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  1. I'm waiting for the FC fans to see the 2 charges on Scott Taylor!!!!
  2. Nothing form the disciplinary
  3. Kenilworth Tiger


    What a strange thing to admit and start a thread on - it's not even the off season
  4. wow there are some fans of some squeaky clean clubs on this thread. the rest of the season should be interesting
  5. go on then......details please....
  6. Did the clock run down? if not, then you are totally and utterly, 100% wrong
  7. yet we scored 5 tries to 3 now that IS lucky
  8. Awful record at Hull so not expecting massive things. That said, we were really good against Catalans so think we may just edge it
  9. Kenilworth Tiger

    The shot clock.

    Catalans were getting the ball in then holding it at the back of the scrum - one of slowing it down I guess!
  10. He was immmense - understand McShane as MOM as he sees so much of the ball but Wattsy was my choice
  11. Wakefields big pack could come unstuck with the new 8 subs rule
  12. I think many cas fans were keen to see whether their was team camaraderie on show and can honestly say there seemed to be more unity in the squad than I've seen for some time
  13. in the halves would you believe with Matty Smith
  14. Cas looked very very good tonight, especially in defence. Still worry about pace on our right side but our forward pack is a match for any in the competition. Catalans need to move Tomkins into the halves as matty Smith is just garbage. referreeing was absolutely abysmal
  15. Kenilworth Tiger

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

    Typical - snow day in Hampshire and I'm up in Cas!