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  1. The RFL should print a massive poster for their office stating "Never Again", write this series off and plan ahead for full houses for the next year. With the proviso that failure means redundancy.
  2. bar red

    Job is too big for Rimmer?

    He was presenting the medals at Women's grand final. Nobody recognized him, wasn't pro active, just a forlorn figure waiting to be told what to do. Felt almost sorry for him till I remembered the 300,000.
  3. Are the England Knights games televised?
  4. bar red

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    From what what I recall there was no giants parked out on the wing hoping for a hit or miss basketball. It was a while ago though.
  5. bar red

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Was watching a game from the 80s not long ago and the flow of the game was so much better even with contested scrums. There was no wrestling, not so much kicking on the 6th, no pathetic play acting, the ref was always right and every team had creative half backs . This is not some Luddite rant, I appreciate the was far too much thuggery and the players today are fitter and more athletic. I think if we had the more fluent game of the 80s combined with the athletes of today the game would sell itself. The game is over analysed. over sanitised and frankly boring.
  6. bar red

    Brian Barwick Alert

    £250,000 for Rimmer.!! There are lots of candidates out there who would jump at the chance for a lot less money and with a lot more ideas. Phil Caplan for me has a wonderful overview of the game and has tremendous ideas and solutions, if only he could find a suit that fits him! There just appears to be a closed shop, no transparency or communication which breeds contempt and disillusionment among supporters.
  7. bar red

    Wigan sign Bullock from Barrow

    I think Joe himself would admit his improvement would be a mixture of his own determination and some great coaching from Paul Crarey and his staff. Good luck Joe you deserve every accolade you will receive, you have been fantastic for Barrow.
  8. Its over 9 years since Barrow won the Championship trophy. Within 2 years we were relegated and castigated as cheats for breaking the salary cap and Des Johnson the chairman was RL enemy No 1. We were relegated after having all our points deducted, the chairman banned for 8 years and it has taken the club years to recover. Now clubs are lauded for spending fortunes. My question is when did all this change ? Desi wasn`t everybody's cup of tea and we have a good chairman now but was he ahead of his time with his spending habits.
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    Rumours of a 2 x 10 SLs and the rest can whistle. Cannot see Barrow being invited to the party.
  10. bar red


    Having witnessed the second half performance by Barrow on Sunday coach Paul Crarey and his backroom staff deserve immense praise. We have had good results earlier in the season against Toronto & Leigh but Sunday was against one of our relegation rivals Sheffield, a must win game. After a disastrous first half nobody in the crowd gave Barrow any chance of a comeback. The second half was a revelation, an unstoppable display of controlled, attacking football that Sheffield just could not answer. This from a team with very little experience at this level, indeed several were playing amateur 2/3 seasons ago but who are keen to learn from a v good coach. They all train together, (no 3/4 players drafted in each week ) ,and play as a team and play as friends. Undefeated at home since 2016 .All on a shoestring budget. Well done Mr Crarey & Co. If we stay up just hope we do not get shafted by the RFL! PS. Spedding for Shef/St Helens is some player!
  11. bar red

    why no fox sports channel on tv?

    Mine`s on the window sill, will that matter?
  12. Tane Manehari was a fantastic player for Barrow, in my opinion the best No.6 in the last 20 odd years.
  13. The forum has discussed many times how many games should be played and the affect on player welfare. Instead of putting a limit on the clubs fixtures, put a limit on how many games a player can play in a season. Eg: 25 games a season. The coach would have to plan accordingly, would he play all his "best" players at the start of the season and then rest them until the play-offs or play them regularly throughout the season etc. Either way it would give younger players more regular 1st team football because it would be the team with the best overall squad and tactical coach that would be the most successful. It would encourage clubs to invest in youth and perhaps even the game out. It would also give us great Kudos in the press as the first sport to put player welfare first. Obviously there would be would be minutiae to work out but one thing we can agree on is we want to see all players as fresh as possible and not flogging them as we are now.
  14. Sounds like a job for Toby Young. He`s available now.