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  1. lingard

    Structure: looks like news finally emerging

    Eddie Hemmings seems to think its a done deal.....wig wearing clown 🤡. makes my pish boil.
  2. lingard

    Ouch - injuries...both halves out Sunday

    please sigb dwyer absolute gem of a hooker! twice as fast as anyone on the pitch today!
  3. lingard


    punch drunk peacock I have to have the subtitles on when he is speaking. He sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles.
  4. lingard


    it was like watching a pub team!
  5. lingard

    Leeds QF CC game to be played at Fev

    thanks to leigh for playing their part amicably, should be three players at keadt picking up bans.
  6. lingard


    Looks like it's just reopened but busy
  7. lingard


    Shut at Blackpool turn off major delays ad diversion set up.
  8. the first dropped ball was down to Hull' forwards being 2 meters in front of the kick and the usual well drillled SL interfrence of the catcher. The second attempt the ball was moving all over. I think Thacks has a lot to offer from full back, his pace when making the extra link is incredible and left Super Hull Thunder for dead. not sure about Newman being any better than Misi in defence either, seemed to get shown up by fordy last week yime snd again with basic dummies.
  9. lingard

    Structure meeting

    I would have five leagues wigan and saint Helens in one playing each other every week Hull and Hull KR in another playing each other every week Warrington and Widnes in another on and they can play each other every week Leeds and C@s in a forth playing each other week in week out Salford and Shudders field in the last one again playing each other again and again and again. Mmmm sounds familiar does this.
  10. lingard

    Major announcement

    duffy contract? 4g pitch? investor? full time? flood lights? all the above or something else.
  11. lingard

    step aside Salford

    sounds reasonable, I am sure we could get at least 100% of. Wakefields and the novelty of the promotion could push that further.
  12. lingard

    step aside Salford

    3500 there against Warrington! if we couldn't get 5000 if we had a season in SLI'll eet mi flat cap.
  13. been told we have a tidy sum avaiable for the flood lights