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  1. Must admit, you even outgrumped me on a few occasions. Get well soon owd lad.
  2. Yep - that's the one.
  3. Nope - not him. Would have been middle sixties, and I believe his signing came amid much excitement and expectation - which he failed to deliver.
  4. Not to mention Phil Artiss and the winger from Morley who's name escapes me. No mention of Harrison in the Goole first team on their website though.
  5. Is Billy on holiday- he hasn't been on much lately ?
  6. Seems to be signing a few unknowns. Never worked before for Ned has it, I mean, Potter, MacDonald, Ball, Williams, O'Meara, Agar, Frame, Heaton, Goddard ........ All rubbish
  7. Best number 13 ever to wear a Dewsbury shirt in my supporting days I think.
  8. Really bad news for a great old club. Hope you guys get through it.
  9. Great coach Diskin. IMO of course.
  10. Great player Francis Maloney. TBH, I don't see how a referee can ever judge whether a try would probably have been scored, given the number of previous occasions when players have inexplicably dropped the ball in the act of scoring.
  11. Still sooner have Wardy in though, even if his wife looks like Gareth Hock in a tutu.
  12. Aye, but can she cook Coolie ? Anyway, if the importance of a player to his team was judged by the desirability of his WAG, then GM would still be in charge, and we would already be staring up at the rapidly disappearing backsides of the rest of the division.
  13. Exactly the team I would have gone with - Speakman is just about OK, but wouldn't be one of my first choices. Still don't think Walshaw is comfortable at centre,either but always seems very effective in the back row. Still, you can't really argue with a coach who's on a roll.
  14. Thing is Ox, in the handful of games he has had with us, he has been instrumental in turning things around and giving us a fighting chance. If he takes his bat and ball home tomorrow, he will still have my gratitude for his efforts, if he gets signed on as water boy at Fev tomorrow, he will go with my thanks and blessings, if he wants to be with us in 2018 I'll be ecstatic. If we lose him (and i suppose eventually we will), there will be huge disappointment, but definitely no tears. Now then OX lad, have you got any more third choice, easily bored, over the hill players you can put our way - we like a bargain.
  15. Thanks.