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  1. I don't think Theresa May means it when she promises to do things, so I won't vote for her party. I think Jeremy Corbyn really means it when he promises to do things, so I won't vote for his party. Tim Farron seems emotionally immature, the Greens won't figure in my constituency and UKIP are a bunch of nasty golf club bores who yearn for an imaginary era when the W*gs began at Calais and the Little Woman stayed in the kitchen.
  2. RC-G over for another Panthers try! It is all happening at one end of the stadium in this match.
  3. Its, its, a Broncos Blitz! Apologies to The Sweet for any copyright infringement.
  4. Morning all! Missed the first few minutes, but saw both Broncos tries.
  5. I've only seen highlights clips of full women's tests, but their clashes in the Auckland Nines weekend have always been entertaining. Interesting to see the Ferns bringing in new players, because their pace and power has been increasingly well-handled by the Jillaroos recently. New Zealand need new blood and, hopefully, a better-organised style of play.
  6. 'Beano' artist Leo Baxendale, aged 86.
  7. I've seen the same problem on another forum, where someone got annoyed that when he posted direct links to torrent downloads, it got quickly removed. Instead of reading the post that explained why it was illegal, he just kept re-posting the links, got angry and started acting like some kind of righteous martyr. A little thought, and maybe a quick internet search, would have prevented all that hassle.
  8. If Rob Burrow or Jamie Sandy were big enough to play RL, you certainly are!
  9. Film director Jonathan Demme, aged 73.
  10. The mention of RL in that article may mean more people are accessing dodgy streams for that sport instead of taking out subscriptions. And, if the reporter only looked on BARB for viewing figures, they might have missed out on people switching from Sky to Premier Sports, which (last time I checked) didn't submit viewing figures to BARB.
  11. To be honest, you've already taken the right first step as regards joining a Tag league. As for the next step, it does rather depend on where you are, geographically speaking.
  12. It's certainly better than Night of the Lepus.
  13. I watched the last two episodes in a row via iPlayer. The sense of attention to detail comes across, just as it did in the previous series. Not just in the little things you see in passing (the Samuel L Jackson driving school is beautifully random), but the performances and timing too. TV craftsmanship.
  14. I don't agree with the final one - I think it's more likely to be Hull FC v Catalans.