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  1. Depends if Luke Gale plays on the left or not. seriously though, I replied no - total and utter ballcocks if you ask me
  2. I think on balance that his career with saints holds a lot more positives than negatives and some of the happy Saints fans would do well to remember that. I don wonder what's next for him though as I can't see TV pundit being an option
  3. Having missed the game due to flying home from Madrid, as Padge has alluded to, I am extremely disappointed like Powell. I am sure the Wigan fans are quite rightly much happier than me right now and rightly so - only losing 27-16 with 486 players missing is credit to the whole town of Wigan. From the images I've seen on twitter it appears that most of the fans were so over the moon they decided to leave on 70 minutes Very disappointed this morning - very.
  4. I've just seen a stat that shows that Luke Gale has scored 35 points more than Warrington this season!
  5. Really enjoyed this game and well done to Salford but my oh my how poor are Saints? With the territory they had they should have put 30 past Salford. While the goal line defence from Salford was commendable they were hardly stretched across the park.
  6. Everything is cyclical and who knows what's round the corner? Although I never want them to win, they are a great club with a strong, loyal, passionate fan base who deserve a team in Wakefield Hope all turns out well for them
  7. hmmmm, Calder. castleford?
  8. Sorry, where?
  9. both teams clueless when within 20 of the opposition line
  10. poor poor game so far but Leigh well worth the winning margin so far
  11. anybody know what time Kevin Brown is arriving?
  12. I really hope Alan Robinson and Ron aren't reading some of the bile form Parky in this thread. The hours and hours and hours of hard work these guys have put in over the years to get Coventry to where they are now is phenomenal and to have all this work belittled must surely make them wonder why they bother. Parky, for once, stop being an absolute idiot and find yourself able to praise where praise is due, you're fast becoming a total and utter bore