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  1. grumpyoldram

    Dewsbury Today

    Thought your support was terrific - I'd say you deserve better.
  2. grumpyoldram

    Halifax v Bulldogs

    Delighted to hear that being poked by an old bloke was a new experience for you
  3. grumpyoldram

    Swinton Sunday

    Sorry equalizer, but if we can't find a credible centre out of a squad of well over thirty, then I'd say we are going to struggle. We have some of the best strike wingers among the part time clubs but nobody to make chances for them. Are the back rowers we have taken on loan going to be so much better than the ones already have in the squad ? I doubt it. If we are going to borrow players, at least let's get them in positions that need strengthening.
  4. grumpyoldram

    Swinton Sunday

    It must be doing wonders for squad morale. It seems to me that a large part of the squad have been written off on the strength of one match against one of the more fancied teams (York). Thought Gabriel was highly rated when he came.
  5. grumpyoldram

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    I retired along with my good mate S.O.Else.
  6. grumpyoldram

    Dewsbury's Greatest Ever Player

    They haven't included Max Fletcher or Dickie Doel
  7. grumpyoldram

    Swinton Sunday

    Or could it just be the young lad we signed from Rhinos academy, who actually looked quite good on you tube.
  8. grumpyoldram

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    I think you'll find that very few Rams fans want, or have ever wanted DR Robin. It might have sat better with us if the players we have had on DR were any better than the ones we left out to accommodate them, but if they were they never showed it. That said, we did have two occasions when we were lent some better quality players (to get them match fit), and on both occasions their attitude was disgraceful, and they clearly considered themselves above turning out for a champ side.
  9. grumpyoldram

    York Game

    Not suggesting Brown was good Nick, just that his howler was rather more obvious than some of the stupid penalties which were equally responsible for our loss. Actually, AB looks to have lost some of his attacking prowess since his Batley days - let's hope it returns soon.
  10. grumpyoldram

    York Game

    Bit harsh on Brown Nick. He had to field a very good kick while back peddling and under pressure. Where was the cover from our oh too dodgy full back and centre, who from what I saw were nowhere to be seen. Personally, I think our ability to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, was our lack of discipline in giving away stupid and needless penalties that led to scores, and some match rustiness, which was to be expected. I am however, confused as to why 1) Morton played full back, when successive coaches have found to their cost, he isn't one. 2) Why was one of our more competent second rowers playing at centre, which he is patently unsuited for. 3) Why have we signed yet another second rower on loan - if most of the other dozen who didn't play aren't fit for purpose, why sign them ? All in all, I was fairly impressed with the first half, but baffled as to why we rolled over in the second.
  11. grumpyoldram

    York Game

    Plastic bottles ? Thought so. Like drinking Earl Grey out of a polystyrene cup - not that I've ever had Earl Grey.
  12. grumpyoldram

    York Game

    My cunning plan to con an extra three quid out of the York faithful hasn't worked then. Either way, you'll be more than welcome, particularly if you visit the Royal Suite for the post match craic.
  13. grumpyoldram

    York Game

    It's worth the extra £3 to have the plush seating in the North stand. You get access to the nice warm Royal Suite, which sells bargain priced San Miguel in addition to the drain cleaner available in the South Stand bar, and quite frankly you mix with a better class of person. In addition, the Michellin starred mobile caterers will supply you with delicious, reasonably priced prime steak hache served in a white bloomer with mature English Cheddar, topped with sauteed caramelised onions, and smothered in their signature sauce. Far superior to the mucky burger served by the van on the SS. It's well worth the extra. Course if you want to mix with the riffraff ....
  14. grumpyoldram

    York Game

    I'm easily pleased. I just hope for something, ANYTHING, To make me feel that Ned was wrong about our chances of surviving on our current budget. What I DON'T want, is the feeling that we are going to go through the season narrowly beaten, but still beaten, in almost every match. If we are, then I guess our ambitions will have to change to being the best club outside of the championship. Got to remain positive though, maybe we will be the surprise package.
  15. grumpyoldram

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    I'd go further - if the player has an injury of any kind, they should be substituted after treatment. Running down the interchange count might concentrate a few minds. Again, it might punish those teams who play the game in a sportsmanlike fashion, but at least we'd all be in the same boat.