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  1. He's back... maybe stick to the songwriting, Paul. Those dishes don't look too appealing.
  2. Brief highlights here.
  3. Women's game

    For those without an NRL Pass. This has action from both the men's and women's games.
  4. Yes, there were some small-minded types who did enjoy seeing a great club brought low, but there were also many of us (and not just Bradford fans) who were saddened by it and, in many cases, dipped into their own pockets to help.
  5. Regarding 'Republican' sports, if it starts happening at NASCAR races, then even Trump might consider it a worrying development.
  6. The stream just stopped working for me before the end, but Newcastle scored three tries in 6 minutes right at the death, to at least make the scoreline respectable, as it looked like they'd be nilled.
  7. If that was the case for other sports, our own death-plummets would be well cushioned by the corpses of their fans. How often do you see Football fans claiming that the game is doomed and that playing/refereeing standards have never been lower, after one of their many negative-minded draws?
  8. Freesport trailing RLWC 2017

    Running trailers is one thing. They'll do that, albeit to a limited extent. What the BBC do for their "pet" sports is get them mentioned in as many news programmes, general programmes and sports reports as they possibly can. Looking at the example of the other Rugby code, this can involve reports that contain precisely no news at all, but allow the presenter to fawn over some nonentity of a squad player who dispenses (at wearisome length) the vital revelation that it might be better to win their next match than to lose it.
  9. Half past six in the morning (UK time), eh? I hope they have a replay option.
  10. That's more than the Catalans did!
  11. Game over - Catalans go to the MPG, and Widnes are safe!
  12. Up the jumper time for Widnes, surely? But Cahill knocks on!
  13. I'm hoping that the second SL match of the day will provide better entertainment. And that's a match involving Catalans!
  14. Trinity haven't been brilliant, but they've been okay - reasonably solid. However that's good enough to be winning so far. Not a classic for either set of fans.