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  1. Where will the 'final' take place?
  2. Don't really know what to think. The graphics look very good, but the animations are still not very realistic imo. I'll probably get it though
  3. Good old Lionel.
  4. I would guess the 1st v 2nd match would be played at the 1st teams home ground. Not sure about the 2nd promotion game though, good question.
  5. I don't think those you mentioned want the club shutting down, they just want the current owner to leave his post and let someone else take over with more ambition and less idiocy.
  6. It will be moved. Sorry to say.
  7. As it was a big occasion for Thunder I won't feel too bad about our loss. It sounded like a poor display from us though, knock on after knock on after knock on!
  8. Yes, I shall be listening to the marvellous Andy Atkinson as I usually do for the away games.
  9. Shame that match isn't on TV, would love to see us get revenge after that cup defeat earlier in the season.
  10. It's who now?
  11. See he's been picked for the NSW origin team, what does that mean for Wales?
  12. BORING
  13. Some wild scores today!