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  1. DAC's

    I've been, over the last couple of years, digitising my LPs. The problem with that was I upgraded my turntable (bearing, subplatter, platter, counterweight mount and cartridge) during that time, so now when I look at my older rips, I have this horrible feeling that I'll end up doing them all over again.
  2. Food and drink thread

    Ah, that not-at-all-confusing 5-4-3-4-5 rating.
  3. Food and drink thread

    I've used Panko breadcrumbs before, and the way they keep their crispness is strange (in a nice way). I wonder how they do it.
  4. Food and drink thread

    That certainly looked, er, interesting.
  5. Old RL paper

    If that's the case, it bore the same name as this website. I used to buy it the Kings Cross WHSmith. It also carried NRL match reports.
  6. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Steel Pulse drummer Steve Nisbett.
  7. Toronto

    Because, if Taylor had been minded to act like a professional adult, he'd have been a spectacular asset. Sometimes clubs take a chance on a loose cannon, because they can wow the public if they choose to behave. Rangi Chase, anyone?
  8. For a sport to create the broadcast package themselves also gives them complete control over what gets on TV. That means not only the live action, but the enthusiastic studio pundits telling viewers that they have just watched a "pulsating" or "scintillating" encounter, regardless of the quality of the match just shown. If Rugby League did the same, we'd probably get a studio full of talking heads going "full Eeyore" about how everything were better back in the day and that the referee was rubbish and it was the worst match they've ever seen.
  9. Not necessarily free, but John Birt's time in charge of the BBC saw the expert in-house departments decimated in favour of contracting jobs out on the cheap. Now, that hasn't been a completely unqualified disaster, but the corporation's reputation for technical quality certainly took a hit. However, it does mean that they now buy in pre-made shows from other production companies, which can give good results too. It also means that, if a show gets axed from the Beeb, the production company can tout it around other broadcasters. If a sport like the NFL can afford to put on a professional broadcast with its own crew, then they can offer it to the BBC, or C4, or whoever, for merely the cost of the rights, not the production costs. If we want RL to follow the same path, the RFL/SL needs to source (and pay for) crew, equipment and infrastructure for every single match they want broadcast, with no guarantee at present that a TV company will take the feed and show it live (or at all). Will a voting majority of SL chairmen agree to see that money go out for the wider good, instead of keeping it to themselves?
  10. Rant thread

    Argh! The weatherman on BBC4 just included the phrase "something a bit different" a couple of minutes ago, and I found myself murmuring "maybe a chip over the top". Get out of my head, Stevo!
  11. Rookies to watch in 2018

    I didn't realise you were such a Herman's Hermits fan.
  12. This is professional sport; every career screw-up seems to get chance after chance after chance.
  13. Toronto

  14. Maybe a see through wall is a glass ceiling, viewed at a 90 degree angle.
  15. Pretend you got confused while researching Strom Thurmond or some other public figure with a similar-ish name. Not quite as close as the Theresa May/Teresa May excuse, I suppose.