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  1. I love his factual writing, but his fiction really repels me. There's a mean-spirited, misanthropic streak in those books that always surfaces at some point. I'd make a exception (with reservations) for 'The Mosquito Coast' because it is a good story, but even then, there's nastiness.
  2. Paul Theroux - Sunrise with Seamonsters. An anthology of odds'n'sods, mostly travel-related, but also touching on literature and art.
  3. Cold-calling's a miserable job. I don't get many of these calls, but I always let them know at the earliest opportunity that I'm not interested, but keep it polite, positive and friendly.
  4. Bennett's hardly had any time with England so far. He has to be given a chance. If his music career doesn't get in the way...
  5. One for the England and Brisbane Broncos fans...
  6. From memory, it was the England players who failed Capello, not the other way around. Their efforts were pretty desultory until the final (friendly) match when the manager had already announced his departure. Then they showed the work ethic and structure that was more Capello-esque.
  7. The England women are world champions!
  8. Generation Game to be brought back with Mel and Sue
  9. Okay, that's it. I'd love to have watched this match, but a constantly-buffering screen is about as exciting as Rugby Union. I'm out. Best of luck to Jamaica, but I reckon the Hawks will win this by a healthy margin, from what I've managed to see.
  10. The stream's dropping out a lot for me. Frustrating.
  11. Anyone know who's doing the commentary?
  12. USA overlap tackled over the touchline into the water hazard. Not many drowned.
  13. Jamaica score a try in the corner, from the awesomely-named Demone McDougal. Converted too, so it is 6:12