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  1. Why not? They are perfectly free to march and demonstrate on whatever issues they like. Their protests carry more weight than a few random posts on here. I recommend the Trump--o-phobes on here join them. As for the reporting, given Trump's allegations about the media, is only natural they will set about proving him right. Just like Abe Lincoln used the available technology to cut out the middle man as it were and wage a leaflet campaign for his election, so Trump used the social media similarly.
  2. Just seen this in Guardian TV. Trump has resigned. It seems that he's can't stand the rapier like logic and justified criticism of him on the TRL forum. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
  3. Should have set them a bit wider. This is right in your price bracket and just a few miles from here.
  4. The Green Party supporter Vivienne Westwood. Jezza should have a word.
  5. No health insurance or no healthcare?
  6. Illustrates the almost nihilistic view of our game held by the most vociferous in our code. Theres almost 100, 000 fans who attend games every week and the 200,000 or more who watch it on TV who have voted otherwise with their wallets. The current Red Hall incumbents may not be perfect, but they are doing a better job than the naysayers ever could. Nor can these people come up with a viable alternative. Hethetington? I think Mo is ill, so hes not available. They are already going after the people behind the new Bulls regime. The demand for transparency just shouts the naivety of the critics, their lack of knowledge of the real world and how it works. No doubt the seekers for transparency would be happy to have their finances, dealings, contacts, activities etc revealed for all to see. .
  7. I watched it all. The whole lot, from start to finish. What an odious bunch with odios views. But that's enough about the forum's anti- American brigade. Go and seek solace in teh left wing media.
  8. No. Just concern yourself with your own club and let Bradford get on with it.
  9. You missed the best bits. Go on, try reading a couple of paragraphs a day.
  10. Not only that, but it's those most critical of bankers who are moaning.
  11. Of cousre I' m biased. ...against failed and discredited left wing politics, politicians and their TRL forum groupies. I'm also biased in favour of the BBC News and Current Affairs meeting its Charter responsibilty of balance and impatiality, something it has patently not done in its coversge of our leaving the EU and the election of Trump.
  12. Its your definition, seingvas you used the word. I said there was too muchvto cut and paste. Did you read it all?
  13. it seems Toovey is also a Chartered Accountant.
  14. There is too much to cut and paste from here, so I haven't.