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  1. lingard

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    name change on the cards Featherstone ###### spankers, has a ring to it.
  2. another half back would be a good choice
  3. lingard

    Ryan Bailey

    with those players all we need as rowley as coach and next season should be very intresting, light the blue touch paper....
  4. his past with leigh absolutely nothing to do with it. the only fact that is important is whether he was under contract ir not; I suggest we have aready taken advise on this matter before persuing it legally.
  5. lingard

    2019 Squad

    good signning! he will spend more time than hock banned, and definetly more time talking to the ref than playing. Can't wait. on a Full back note did hardman retire or go else where as if he's available I can see him at the back.
  6. Barry Eaton ive heard, makes sense cheap and Duffys track suit and coat will fit him.
  7. lingard

    New cup competition double header at Wembley

    sorry I for one would never watch us playing in a secind class cup game at Wembly,. The RFL and superleague have all but made it impossible for teams in out position to ever get to the challenge cup final. SL teams now have to string only three or four wins together to win the cup a competion that has been dilluted by SL. To prop up the wembly final the RFL now want supporters of our competion to pad out the cup final due to lack intrest and appathy at SL level. Well I won't, they can shove it, SL clubs can rumble around the half filled ground.
  8. judas. I thought that was Graham Steadman.
  9. lingard

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    Wonder whos putting Hunslet through their paces?
  10. lingard

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    i am not watching Bussey next season might take up baking instead
  11. lingard

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

  12. lingard


    A example of supporting to all of us. singing the Australian national anthem, cheering the final whistle when they lost! and filling a stadium, showing up the New zealand RL fans from the previous week. Tonga are now the 2nd biggest team in International RL im my opinion.
  13. lingard

    private equity company land plans

    we're looking to build a helicoptor landing pad apparently so Eddie Hemmings doesn't have to drive down Station Lane when we get in Super League
  14. lingard

    private equity company land plans

    needs share holder votes and proxy provision on the form if you havent had a letter and your a share holder contact the club. i know what you mean Robin. its no good sitting there and dreaming. need more info