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  1. Ok, just explain how a degree in any ology which I know a few people have and my number two son has in spanish and business but bless his cotton socks can't knock a nail in a piece of wood, fits in with the above. For sure he has a degree from university but it took him years getting to grips with real life. That's the smugness that pisses me and others off. This dismissive attitude that you are thick for holding different views because you and others associate education with levels of intelligence. I pretty much built an extension on my mothers home over the last 9 months, get me someone with an ology to do it for the price it cost.
  2. It wasn't lost on me but does that mean I is more educated?
  3. Not been the greatest year for the naysayers on here has it!! Sorry, maybe it has...............maybe another negative thread is warranted or indeed a double negative
  4. plenty of other threads to take the "I know better" ground but hey, why change the trend?
  5. not intended as another thread to have a dig at people who voted differently than others
  6. NFL/American Football

    make sure they haven't actually moved to vegas before sunday
  7. NFL/American Football

    Still with the raiders since the marcus allen years. Oh yes, this is our year
  8. Iam guessing I'll have passed before it happens...............hey ho
  9. ye gods, you'll be dissing cables chains and fathoms next
  10. Obituary Thread 2016

    good read but I think you undersold the save. It was where pele headed it and how banksy had to react and where the ball ended up. Amazing, plus Albertos finish and the move that led up to the fourth goal was poetry