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  1. eh? I think you'll find most cas fans were incredibly humble last year and it was the media and fans of other clubs who bigged us up. 3 rd place with our injury list this year has been a greater achievement in my eyes,. and yes, with Gale and Roberts back - WHO KNOWS
  2. Kenilworth Tiger

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    I think the decision of whether or not we move the final from Wembley will be a given - with all the discounted tickets there is no way it is making money
  3. Thought Wakey looked OK last night as did Saints - certainly didn't look like one of the teams was flying high at the top of the league. 10 minute burst before half time killed Wakey
  4. Kenilworth Tiger

    so now 31 charged in huddersfield

    Are you posting this to raise the awareness of truly despicable crimes or to point out that the alleged perpetrators have usual sounding names and are basically a racist If it's the latter, then you;re a complete idiot
  5. Kenilworth Tiger

    Have you ever won anything big?

    No unfortunately they just announced it a the end and my name came up on a graphic on screen. I had to wait a full 10 days before I received an official letter to confirm! Checked youtube many times but doesn't seem to be available
  6. Kenilworth Tiger

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    I remember him making a speech when he was obviously tanked up taking the p*ss out of Fev and Bradford in a terribly spiteful way.
  7. This weekend I was remembering my trip to Australia that I won on Sky Sports in a competition run when the Brisbane broncos played London Broncos back in 97 I think. Had flights and 10 days accommodation paid for in Brisbane in what was a fabulous trip so it got me thinking it might be a bit of fun thread So what, if anything, have you won in your lifetime?
  8. Kenilworth Tiger

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    SO how did they reach top 4? With super league standard players or players at championship level coached well? Why couldn't Leigh do that?
  9. Kenilworth Tiger

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    How have London done it?
  10. Kenilworth Tiger

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    One that can't get a contract anywhere else and believes in his and the teams abilities? We all seem to think it's OK to accept win bonuses, what is the problem with the opposite?
  11. Oh yes because Hudds fans never ever do that ever?
  12. Kenilworth Tiger

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    Surely the RFL should help them out on their stadium alone...and kick out Cas and Wakey
  13. Who's saying we were robbed John - go on who???
  14. Always getting the rub of the green
  15. So after our worse performance of the season, we manage to lose by a penalty for a perfectly good tackle by McMeeken - Wigan will never ever change