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  1. Just adopt the NRLs rule on it and have done with. It's a joke how it is at the moment and is basically cheating.
  2. Well they couldn't have got any worse after Friday so getting better was the only way to go Glad to be back to winning ways after a few tough and demoralising losses!
  3. It is an absolute bloody disgrace. The penalty Shenton just bought is atrocious and unsportsmanlike and it needs sorting out immediately!
  4. We cant all agree but what do you call it when an offload goes to ground and everyone just stands and looks at it while Chisholm races away under the posts? We haven't been playing well imo for a while now, whether it be because of injuries or whatever else. Let's just hope it isn't another thrashing on Monday or some "supporters" may start "turning their backs" after 3 drubbings in a row.
  5. Where did I say I was turning my back on them?
  6. What the bloody hell am I watching? Absolute GARBAGE!
  7. Seem to have been off the boil the past few games now. Watching the highlights and looks like we're letting in some soft tries whereas before our defence has been watertight. Like you say a wins a win but we need to start putting in 80 minute performances sooner rather than later when we start to play some of the "bigger" teams.
  8. Well that's the whole premise of this topic.
  9. And where do you get that from? Leeds have been absolute garbage so far and London have beaten them at Leeds!
  10. Sounds marvellous in theory, although the WCC isn't played at Christmas so that puts a dampener on things.
  11. Think it'd be a bit early in the day to mention bogey teams after the Knights had only been in existence just over a year. And the fact we'd already beaten Featherstone that season.
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