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  1. Kenilworth Tiger

    Old Trafford Public Address

    Was any part of your day good that you could have highlighted perhaps?
  2. Kenilworth Tiger

    Old Trafford Public Address

    Another brilliant, positive thread
  3. Kenilworth Tiger

    Zak's Back

    Genuine question.... Why do you thin the support Wigan can offer him will work and that of Cas and Leeds didn't and at what point do you decide that somebody is beyond help?
  4. Kenilworth Tiger

    Is RL fading away in Yorkshire?

    League leaders shield means nothing remember
  5. Kenilworth Tiger

    2019. Is it Warringtons year?

    How about congratulating Warrington on a pretty formidable year. I can guarantee 90% of fans on this board would have wished for 2 finals this year.
  6. Thought it was a great game, real edge of the seat stuff. Wigan were phenomenal once more and thoroughly deserved to win. Kevin Brown was the biggest disappointment for me. thought Tomkins was very luck to have played the full 80 i wanted Warrington to win but in hearing Wane and Bateman at the end I couldn’t help but feel incredibly happy for them great night all round I thought
  7. Kenilworth Tiger

    Zak's Back

    I feel bad now - according to his testimony in court he drove the short distance home while bladdered because his golf clubs were in the car and he didn't want to leave them in his car overnight. Seems perfectly reasonable
  8. Kenilworth Tiger

    Zak's Back

    under the headline......."Zak's back......again"
  9. Kenilworth Tiger

    Whatever Happened To....

    rhubarbtriangulist, ncampbellend, comehomeyousilycow were 3 lovely posters
  10. but that is a poor turnout to be fair - especially considering it could have been the last game of the season
  11. can anybody translate this for me please?
  12. I need to go to bed before I agree with any more of your posts!!!! well done tonight - best team by a country mile
  13. Anybody who shares and likes anything from that page is either just reaching puberty or has learning difficulties I'm going with the second option for you
  14. Probably but I'm not sure Milner's inclusion in the squad seems vindicated tonight