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  1. Absolutely appalling.

  2. M.O.M v Leigh (away)

    ridyard briscoe clark. please please please sign him, come on Powell let him come home.
  3. Quality

    more of this please. Great team spirit on show
  4. Mitch Clark

    Perhaps we are keen to see Mitch due to his Fathers ties to the club. This club is striving to be completely self sufficient away from sugar daddies and television companies monies and influence. One day Mr Pig, the Rugby League will begging us to be part of the big time. What have Batley done other than fit solar panels?
  5. rovers tv

    Great service and very well put together, I have only one gripe. I avoided all social media and results and wanting to watch the game without knowing the result. I was the confronted with the headline "we had wrong attitude etc" . Great! waste of time watching it now. Surely there is a way of login in and just seeing the latest game without being exposed to the result or a little thought about the headlines we use? Other than that I will say its a fantastic service the club should do very well with, just a little thought about people wanting to watch without knowing the result.
  6. you really can't help yourself can you? we know they didn'thave a full yeam out, but worryingly for you guys....we didn't either!
  7. Sam Brooks

    get rid. embarrassing.
  8. Freesports on free view

    there is channel insky free sport I think that was showing NRL and Torronto games for free. 424 or something like that.
  9. Saturdays Grand Final

    mcguire showed gale up all night. His last play options were brilliant at times, didn't know Gale was playing for first 30 minutes. Just wish they hadn't scored all I got off them after the Warrington game was "you were lucky to get nil etc." I have a smile as wide as Christmas day 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃 Just like to Thank Cas for their part in such an entertaining game 😜
  10. Best Part Time Club.

    i will give you random...and the three idiots that sat swearing infront of my son in your main stand all afternoon. I had the miss fortune to endure it earlier in the season too. Grown men behaving like kidss. Embarrassing.
  11. Briggs

    just a though, how about keeping him and moving him to fullback? I think he could be very useful chiming in to the line. Thoughts.
  12. Best Part Time Club.

    What god awful support Halifax have, glad we beat them. I don't feel like giving the my money next season.

    have I clicked on the blow up fax ###### forum by accident?
  14. Christmas festivities on at clubhouse

    I saw the pantomine on Sunday.
  15. Crowd segregation HKR game

    I just hope the don't try to throw a picnic table down the terrace like they did last time.