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  1. He would need some company.... Maybe Mexico could keep him company
  2. lillycrop for me stood out by a country mile.. just needs a close season of conditioning.
  3. Wouldn't you have willing sharp back?
  4. Didn't our last coach think super league would be Knocking on his door?
  5. Jack walker from Leeds?
  6. Is this going to be broadcast on TV or Web anywhere?
  7. We must lose this one if we have any chance of keeping fax out of the money. Less competition next season the better.
  8. Great player we needed him on Sunday to bark the orders like he did at Oldham. Wish him well at Dewsbury.
  9. No the best of sheffield
  10. If we could get them to buy donkey's instead......
  11. I went to the game today expecting to lose and they didn't disappoint.
  12. Got a soft spot for Oldham I used to love going to the watershedings and getting in the stand behind the sticks. My mates dad played for you David Treasure.
  13. Knowles Thackery Hardcastle Great performance and motivation from Knowles
  14. Chisholm next season.
  15. Thought we got on top when they tired early in the second. They are not far off a good side need to work on their fitness. Lillycrop could do a job for us some good strong carries in the first half.