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  1. I doubt she has a great deal of useful information about ISIS activities, given their views on women as chattels/brood-mares, rather than equals. She could have pretended remorse and probably convinced enough people. Instead, she has stuck to the least productive (for her) approach. And she was 15 when she absconded, and we were all pretty ignorant and impulsive at that age, although not to that extent. Tricky one, really. I'd have her back and under the eyes of the security services, with the child (when old enough) given into the care of a less toxic environment.
  2. Futtocks

    Food and drink thread

    Ah, the Brexit thread. If the first casualty of war is truth, then the first casualty of political discussion is a sense of humour. And truth.
  3. Their live streams have improved since they started, so this season should be good.
  4. At the risk of sounding like Bruce Forsyth - good game, good game.
  5. Top of the table for the Eagles, as they score another try on 79 minutes, and Bradford are down to 11 men.
  6. Sheffield double up with another try soon after. Right under the posts again, so 18:10 is imminent.
  7. 10 all after a scintillating break by Sheffield. It may be a low-scoring game, but there have been plenty of almost-but-not-quite incidents near each team's try line. Edit - 12:10 after the conversion.
  8. And if, for whatever reason, you can't use the app., just go to the website and watch it there.
  9. We even had a bit of picture-in-picture replay a few minutes ago. The stream hung up on me once during the first half (live audio, but frozen video), but a page reload sorted that out immediately.
  10. James Green off to the bin for a really stupid elbow strike.
  11. Sheffield 6:10 Bradford at HT.
  12. He was suspended in 2017. If he hasn't been invited back by now, I'd suspect that it isn't going happen at all.
  13. Same here. Although Riley left the BBC under a cloud, it had nothing to do with his broadcasting ability, and his partnership with Henderson feels like they are both having good fun.
  14. That did raise an eyebrow here, too.
  15. Futtocks

    Food and drink thread

    I took today off work, as I had a delivery arriving. I could have got it delivered to work, but it was a case of wine, and I didn't fancy lugging something that heavy home. Anyhoo, with the delivery stashed, I went to Borough Market after the NRL All-Stars games were over and had the first proper scran-splurge since I re-entered the world of work. Lots of delicious things went into the bag, including a morcilla (Spanish black pudding) paté, a wild rabbit, a couple of very stinky cheeses, some smoked eel, iberico bellota ham, black garlic, dressed crab and a game pie. What with all that and the wine, I think I've got the weekend sorted.