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  1. Kenilworth Tiger

    Park Run

    No far from it - exactly as Stimpo says, I like to settle in to a run and find my rhythm - I also find it's a big part of the day for a 5k run when I could run from my house and do about 3 times the distance. That said, I do like doing new venues at least once, just for the crack like!
  2. I'm genuinely concerned that we might be getting a bit carried away after last week at Newcastle. Leeds were as poor as I've ever seen them and we certainly weren't massively clinical Still can't see past a Saints win unfortunately
  3. Kenilworth Tiger

    Park Run

    I've never really got into Park Runs like some people.I guess 5K is just not my distance.
  4. Kenilworth Tiger

    the impending awful wedding

    I'm fairly apathetic when it comes to the Royal family, I can take them or leave them but 2 months ago my friends from America came over and all they wanted to see was "Royal stuff" They went to Windsor Castle and were literally in awe of the place and all it's history - you can't underestimate the power oft he Royal Family around the world. As for the wedding, I ended up watching it as my parents were down and Mum insisted - I pretty much watched all of it and welled up with pride when I saw Windsor looking like it did - no other country in the world can put on an event like that steeped in history and, yes, it made me smile.....a lot. Harry is probably the most "normal" member of the Royal family that there is and to see him happy was great
  5. Lo going has freed up quota spot I think
  6. Kenilworth Tiger

    Hardaker to Wigan

    Which is exactly what Cas did!
  7. further confirmtion of my initial viewpoint
  8. then you're a complete fool. He's playing at full back
  9. But that's that case, if a player is sent off for a dangerous tackle around the head you could just say "if it was 6 inches lower it would have been a fantastic hit. Sorry, but it was a terrible tackle on Shaul, not worthy of a red in my opinion but definitely a yellow.
  10. Well this should test our resolve!!! Ellis and Roberts really need to step up now - who knows, maybe they'll thrive without Galey around
  11. Kenilworth Tiger

    So I've taken the plunge....

    Thanks John, incredibly still on cloud 9!
  12. Kenilworth Tiger

    So I've taken the plunge....

    So I did it!! The weather was absolutely brutal - there was just no respite at all and simply couldn't take on enough water. Seeing Shadow at mile 25 was incredible - the power of the internet!! I was totally blown away by the support from mile 1 to the end, there really is no event like it in the world. The heat slowed me down by about 30 mins so slightly frustrated but not disappointed- in fact I'm over the bloody moon!
  13. no he didn't and I'm not saying he was particularly against my team
  14. Kenilworth Tiger

    The last rugby league game I ever watch

    Totally agree - I turned off the wigan v Leeds game last week, probably the first time I've turned a game off in about 20 years. i felt the same last night in a game including my own team - I won't be gone but I'm losing the enjoyment
  15. river of tears? from who?