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  1. After a while, I stopped reading the comments on here and just watched the match. Much more enjoyable that way; I'd recommend it.
  2. Thank whoever's streaming the footage via YouTube.
  3. Good bit of defence out wide from France there, as Lance Percival is forced over the touchline.
  4. The live stream is working perfectly normally for me.
  5. Futtocks

    England v France

    Although my TV has a wired Ethernet link and a browser, I have found it more reliable to use my laptop's processing power to stream the video, and go the cable/extend display option.
  6. After a while, they all seem to start getting needy and bugging you with "please upgrade" pop-ups. Also, your experience may vary wildly; at my previous job, we had two old PCs (with mostly the same software installed) we needed for occasional use, and Avast was the only thing that would still work on their W98 OS. However, Avast worked perfectly on one of them, and slowed the other one down to a crawl. You never know. I've been using Windows' built-in Defender recently, which seems to be decent in the Windows 10 version. I also run a Malwarebytes scan every week.
  7. Futtocks

    Footy Show is history

    There have been plenty of TV and radio shows who had their peak, which then passed. Smart broadcasters know when to move on when a show goes stale and can't be sparked back into popularity. The Footy Show seems to have been on life support for quite a few years now.
  8. No idea, but it was a double-header with the women's Championship GF instead, so it was at least part of a package deal. And seeing Wigan win two GFs at Old Trafford in one day may have sent a few forum members over the edge.
  9. That's what Bennett said yesterday, in a BBC interview.
  10. Futtocks

    Grand Final media watch 2018

    And, of course, Jonathan Liew at the Indie: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/general/rugby-league/grand-final-wigan-warriors-warrington-wolves-shaun-wane-interview-a8581686.html
  11. Futtocks

    Grand Final media watch 2018

    More Shaun Wane coverage, this time in the Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-league/2018/10/12/shaun-wane-dont-cry-much-will-tears-wigan-career-ends-grand/
  12. Leon Pryce very gracious on Twitter this evening, and calling for fans to ease back on the rage and negativity. @leonpryce6 4 hours ago Message to some of our fans Please stop concentrating on the negatives It’s not a time to bemoan the RFL It’s time to celebrate a long tough season and enjoy the progress @WorkingtonTown have made! For all those asking.... I WILL 100% be at the club next year!
  13. Even his fiercest detractors could never accuse him of phoning in the passion. He lives and breathes Wigan, and leaving the club will have been more of a wrench than he could expect.