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  1. There is only one place in Cumbria for a SL team, Barrow! LOL
  2. It seems whenever Rep games are considered for Cumbria it seems to be exclusively Workington and Derwent Park that is considered. Whilst it is a pleasant little town of 25000 people there is a far larger town in the south of the county. Barrow is a RL town pulling in larger crowds than Workington or Whitehaven whilst being in a lower league. It is a well run club with excellent coaches, a good board and now runs an academy team. The coach has recruited the best locals and added Workingtons best player mid season. With a 30 billion investment comeing into the town over the next 20 years its about time we had a little recognition off the RFL with some Rep games.
  3. Reflecting on this years 4 nations and my overall opinion was apathy. We are supposed to be in the entertainment industry. The only thrilling game was hidden away on Premier Sports. Rugby league is my game but all the excitement has strangled with petty rules and persistant whistle blowing. The game should be about quick play the balls ( nobody pays good money to watch 3 man tackles and holding down), the ball being kept alive and running rugby. Perhaps it was because 1 team was far superior. I cannot remember either this series or the NZ series previous where there was any so called Biff. A bit of fisticuffs, nobody gets seriously injured but the crowd loves it and passions are raised. It seems the team are too scared to give a penalty away or perhaps the players are too pally. I would 1; reduce the number of subs to 4. 2; Sort the play the balls out, max 2 per tackle? time limit? 3; Kickin over the dead ball line. Play restarted from where it was kicked. eg; a kick from 40mts rolls dead restart on 40mt. Rewards accurate kickers. 4; tap restarts from anywhere on the 25mts whether the defence is ready or not. Why should the defence be allowed to regroup? I could go on. We would be kidding ourselves if we thought we convert millions with that durge. It confirmed the opinions of the unionistas that our game is 6 tackles and kick, certainly England. Never thought i would see the day when England RU out entertain England RL. Our game has the potential to be the biggest rugby code but the running game must be encouraged. Lets take our game into a made for entertainment 21st century.
  4. With Bradford being expelled from the RFL and possible relegation are we prepared for promotion?
  5. For me, Widdop was the biggest disappointment. 1; Interception pass. 2; Kicking out on the full. 3; The terrible 5th tackle pass to Burgess when Gale was lined up for the drop goal. 4; The missed drop goal. People say in these games it is making the right decisions whilst under pressure, he failed. It is being said Gale had a poor game but for me he wasn`t given enough responsibility and Widdop executed most 5th tackle plays. Sam Burgess afterwards that kicking out on the full just shouldn`t happen at this level and how it affects the team morale. Perhaps it was just an off day for Widdop, lets hope so.
  6. His name may not be widely known to people who only follow superleague but "The Bull" pulls on his shirt for the final time tonight against Scotland. For 10 years he`s given 100% for Barrow, he had the chance to play at a higher level but stuck by his home club. he was certainly good enough as many an opponent will tell you. Just a proper professional who deserves the testimonial send off against a international team. Well Done Liam and healthy retirement.
  7. He is certainy unpopular at Barrow. He has given some the most one sided refereeing performances ever seen at Craven Park (against Barrow). Indeed the fellow had to be escorted from the field last year! Perhaps because he lives 40 miles up the coast in Marraland but he certainly don`t like the south of the county! ps.He was excellent Saturday.
  8. If they had won the gold medal, the GB 7s team should have been challenged by a RL 7s GB team. I fancy we may have won it.
  9. This relates to a question i posted months ago. Who actually votes him in? After pages of opinions never really found an answer. Can anyone please give a definitive answer?
  10. I listened to a radio interview with Clare Balding a while ago. It was a general interview about her work and interests. She mentioned when she was a young girl her Grandmother regularly took her to see RL games and it was one of her fondest memories and why she still loved RL. To say she used RL as a career stepping stone is a little ungracious to Clare. I am sure she would love to cover more RL but there aren`t many opportunities to do so.
  11. Thanks for the comments but my main point was how are the RFL staff chosen? Who votes them in and can they be voted out?
  12. Nigel Wood and the RFL hierarchy appear to split opinion on the forum. The RFL finances seem to be healthier since he took charge but the selling of our game leaves a lot to be desired. Can he be challenged in his role? Is there a democratic process for getting elected to a RFL position? I am unsure of the mechanics of the RFL regime, hopefully somebody on the forum can enlighten me. Surely in this day and age there is no such thing as a job for life and everybody can be assessed and made accountable, for good or bad.
  13. I have also posted this on The Cross Code Forum just in case but the topic is more about the BBC and its attitude to RL. Listening to Radio 5 last night, the NZ V Namibia (Africaans) was given preference over Sts v Wires which was on Radio 5 xtra. Fair enough, a WC game against a Super 8s fixture. What will be interesting is who will take preference on Oct 10th. If we are relegated to 5 xtra for this game it will give a clear indication of where we stand with the BBC. RL Grand Final or England vs Uruguay. ? My money is on Uruguay.
  14. The Rfl should come to an arrangement with Barla leaving the international weekend free of amateur games then offer discounted or promotional tickets, shirts and buses etc. to every amateur team. The gate must be affected when most of the amateur teams are playing and these are the very supporters we should be encouraging, young men with money to spend.