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  1. They were already full time employed at other clubs. it will kill the game, that’s right bring another half a dozen clubs with no travelling fans. .
  2. doesn’t sound very fresh to me.
  3. better of losing then we can all have a good moan about the fixture etc. etc.
  4. i hope its tom holmes please
  5. heard from a very good source Powell will be back.
  6. i was meaning if we didn't have anyone else available obviously hence the word ‘throw’.
  7. if you were going to throw someone in at standoff i would put Render or Davis there way before Hardcastle.
  8. Our lass painted this on my sons bedroom wall, what do you think?
  9. non as blind as those that will not see KM.
  10. he should run into him then. off side is off side.
  11. can someone look at the average ban length of Championship clubs players v SL clubs, Toronto v rest of championship. I think we will know the answer to this too.
  12. rubbish. farce and exactly what we all expected.
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