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  1. Trinity finally get on the scoreboard, with the returning Mason Caton-Brown.
  2. Cory Aston has had to wait a bit for his chance, but he's just scored his first try for Cas.
  3. And Cas go in again! Big break from Aston, then some good passing near the line left a gap for Clare to run through in the corner.
  4. Cas 12:0 up after 16 minutes. Sene-Lafeo was injured in the scoring of the second try, though
  5. Good Friday 19th April Championship: Featherstone v York - Kick Off 6:00pm Easter Saturday 20th April Academy Origin Series: Yorkshire v Lancashire - Kick Off 2:00pm Easter Monday 22nd April Women's Super League: St Helens v Bradford - Kick Off 12noon
  6. Don't worry about it; it is a record of a certain era when some projects didn't really gain traction. With RL's international growth in the last decade, things are far healthier than they were back when the book was published. It is just that some of the stories are more quixotic than part of a serious campaign of growth back in the pre-internet age. Think of it as a snapshot of a narrow window in time. It is still very enjoyable, and is available in one edition as a double issue with XIII Winters, so if you can find that at a good price, get it!
  7. There are three "XIII" books; XIII Winters (the domestic game), XIII Worlds (the game abroad) and XIII Inspirations (published more recently, and about individuals). All good. All good, but 'Worlds' is especially fascinating, taking in a BARLA tour to the Pacific Islands (Samoan RU skulduggery included), an insanely drunken bus trip to France, plus early outbreaks of the game in Moldova, the Netherlands and Germany. Then there's a tale of dealing with the enigmatic Hussein M'Barki in Morocco, a tournament held just outside Venice and a fair few other stories too. Funny, inspiring, sometimes disheartening.
  8. Recent years have seen a lot of RL books being made available. Okay, not all of them are brilliant, but a lot are. So we are better-documented than ever before in the sport's history.
  9. The grapes aren't pictured on the shirt, but I'm sure there's someone in the Hornets squad who suffers from piles...
  10. The OP pretty much says it all. So long, Eddie, you've been the soundtrack to a lot of highs and lows.
  11. If it is a sunny day at the Bash, Rochdale's opponents will be blinded. A tactical masterstroke!
  12. Stanley's book is a great pick. Seeing as we're nominating stuff we've recommended in previous threads, of course Gavin Willacy's No Helmets required should be on your bookshelf/e-reader.
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