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  1. Oh boy... three tries in five minutes, and it is a 2-point game.
  2. Try to Adolf Bateman! Tonga have made a few errors, but have mainly just been outplayed.
  3. He went off in the first half, but I don't know if it was tactical or something else.
  4. For all the blood'n'thunder of the game, a pragmatic decision to take the 2.
  5. Tongan mistake right out by the corner, but a good chance. Who was the first England player right out there by the touchline? James Graham.
  6. While they have both put in excellent efforts in previous games, Hill and Graham have looked sharper today, especially Graham.
  7. It feels like only 20 minutes have gone, but we're at half time already.
  8. Maybe there are some Tongan RU fans who have got caught up in World Cup Fever.
  9. He was hit the moment he received the ball, and that was a try-saver, because that wing was wide open for Hall. Good tackle.
  10. I'm not sure the Tongans are used to facing players that are even bigger than them.
  11. McGillvray! But Graham's pass and Widdop's run was a beauty too.