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  1. I'm sure Boris Johnson's appearance at the same festival a few years ago had precisely the same effect.
  2. I wouldn't subscribe to the view that every player who gets an offer should go to the NRL, but in his case, I think it might do his career some good. If he ends up under the right sort of coach, that is.
  3. Staropramen make a dark lager, but my local shop doesn't stock it any more. I seem to remember it being a decent enough drink.
  4. Having recently signed up to NetFlix for other reasons, I was happy to see both series are available there. Even better, the disappointing Christmas special isn't.
  5. Olsi Krasniqi? Neither Welsh nor a Londoner, and if Tirana is considered a surrounding area, we should probably name all the French players at British clubs too.
  6. You might get an interesting effect using black treacle, as long as you don't put too much in.
  7. Please tell me this is a tongue-in-cheek post. Please?
  8. This popped out of a randomised playlist today - I haven't heard it in years, but it is a tremendous performance.
  9. I've just taken on power of attorney for my mum. Nothing wrong with her yet, but she's looking ahead.
  10. Well done to them - it's been a tough time, and the club's had to struggle. Now, how many points can they get in the remainder of the season?
  11. Have I posted this before? A third series of 'Detectorists' has begun filming.
  12. See the second post in this thread - it lasted less long than you claim.
  13. It does make you wonder how many impressionable kiddies he's converted to the Cowboys' cause.