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  1. Just never saw that coming. I'm too shell shocked to comment, but great to see the fev posters being so magnanimous in defeat. Respect to you guys. Well done to the lads, hope that's just a starter for ten.
  2. Far be it from me to contradict a member of the dogs faithful, but if I remember correctly it was actually a pretty good side that just lacked direction on the field, and from the coaching staff. Think you have KH's brother to thank for persuading him to take the reins, and Doncaster to thank for imploding, and having to release tiger from his contract, two brilliant bits of business that probably saved the club from going under. Incidentally, didn't the majority of the side from that year, including Mcgillivary , feature the following year in what was a decent season ? If I'm wrong on all counts, apologies, it's my age.
  3. If coaching doesn't work out, he could always go into politics. .
  4. If we continue to get inadequate or bent referees, maintain our seemingly endless run of bad luck, and continue to almost, but not quite, beat sides, we might get a day there next year. Still, early days yet, and I suppose we could be unlucky enough to have Diskin as coach.
  5. They should have asked us if they could borrow somebody, we've plenty of squad players not doing owt at the moment.
  6. FWIW, I'd scrap the farcical DR arrangement. SL clubs should put out a list of players to ALL championship/C1 clubs, that they would like to have game time on loan. Loans would be on a rolling monthly agreement, and SL clubs recalling players early would have to provide compensation. I imagine the likes of Leeds would not be too happy about having to consider sending their pampered stars to do a stint of hard graft with the lesser lights, rather than have them stroll through games with the more well heeled Championship clubs, but it just might do those players good, and might just even up the discrepancy between the haves and the have nots.
  7. Much as I hate to agree with anything PM has to say, he has a point. I'm fine with Anakin and Hooley, as they are local lads, and Wakey squad members who will most likely displace the players keeping them out at some stage. Can't say I'm comfortable about the others, even though they showed up well on Sunday (and you'd expect them to in a televised game). We have invested a fair amount of our budget on the eighteen or so players we signed to fill the positions the loanees now occupy, I can't see that they are so much better, and why aren't the Wigan lads playing for their DR club Swinton. Surely the fringe members of our squad deserve a fair crack of the whip in meaningful matches. Personally, I don't see too much difference between loan and DR arrangements other than DR's can be recalled at very short notice (never happens with loans does it ? The next time we are giving the flat cappers a slating, we maybe ought to remember that in many respects, the only difference between us and them is the quality of the players they have access to.
  8. You expect BSJ to dip his hands in his pockets for another fifteen quid a year ? Big ask.
  9. They do, Equalizer getting one right being one of them.
  10. Great effort by the lads, and I was proud of them yesterday. Like CF though, I never felt we had it won, and I'd probably still have been nervous if we'd been thirty up, If only because we have always (under any coach) had the uncanny knack of being able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  11. I hope you lot aren't going to spoil my afternoon nap. Actually there's usually so much room in the NS, I sit at the end we are playing towards, and then change ends (via the bar) at half time, thereby following the doctors orders to avoid too much excitement. Hope you are right about 1000 being there, but unless Toronto have a fair away support, I can't see it. I suppose those tightwads who want to watch it for free will stop at home and watch it on Sky, although to be fair, there will be a few fair weather attendees hoping to get themselves on telly. If you and Philip are in the bar pre match/half time, I'll buy you both a pint of our "taste the difference" San Miguel.
  12. Hope I'm going to hear you make a noise for the cameras.
  13. Best get there early then. Will you be bringing the drum ?.
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