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  1. grumpyoldram

    Players For 2019

    Our best fullback without doubt is Paul Sykes. Our best halfback is Paul Sykes. Our best centre is erm .. Paul Sykes. Let's hope he stays fit.
  2. grumpyoldram

    Players For 2019

    Or it could be on a par with sharing a hot tub with Kyle Trout and Gareth Hock.
  3. grumpyoldram

    Boxing Day

    TBH, when was the last time we approached a season, let alone a match with anything more than hope ? Still, the bookies think we might be as good as batley - maybe they know something we don't. One thing is for sure, it's still better to have a team to support, regardless of the outcome of the season, than not to have a team at all.
  4. grumpyoldram

    RFL initiative

    On the general TRL forum. Might possibly be old news, but worth reading anyway. No mention of rewarding clubs for living within their means I see, but does mention financial sustainability. In all honesty, is there any such thing as a financially sustainable RFL club ?
  5. grumpyoldram

    Players For 2019

    I was thinking it's actually quite a small squad, given we don't look like we will be DR. this season. Historically, we usually end up with a few players up on the blocks before the season proper has even begun, with players taking knocks in the pre-season friendlies while still getting match fit. I can't see us having an embarrassment of riches on the playing side for much of the season I'm afraid, so let's hope the key players don't get injured, and we don't end up having to send out teams carrying injuries (as seems to have been the case over the last few seasons). I'm hoping that LG has a few season long loans lined up.
  6. grumpyoldram

    Boxing Day

    Isn't Trouty photogenic ? Not really sure I'm looking forward to the match TBH. In the words of Sir Colin Leslie Patterson "could be good, could be s***house".
  7. grumpyoldram

    Players For 2019

    I suspect Dale will be seeing more high balls than a zoo keeper in the Giraffe enclosure next season.
  8. grumpyoldram

    Players For 2019

    We still seem to be without a recognised fullback, and have no cover at halfback - I find that worrying.
  9. grumpyoldram

    Players For 2019

    Yep, i could live with that, although I thought maybe Leeming would be earmarked for centre, given our plethora of second rowers.
  10. grumpyoldram

    Players For 2019

    Wingers are expected to carry the ball up out of defence at Dewsbury - largely (of late) because some of the recent crop of forwards couldn't be @rsed. I got the impression that Brown expended so much of his energy performing those duties, he didn't have much left in the tank for attack. Always played well against us, and if he has recovered from his injury, I think he will be a good (could be brilliant) acquisition. Morton at FB and Worrincy and Brown on the wings gives us plenty of firepower - mind we might ship a few tries.
  11. grumpyoldram

    Players For 2019

    Wouldn't be surprised if Halliday gets a go at FB. He has a bit of pace, a step, and he's shown he can tackle against the dogs.
  12. grumpyoldram

    Players For 2019

    Can he play second row - we're a bit short ?
  13. grumpyoldram

    Bulldog inbound Jack Downs

    Deleted post
  14. grumpyoldram

    Good start

    Deleted post.
  15. grumpyoldram

    2019 Fixtures out today

    You live in hope though this time sadly, I fear you will be right.