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  1. Futtocks

    SPOTY and Soccer

    That bloke from Vic & Bob's Big Night Out.
  2. Futtocks

    Three Good Years

    Just bought the Kindle edition. I'll report back when it reaches the top of my reading list.
  3. Futtocks

    TRL Help

    Slam traps can be had in plastic, as well as the more traditional wood. Much easier to clean off any scents that might put off a second visitor after successful use. Peanut butter is quite an effective bait, as the oil in it keeps it moist for quite a while, and the aroma of such a rich food source attracts the mice.
  4. Futtocks


    Remember, it's someone else's fault. With Jose, it is always someone else's fault.
  5. Futtocks

    Three Good Years

    There's some great chapter titles in that lot!
  6. Futtocks

    Rant thread

    Rock'n'Roll's been going downhill steadily since those days in Ug's cave, when he was bashing rocks together while we kept a look-out for sabre-toothed tigers.
  7. Futtocks

    Rant thread

    I just witnessed a great example of that today, on the TV show 'Sunday Brunch'. There was a young singer as one of the guests, who was clearly having the time of his life, and all I saw on Twitter was middle-aged blokes inadvertently sounding exactly like their dads did when 'Top of the Pops' was on in the Seventies/Eighties. Not being one of those stale old grumpy miseries made me feel so young, especially as I have a 50th birthday before the end of the year. Now practice your lines for confirmed old fart-dom: "Is it a boy or a girl?" "You can't hear the words!" "In my day..." "Saint Winifred's Girls' School Choir, now there was a proper band..."
  8. Futtocks

    Rant thread

    There's a genetics lab somewhere that breeds pasty-faced singers who can ruin even the best song with their slowed-down covers, sung in wistful little-girl voices. Until that place is located and destroyed by the military, we must keep Trident.
  9. Futtocks


    Not heard of this fighter before, but a remarkable talent.
  10. Futtocks

    Challenge Cup 1st Round Draw

    The ointment in question being Blue Unction.
  11. Futtocks

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Not just something to make a the off-season a little shorter, but a damn fine spectacle and an entertaining Test. 18:6 at the final hooter.
  12. Futtocks

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Better let them make it look respectable, or they'll be searching for excuses not to play Tests any more.
  13. Futtocks

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    There are some serious metre-eaters in England shirts this evening!
  14. Futtocks

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Or from the website, if your browser/computer can cast. You don't necessarily need to install the app. My TV has an internet browser built in, so I have it full-screen right now. Currently England 12:6 Australia.