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  1. grumpyoldram

    Dewsbury v Featherstone

    I agree. I don't think Leeds give a toss about Fev, anymore than Saints think about Sheffield. I won't, however, pretend that we wouldn't do the same as Fev if we were in their shoes. From Leed's point of view, it makes sense to keep their players match fit with the best part time side in the Championship, but they won't have the slightest qualms about pulling the plug when it suits. In the mean time it's allowing Fev to live with the full timers, but possibly at the cost of team spirit to the squad. I'll bet it doesn't sit easily with the dyed in the wool Fev faithful. On the matter of Sheffield, they would sell their collective Grannies into prostitution if it was going to keep them in business.
  2. grumpyoldram

    Dewsbury v Featherstone

    To be fair - Sherriff did look as though he might have tried to bite Hocks forearm as it went in.
  3. grumpyoldram

    Hows Crowther doing?

    Don't mean to be picky Graham, but the whole squad are playing in a struggling side. They are all part of the problem. Crowther is no better, or any worse than the rest of them. Age isn't the issue - if they are good enough and all that. I agree though, some of the senior players aren't stepping up to the plate.
  4. grumpyoldram

    Hows Crowther doing?

    Real grafter, but doesn't contribute much in attack - he's not alone in that aspect of his game though. Really hope he becomes good enough to hold down a Wakey spot.
  5. grumpyoldram

    War looms..

    And who would the Heavy Woollen's answer to Lord Haw Haw support - Dewsbury RU (his home town) or Batley RU (his adopted one) ?
  6. grumpyoldram

    Toronto away

    You've forgotten the sh###y stick to beat the women off with.
  7. grumpyoldram

    A D M

    Sad we're even having this discussion.
  8. grumpyoldram

    Dewsbury v Featherstone

    Trouty to carry the water - best way of adding some bottle.
  9. grumpyoldram

    Fan's forum announced

    Thanks BSJ - I am now better informed. Of course if I'd been there I would of known all that - or if it had been included on the website summary.
  10. grumpyoldram

    Relegation Seasons

    The season with Chris Mita - won the first game against Bradford, and if I remember, nowt else. Can't remember the year, I was drowning my sorrows most of it.
  11. grumpyoldram

    Fan's forum announced

    Many of us can't make it for any number of reasons, but not usually through choice - it doesn't however make us less interested in the discussion. By the sounds of it, I wouldn't have learned much anyway. The club has huge financial constraints, the division of funds is unfair, and there is a dearth of talent prepared to play for little reward - non of that is hot news. I already assumed the pitches were doing OK. So the most interesting thing to come out of the evening is Mark's aversion to technology - I assume his gambling outlets still have mechanical one armed bandits and bookies runners. Don't blame him though, I get fed up of trawling through interminable emails, from dozens of clothing outlets (courtesy of Mrs Grumpy). Did Ned throw any light on the reasons we can draw with Fax and beat the dogs, but lose to Rochdale and get humiliated by Barrow - those were the questions I might have been asking.
  12. grumpyoldram

    Sunday rugby fix

    Enjoyed the cricket.
  13. grumpyoldram

    Halifax @ Home on Saturday

    Ahem !
  14. grumpyoldram

    Halifax @ Home on Saturday

    We might have a chance against Dews mid July. I hope I'm wrong. Yep - I hope you're wrong too.
  15. grumpyoldram

    Batley, Summer Bash

    Lost him to Fev first time round, and they obviously didn't rate him. Sheffield must have felt the same. Personally I do think he could do a fair job in SL, but I'm hoping he gives us a few years first.