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  1. Same here, but on the BBC, not Sky. So it'd be either the Challenge Cup or the Regal Trophy. I alternated between comprehensive and public schools and when I first saw RL, I was at Oakham, which had (and probably still has) a pretty obnoxious and over-entitled RU culture. So, as well as the more positive style of play, the superior skills/fitness/impact, there was probably something about the general no-nonsense, un-hyped feel of the sport that hooked me.
  2. It wouldn't surprise me if this was true. Thompson's put himself in the shop window with his form.
  3. I'm with you on the citrus stuff, but the choice available today is so broad, I don't begrudge their existence. I suppose it suits those who really want a shandy but think that ordering one is less than manly. Start-up microbreweries, on the other hand, shew a marked lack of imagination, as all they seem to launch is an endless wave of IPAs. The market for that ale is as saturated as the white wine market is overloaded with acidic Sauvignon blanc.
  4. Also a chance to dig back at Robert Elstone after the paper was forced to back down previously: "Super League chief executive Robert Elstone was in charge at Everton when the club banned The Sun from its Goodison Park Stadium and Finch Farm training complex because of comments Kelvin McKenzie made about the midfielder Ross Barkley in a column in 2017. The newspaper subsequently printed an apology."
  5. Cap'n Bob tried to buy The Sun, but failed when Murdoch promised fewer redundancies as part of his bid.
  6. I've had a couple of pints of that beer, and it was very nice. In a Central London pub, so not cheap, but even so...
  7. @PNGRFL_Official 5 hours ago @PNGKumulsRL Centre Justin Olam has been ruled out for this weekend’s #PacificTest after injuring his hamstring during training with the Melbourne Storm over the weekend. He has been replaced by Brendan Nima from the @PngHunters #2019PacificTest #PNG #rugbyleague
  8. Interesting that so many Leavers still bracket Boris as one of the true believers in Brexit. The moment the wind changes, he'll sell them out in a picosecond and won't feel an iota of remorse.
  9. How they deliver Brexit is so far down the list of twisted priorities that you're lucky it even got mentioned. And before your knee starts jerking, a panel of wannabe Labour leaders in the same situation would be equally gruesome.
  10. Having a clue about technicalities hasn't been a factor in this inter-party stab-show since the whole thing kicked off. As for Stewart, if he's clever (and he seems to be), he'll be hoping for a decent showing (aka the plucky loser) with an eye to capitalising on it next time the long knives are unsheathed.
  11. Not wrong about Gove there. Gove is in it for Gove, but not nearly as much as Johnson is in it for Johnson. Outside those two, I can't see anyone but Raab being a contender for the final two, and his promise to bully/sideline the Mother of Parliaments doesn't sit well with me. I can see supporters of Gove backing Johnson in a pinch, if only because he's the more familiar face. Where the other candidates' backers switch to is another matter.
  12. The graphics hit a high point of intrusive pointlessness a few years ago, and I'm glad they've pulled back on that. Dead time after tries? That's when the NRL have adverts. Do we want this? Sky probably do.
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