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  1. According to Roy, untermensch like us Poms, the Kiwis and other nationalities can play pretty much all year round, unlike the delicate flowers of Australia. Probably something to do with the Noble Savage theory, or our natural sense of rhythm.
  2. Westerman leaving TWP

    If Westerman's in the mood to be a silly b*gger, Radford may decide to have a firm word. If that doesn't work, he's irredeemable. And fearless.
  3. Like a couple of old lovers who have seen and survived it all...
  4. It’s All the World Cup’s Fault

    Bad news; you just lost the job of NRL doctor.
  5. Oh well, I hope they've retained contact details for all the ticket-buyers who had a fabulous day out today. If York's performance and attitude didn't make a few converts, I'll eat my own ears.
  6. The weekend after that is a Bank Holiday. Are York playing at home then? A good opportunity to build on today's excellent showing.
  7. Let's hope there's a few new and returning spectators who enjoyed themselves enough today to come back on a regular basis.
  8. I'm guilty of a bit of exaggeration, based on nostalgia for what was once there.
  9. Too many voices on the Sky commentary/punditry team. Get one commentator to call the game, one pundit to interject with opinions, observations etc., and one person on the touchline for live reactions from players & coaches. Then have Wells do the post-match analysis and Carney to anchor it all from the sofa and direct discussions from the aforementioned people, plus an occasional special guest. This leaves Baz'n'Tez and Ganson as surplus to requirements. Sky have overstaffed their RL coverage.
  10. Sure I enjoyed it; it was a great occasion and I wish I'd been there! But Gigot looked to me like he'd scored a good try, and we can't be sentimental about applying the laws of the game, just because of the difference in divisions.
  11. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I don't dislike the flavour of avocado, but it isn't interesting enough for me to bother with except as the bulk ingredient of guacamole.
  12. Judging by the aerial photos on Google, it looks like a chunk of the old Rowntrees factory has gone, unless I misread the territory.
  13. Houses, with just enough green space left for a Bowls park.
  14. So many rays of sunshine on such a fine Spring day, yet still...