be that SL be expanded to accommodate any current and future expansion clubs, and let them pick up the pieces.
  14. He is back

    You've obviously got more hairs to split than I have.
  15. He is back

    Erm - he is the same player and still only in his twenties so why shouldn't I compare him. My point is, if you've signed him specifically for halfback cover, he might fall short. If he is just cover for your first choices at HB or hooker, then he will probably be adequate. Incidentally, would you say the likes of Rob Burrow, or James Roby looked a great deal different last season than ten years ago ?