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  1. god knows how many times the ref only went back 5 meters, numpty.
  2. complete crapola, the putting of Davis on report was the icing on the cake. Tackle of the season that.
  3. Bostock.. walked it Davis....machine Biscoe...Leeds kept the wrong brother lol
  4. Did anyone see Ben Westwood late and high tackle last night? Dumbfounds me how we had 2 players sent off one facing a ban for language used when Mr Westwood gets 10 mins in the sin bin for ending a Leeds players game. The challenge was a disgrace.
  5. It's this ###### that makes me want to walk away from this so called sport.
  6. Leon Price looks more like Karl Price these days.
  7. Barrow is already in the oven and Feathertone is in the fridge. 😜
  8. maybe the fees Wakefield would be paying would pay for a nice new level playinh field.
  9. Thacks hardman Mariano
  10. Justice refused a programme which I am entitled to as part of my membership. The way this club is treating it's loyal members is an absolute disgrace.
  11. Sounds like there is to be a meeting with life members.
  12. why am I hearing third hand that the club are not going to honour life membership next season and comments like 'you've had your monies worth.' IF this is correct I I am afraid Featherstone Rovers will of had their monies worth! Maureen I know you and Terry are in the same boat what have you heard? MY Life membership cost me £1750 about 5 years ago, hardly a return on my investment. Each year I buy a further 4 season tickets for my family and obviously other merchandise. again if this is true I shall support another team and say good bye to Featherstone Rovers.
  13. did you see john davis come back in for us? No.. 16 men for 50 minutes.
  14. Your having a laugh regards fitness. Our last two sets we totalled 140 meters the last of which resulted I an attacking kick and try. look at the meters gained per set throughout the game without ref interference and then come back on here and we'll talk fitness.
  15. Any news on the extension and proposed office space?.