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  1. Film director Jonathan Demme, aged 73.
  2. The mention of RL in that article may mean more people are accessing dodgy streams for that sport instead of taking out subscriptions. And, if the reporter only looked on BARB for viewing figures, they might have missed out on people switching from Sky to Premier Sports, which (last time I checked) didn't submit viewing figures to BARB.
  3. To be honest, you've already taken the right first step as regards joining a Tag league. As for the next step, it does rather depend on where you are, geographically speaking.
  4. It's certainly better than Night of the Lepus.
  5. I watched the last two episodes in a row via iPlayer. The sense of attention to detail comes across, just as it did in the previous series. Not just in the little things you see in passing (the Samuel L Jackson driving school is beautifully random), but the performances and timing too. TV craftsmanship.
  6. I don't agree with the final one - I think it's more likely to be Hull FC v Catalans.
  7. Round 6, we have two BBC ties and two Sky ones, and you can get four very decent match-ups out of that draw.
  8. Or UKIP, as they are better known.
  9. Some good ties for the broadcasters, there.
  10. Just started watching it on catch-up. Rinder's a bit of a show-off, but I'll put up with him for a bit, just to see what the programme's like.
  11. Good match, but the Warriors mental and physical sharpness faded towards the end.
  12. That was the first time the BBC showed a Cup tie from France, wasn't it? They had a good crack at Leeds in the next round too that year. I remember Sebastien Raguin had a couple of good matches in that run, too.
  13. There's also a lot of Twitter comments and questions, which Dave & guest use to keep chat going.