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  1. They need someone cheap.
  2. 3 Railway stations, how many towns can boast that?
  3. Posher than the other side of the M62 that is for sure!
  4. Thought if was an acl?
  5. I went yesterday too, everything was shut up.
  6. No thanks a lot of the Bately fans smell.
  7. We are still in the wrong section please move us to the championship
  8. They will be two fixtures I will not be going to. French teams in English leagues is not for me.
  9. any news off field?
  10. yep not taking the kids to that one.
  11. Tangata is one player i would like to see in a Fev shirt. Very similiar in style to missi, strong carry and very fast play the ball. Caused us a load of trouble last season.
  12. we was also getting regular 4.5k crowds.