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  1. Only one of our current wingers can feel complacent about their defensive abilities this year (and let's face it, for a few previous ones), and I don't thing he's had a meaningful game this time. Wonder how Worrincy would have fared if he had been outside Ryder ? It's much more difficult to make defensive judgement calls without a proper centre inside you, and Worrincy hasn't had one all season. Anybody know what Halliday has done wrong to not get a call up, even when we were scratching around for players ?
  2. My thoughts after the match were : How is Chris Annakin NOT a first choice in the Wakey team ? Better than Crowther or Bachelor for me. Was inspirational on Sunday, and led by example, and was a huge influence on the rest of the pack - if only we could tie him down for next season as a Rams player. Can't believe how much difference an old bloke with dodgy knees can make, but we look a different side with him in - we really do need to start looking for Sykesy's successor though, he can't have many seasons left. Sam Day is outstanding (if a bit greedy). Reminds me of Rob Burrow with his pace off the mark, and elusiveness. Burrow was transformed from good half back to hooker - wonder if it could work the other way round ? Reckon young Sam could do a job as half back cover. Well done the Lads.
  3. Defensively Worrincy has been better than expected and runs the ball out well - must really wish he had some decent ball.
  4. Beans means Maurice. RIP mate.
  5. "Blessed are the cheesemakers" ?
  6. Well done lads - unbelievable. Why does being a Rams supporter always have to be a white knuckle ride ?
  7. It's more the night fixtures that are difficult like GF - oh, and the next home fixture is Saturday, so that's two matches out of four. I don't blame the club for my holiday bookings though.
  8. Spot on 73 - said I'd refrain from posting negative comments at the beginning of the season, and I have. In the absence of anything positive, that leaves nothing to post about. Add to that, the RFL's unerring ability to match Rams home fixtures with my holidays and other commitments, and the club's insistence on messing about with match days and kick off times, has meant I've only seen two home matches this season, which leaves me unqualified to comment about performances. In the meantime, I content myself with looking up our latest loanee on the internet to see which position in the back row he plays. Not sure I like the way the club is going in this respect, or how it's going to help fulfil LG's mission statement of avoiding relegation, and building a team for next year. Sadly, maybe BSJ is right about the forum simply dying.
  9. Just never saw that coming. I'm too shell shocked to comment, but great to see the fev posters being so magnanimous in defeat. Respect to you guys. Well done to the lads, hope that's just a starter for ten.
  10. Far be it from me to contradict a member of the dogs faithful, but if I remember correctly it was actually a pretty good side that just lacked direction on the field, and from the coaching staff. Think you have KH's brother to thank for persuading him to take the reins, and Doncaster to thank for imploding, and having to release tiger from his contract, two brilliant bits of business that probably saved the club from going under. Incidentally, didn't the majority of the side from that year, including Mcgillivary , feature the following year in what was a decent season ? If I'm wrong on all counts, apologies, it's my age.
  11. If coaching doesn't work out, he could always go into politics. .
  12. If we continue to get inadequate or bent referees, maintain our seemingly endless run of bad luck, and continue to almost, but not quite, beat sides, we might get a day there next year. Still, early days yet, and I suppose we could be unlucky enough to have Diskin as coach.
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