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  1. grumpyoldram


    Wasn't he brought over by Leeds, and for some reason couldn't play for them ? Seem to remember they payed something towards his contract. Very good player too as I remember.
  2. grumpyoldram


    I believe he collared the nickname after reading one of your posts BSJ.
  3. grumpyoldram


    Well you are probably right BSJ, but believe it or not, information about JW's contribution to Dewsbury is none existent on the tinternet, but there is a little info about his exploits for Bramley (Bramley v Widnes in the floodlit trophy). Can't say I'm right, but he might well have kicked the odd one.
  4. grumpyoldram

    Start of the 3rd part of the season

    Judging by some of the comments on here, you'd be better off painting the garage floor a week on sunday.
  5. grumpyoldram


    The great Johnny Wolford kicked them for Bramley, so I'd guess he kicked a few for us.
  6. grumpyoldram

    Start of the 3rd part of the season

    Sorry Roger, but that is pure speculation. Firstly, unless you've actually been to Fev when we've played there you, couldn't possibly know. Secondly, if you have been to one of our away matches at Fev , and based it on the number of replica shirts present, then that is not a true representation - it's a known fact that some Rams fans are too tight to buy something which they can only wear once a fortnight in the rugby season, and which they look ridiculous in anyway (guilty as charged). Thirdly, if you have based it on the vocality of the support, all it proves is that empty vessels make most noise. Course it doesn't necessarily mean you're wrong - just saying.
  7. grumpyoldram

    If you think we have got problems..........

    So it wasn't a dodgy decision, it was a cock up by Tyrer. If blown chances were taken into consideration, the Rams would be up there with Fax.
  8. Bloody hell Marley, you're even grumpier than me. If it were the Rams who'd won in Canada (and I doubt it ever will be) I would be ecstatic, not questioning the significance of the result, or pouring cold water on the celebrations. I'd also be going down the offie for a few more lottery tickets and a box of chocolates for the wife anall (I live in hope). Well done Fev - top result, and I really do hope you squeeze in the top four.
  9. grumpyoldram

    Leigh &Mr. Beaumont.

    I can't really understand why people would think Leigh are going to go the same way as Bradford. They will have to offload their higher contracted players yes, and they might even have to go part time - shock horrors ( I mean they don't want to end up struggling like Fev and Fax do they ?), but next season, they will still be one of the best funded and best supported clubs in the championship. Even without a sugar daddy, they will still have the clout to attract the best Championship players, so I am not expecting Leigh to go diddys up any time soon. The only thing that bugs me about all this is the fact that clubs like Batley and Dewsbury, by living within their means, are doomed to mediocrity because there is no incentive or reward for solvency. Fine by me - I've long since given up the dream of SL, Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, but sad for the next generation of supporters, who have little to aspire to.
  10. grumpyoldram

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    Unfortunately neither did the officials.
  11. grumpyoldram

    Derek Beaumont

    Oh goody goody - us and the dogs will be queuing up to take on the contracts of the players in question.
  12. grumpyoldram

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    Got to say, it didn't look that many. Can't see why the figures would be exaggerated though - I doubt we would be able to afford a higher salary cap.
  13. grumpyoldram


    Hetherington may have changed his mind ? Goodness me, I wonder why ? Of course, IF Leeds were involved in the eights, ( which they could be) , and ended up being relegated (which they unfortunately won't), Hetherington would change his mind again - and that would be good enough for the RL.
  14. grumpyoldram


    Not one for promoting conspiracy theories, but it makes you wonder if the administrators of the clubs know something we don't about the structure and payments for next season - would explain why the speculation normally flying about around this time of the year is pretty sparse.
  15. grumpyoldram

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    Absolutely correct piggy. You are still in your rightful (and probably season ending) position in the table. You will almost certainly continue to be a country mile short of the big six, and a fraction better than the also rans.