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  1. Not only that, but it's those most critical of bankers who are moaning.
  2. Of cousre I' m biased. ...against failed and discredited left wing politics, politicians and their TRL forum groupies. I'm also biased in favour of the BBC News and Current Affairs meeting its Charter responsibilty of balance and impatiality, something it has patently not done in its coversge of our leaving the EU and the election of Trump.
  3. Its your definition, seingvas you used the word. I said there was too muchvto cut and paste. Did you read it all?
  4. Cut him some slack.
  5. it seems Toovey is also a Chartered Accountant.
  6. There is too much to cut and paste from here, so I haven't.
  7. ..Anyway, back on topic, the French Health Service is 160 BILLION Euros in debt. Year on year it's income is significantly less than its expenditure, by billions of euros. Oh, sorry, wrong topic. However, as the forums lefties insist on infecting every topic with this sort of stuff, I thought I'd join in. Back to the EU. It was merely a stage in the development of the post war world. It's served it's purpose but itd centralised Eurosocialist and statist beaurocracy is now outdated. There is no need for Big Brussels to watch us anymore.
  8. Yet there is a whole topic on here inhabited by people moaning about the NHS. You couldnt make it up if you tried! And boy do the forums tame Reds make it up!
  9. Well, if they vote for him, that's up to them. Have a read of this to better understand the Dutch economy. Industrial activity is dominated by the machinery, electronics/high tech industry, metalworking, oil refining, chemical, and food-processing industries. Construction amounts to about 6% of GDP. Agriculture and fishing, although visible and traditionalDutch activities, account for just 2%.
  10. Don't worry John. Things can only get better now that Corbyn is spearheading a revival in Scotland.,
  11. I agree with all of that. I can also understand the turmoil that Bulls fans are experiencing.Nature abhors a vacuum and it is inevitable in the absence of any hard, visible action on the ground as it were, that speculation of all sorts from all angles is rife.
  12. The only BBC issue is with BBC News and Current Affairs and their overall position as the broadcasting arm of Guardian News and Media remains generally unchanged. Just helping those who only read the headlines. In other news, Labour pollster James Morris says that Jeremy Corbyn is not the source of the party's problems, but rather the final straw. "From the point of view of someone who lives on an estate in Hull, his utopian, cosmopolitan, internationalist, anti-military non–patriotic beliefs are all what they already think of the Labour party."
  13. The "wealth effect" that you described is what sustained the last Labour Govt, whose reliance on it ended in tears. The explosive growth in house prices at that time is what fueled B and Q etc. Look at them now. Exports clearly are price responsive, too. with companies already noting increased exports post the recent devaluation